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Sidekick Concept

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I wanted to make a villain most likely one that would work best alongside another character (being only PL 6 and all) or with others. Now I'm not really sure what types of powers would be helpful for this.

My general concept is as follows: An individual who has possession of an ancient relic (either a large-sized chakram/shurkien or a gauntlet) that grants her a small number of useful abilities. She roams the streets on her black kawasaki ninja motorcycle (Just like mine yay!) and performing random acts of chaos. The relic was once the possession of a infernal being (demon, devil, something affiliated to powers?) or an alien race (think witchblade/darkness sort of idea) and encourages the bearer to commit these chaotic actions. sort of a Chaos Incarnate type of character.

Anyway, help is appreciated for what types of powers could follow the conept and yet prove useful for aiding another/general a$$kicking.

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Soo what would you guys reccomend for a gauntlet that can only be removed say like Armory's weapon from the Initiative. It can be removed through surgery but is attached to the user. Device won't fit that, should I just build a standard array? What should I use as the primary thing-a-majig for the array?

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NM I'm just going to make it a device and have it be hard to take off (4 PPs)

I know this has been discussed somewhere but could not find it in the character creation rules so I ask: Can you put an array in a container? For example if my PL 6's device has some form of control (Thinking kinetic or lightning) can I have other powers in an array with that thingie? An array means you can only use one power at a time, a container means that they all turn off/on at once, right?

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Sweetness! I'll have to wait a few more days before I get back to where my books are though

EDIT: Could anyone look through this background and tell me what they think?

Excerpt from Psychological Examination

“…causing her to retreat into an emotionally regulated state. Makes reference to ‘feeling numb’ and ‘empty.’ Possibly future problem without weekly counseling could stem from emotional detachment. Best described as a protective state to avoid connecting on an emotional level. She seems to avoid social contact although appears to do well as long as not directly confronted. Suggested counseling be coupled with careful observation to avoid development into sociopathic tendencies. Perhaps…â€Â
Excerpt from Journal found after the fire
“…isn’t that strange? Then she said something about it being destiny or some such. It was pretty though so I decided to take it, I mean, why pass down free jewelry? It’s not exactly my taste though…too ‘goth’ with all the rings and chains. Maybe I can take it apart later and figure out how it makes the stones glow. Maybe it’s a…*section too burnt to make out* Can’t find where the batteries are. Must be old. I can’t wait to show it to Alison, she’ll be so freaked out!â€Â
Excerpt from Notes taken by Duncan Summer during first meeting
“Apparently the object was obtained at a small antique store. Note: Send someone over to look at store. From the looks it appears to be Aztec in origin, perhaps with a European influence. Note: Have someone look up references in Aztec mythology of “Fire creating weapons…â€Â

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As for powers for this character, I was thinking of dividing them up into two areas:

One comes from the device (an ancient aztec relic)

The relic is imbued with the power of Xochiquetzal; goddess of Love, Flowers, Beauty and birds. As such all the powers are supportive. Foes are either blinded by love (dazzle, emotion control) or have their senses assaulted by flowers and butterflies(obscure, nauseate). Also, I added in the Immunity because the weilder is supposed to be the 'avatar' of Xochiquetzal. As such they do not age and cannot be poisoned. I chose poison instead of disease because an original cause for the fall of the aztecs was disease and their priestesses were apparently not immune (hehe).

Device 6 (27pp) (30p)

Power Feat: Indestructible (1); Restricted (2) Lola only

Obscure[Array?] (3pp/rank= visual, Auditory, selective Attack) Rank 6 (18+(3) pp) = 21

Descriptors: Magic [Appears as a torrent of colorful flower petals and a slight, singing chorus for those caught in the effect]

Extra: Alternate Power

AP: Nauseate (3pp/Rank) Rank 6

Extra: Range [Magic] A sickly sweet odor of strong flowers fills the nostrils.

AP: Confuse (3pp/rank) Rank 6

Extra: Area (General, Cloud)

:Selective Attack

AP: Dazzle (3pp/rank = visual & auditory) Rank 6

Extra: Alternate Save (Will)

Descriptors: (magic) {Opponent is literally blinded by an overflow of the love emotion directed towards the world in general.}

Emotion Control [1pp/rank(?)] Rank 6 (7 pts)

Flaw: Limited to Love (-1?)

Power Feat: Mind Blank

Immunity 2 (1pp/rank = aging & poison) (2 pts)

Being as you can only put so many powers into a device I run into a problem. I would like her to have a limited form of flight (bird or butterfly wings), healing (trying to figure out how to fit this in, but I want her to helpful to others), and I think that's it. How can I do this? Any help?

I'm tempted to make it so that the device is simply just attached to her (say magic ritual done at the antique shop, disguised as a "giving away" ritual) and is not a device at all.

For her background, I'd like her to actually be a villain! I'm going to try and split her powers so that Lola and her 'villain' guise use different powers. I'm also thinking that she has another personality which uses most of the powers and is what manifests as her criminal side. The personality would be part her own developing sociopathic tendencies and part the armlet which contains the memories/thoughts of past owners.

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