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Cold Cold War


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A few things!

Firstly, could I have a sense motive roll from Jay

Secondly, the environment here will be a cold one unless indoors. Which means hourly fort saves. Heavy clothing gives +2

Lastly, the pair you meet are willing to give Jay any reasonable basic equipment she wishes...like a tent, compass, flashlight, heavy clothing.

If you want better equipment its. DC 10 diplomacy roll, raised by 2 for every item above one. Examples would be things costing 1EP and suitable, such as a multi tool, knife weapon, arctic clothing (+5 on cold saves) camo clothing, night vision goggles, etc. broadly speaking any "survival" equipment

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Blue Jay's Sense Motive check. (1d20+15=25) I compensated for an unreal skill bonus by rolling like crap.

Tona has her mask, so no need for NVGs. She has martial arts, so no need for a knife. She has Improvised Tools, so no need for a multitool. She had Survival, so no need for a compass.

She'll ask for winter clothes. Blue Jay's Diplomacy check. (1d20=20) It's official, Jay is the nicest archer on the site.

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Ok, First off you suspect that the Police Captain is under some kind of mental influence (choose your method - some slight pausing of his words, lack of facial expression, glazed eyes, whatever)


ANd thats cool you can have Arctic Type clothing...which will give you a +5 SItuational Bonus vs the Cold. Plus anything like a tent, rucksack, food, water, etc, you wish to carry. No need to go on detail, we will just assume Jay is clever and experienced enough to pack whatever would be reasonable. 

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For Reference:


Blue Jay - 2 HP - Unharmed


Also, much of the environment here will be tundra forests, meaning Jay's Favoured Environment Feat comes into play (+2 to defence or attack, +2 to stealth and survival rolls). However, the rocky mountains nearby (if we end up there) will be a different matter!

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Ok with that, Jay can pick up the trail (as predicted!)


For reference, the DC to pick up the trail is 10. The terrain is actually pretty good to pick up a trail - lots of foilage, a little snow, so Ill give that a +2 Situational bonus. 


On the flip side, you are two days behind the target - Ill say in these situations its -1 to DC every 8 hours old


This means a total of -4 penalty. Still enough to start tracking him!


Post away for the trail...


2 Hours in (and that's two Fort Saves vs Cold at +5 situational bonus, DC 10 and 11), you find another set of trails, a group of four men also hunting the target!

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Just humans? No dogs, no trucks? Anything I can tell by the tread, i.e. deep impact meaning a lot of weight, small prints suggesting a smaller individual? Does it look like they milled about any particular place, or are they making pretty good time?

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Ok so its probably time to make a fort roll against cold, I'm going to fudge this a bit to make it easier, lets make it every few hours, starting off with DC 15 now, getting +2 for your high survival skill and +5 for good quality clothing. 


Then, can you give me a DC 10 notice roll - base, however there will be a range penalty (i.e. your roll will determine the distance you see the thing). 

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No probs with the survival / fort roll, of course!


Notice check - that is pretty damn good!


So, at a distance of 110 feet, you spot a group of four hunters making in the snow, wearing arctic camo gear and with sniper rifles, ahead of you, making their way following the trail. They are also trying to be stealthy. 


On that note, lets have a stealth roll from you to see if they spot you!

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Sorry for delay! Christmas plus personal family issues. 


First off, Im not sure you need an HP at all! as per core rules, you can attempt a disarm as a standard action - if you attempt to disarm with a ranged attack, you are at -4 on the attack roll. 


It seems reasonable to me to spend an HP to eliminate that penalty for the scene? (as a feat)

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-4, enh? Alright, Jay will stick in cover and take +5 Att/-5 Def from All-Out Attack, and switch her bonus from Favored Environment to Attack. That should be a ( -4 + 5 + 1) +2 attack bonus overall.


Blue Jay's ranged Disarm attempt. DC 20 to resist. (1d20+17=19) One above a natural failure. Well, I'm going to hope that since she's attacking from cover, this will hit regardless.

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"If your attack succeeds, make an opposed roll of your attack’s damage against the defender’s Strength"!


Somewhat open to debate, but opposed roll normally means two of em, as far as I know (and the precedent is for grapples, trips, overruns...)


What do you think? The static part is for damage saves, a different kettle of fish I think. 

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