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More Filth and Vermin


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NOtice: Sam notices specks of blood on the napkin he coughed into. 


Gather Info: you know only what you know (you have a degree of narrative licence about your history with fingers, I will roll with whatever you choose, and of course anything juicy or complicated raises the possibility of HP!)

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No thats fine. 


Getting the plans for the Subways - which have old and disused parts, might be a little bit of a challenge. 


Lets call this a DC 15 Diplomacy check to get people to help you. With a +2 Situational bonus for any trained skill you have in Knowledge (Civics), Craft (Structural), and Gather Information. 


Of course, you get the basic plans with some digging, this is to get the old and disused maps lying in the back of a disused lavatory with a "Beware of the Tiger" sign hung on it!

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Ok as Kit is teleporting the concealment briefly drops, and Filth catches whiff of Kit's scent - but only briefly as I presume you will reactivate Concealment. 


(Filth has acute olfactory and extended olfactory senses)


I am fudging this slightly - he wont know you are there, he cant pinpoint you, he is just a bit suspicious. 


Let me know if you want to respond otherwise Ill post away IC. 

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Working on next post. Any pass/fails decide how far I can write. Some rolls:

Stealth to get close: Take 10 for 27.

Sleight of Hand to knick Stan's wallet: Take 10 for 22.

Sleight of Hand to return the wallet, minus cash and some lesser form of ID, slightly noticeably (just enough to get her hand clear and scurry away before he checks his pocket): Take 10 for 22.

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Ok, so Stan cant notice you so you will automatically succeed on stealth and sleight of hand. 


Filth and Vermin however both have notice skill and the scent super sense. Let us roll their Notice!


1d20+4=5 Filth is oblivious


1d20+9=22 Vermin, less so: He is aware that you there is something definately there, but not that it is "you". 


post away. You can do the trick with Stan. 

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