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No Tern Unstoned (OOC)


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This is the OOC thread for No Tern Unstoned, an aquatic expedition against OVERTHROW!


Featuring: Elegy, Thevshi, Azuth65, and Raveled!


A map of the crash site (10 foot squares, because ships are huge):




The ship on the right is the Coast Guard cutter, while the crashed container ship is visible on the left.

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The Inspector shapeshifts into a seagull, and flies onto the deck of the grounded ship. Once there, he starts taking free actions to read the minds of anyone he can perceive on the scene.



Mechanical Notes:

The Memory Stone and Star Sword are currently both stored in his Internal Compartment.


He has Skill Mastery for Notice, so feel free to assume he makes a DC25 check by default.


His Mental-type Acute, Radius, Ranged Detect Thoughts sense allows him to detect the presence of any intelligent (INT 3+) characters, and, at the GM's discretion, the general tone and/or content of their current thoughts and/or emotional state, assuming that they do not have concealment against Mental-type senses, or some other means of “clearing their mind.†He should also be able to identify the thoughts of characters he has sensed before, and he should be able to differentiate between the thoughts of multiple characters. Since it requires a DC0 Notice check to “see†something which is out in the open, and non-Extended Ranged senses have a Notice increment of 10ft (with a -1 penalty for every full increment), with Skill Mastery he should be able to reliably detect any thoughts within 250ft of himself (Notice +15 + Take 10 = DC25, 250ft = -25, 25 – 25 = 0) in any direction (Radius).


But also keep in mind that, per his Complications, lead blocks his mental powers, including his Detect Thoughts. So a target on the other side of a lead barrier, or wearing a lead-lined mask or helmet, will be “invisible†to it.



Psionics Array Configuration:


Active Power: (All effects Linked with each other)


Communication 12 (Mental, 20,000,000 miles, Flaws: Limited [Not Two-Way], Feats: Insidious, Rapid [x10], Subtle, Descriptors: Mental, Psychic, Telepathy) [9PP]


Comprehend 1 (Languages 1 [speak Any]) [2PP]


Mind Reading 12 (Extras: Action 2 [Free], Mental, Sensory Link, Flaws: Communication-Dependent, Duration [instant / Lasting], Feedback, Limited [surface Thoughts]) [6PP]


Super-Senses 2 (Accurate Detect Thoughts) [2PP]


Detect Thoughts is already Acute, Radius, and Ranged. With this alternate power active, it is Accurate as well, but only for the purposes of targeting unseen/unknown characters with the linked Communication + Mind Reading effects.


The Mental Communication can target any character within range who is known to The Inspector, or any character within range whom he can accurately perceive. While this power is active, his accurate senses are his visual ones, and his mental Detect Thoughts sense.


The Mental Communication is a Subtle Sensory (Mental) effect. As such, it is not noticeable to anyone (or, at the GM's discretion, only noticeable with an absurdly high Notice check; I recommend DC40), unless they 1) are the target, or 2) have appropriate Super-Senses. In either case, even then, they must make a DC20 Notice check. Because it is Subtle Communication, regardless of whether they notice the Communication taking place or not, no one can “listen in†on it, even if they have an Acute Mental-type sense.


The Communication is not two-way. The Inspector can project his own thoughts into the mind of the target (at x10 the rate of normal speech), regardless of language barriers, but to “hear†their replies, he must succeed at the opposed Mind Reading vs Will check to read their surface thoughts (or they must choose to fail the check).


Mind Reading can be used on any target with whom The Inspector has an active Communication link. Anything which interferes with the Communication (Mental Concealment/Obscure, countering/Nullify, etc.) also shuts out the Mind Reading.


The Mind Reading is a Subtle Sensory (Mental) effect. It is not noticeable to anyone (or, at the GM's discretion, only noticeable with an absurdly high Notice check; I recommend DC40), unless they 1) are the target, or 2) have appropriate Super-Senses. In either case, even then they must make a DC20 Notice check.


It is a free action to establish a Communication link, and also a free action to read the target's surface thoughts for the round. An unwilling target gets a new Will save every round to force The Inspector out of their mind (whether they notice the telepathy or not), with a cumulative +1 bonus per round after the first.


Per his Complications, lead also blocks his Communication and Mind Reading powers. If a character is, for example, behind a lead barrier, or wearing a lead-lined mask or helmet, then they cannot be targeted with either effect.



Shapeshift Variable Pool Allocations (5PP):


Disability (No Hands) [-4PP]


Disability (Mute) [-4PP]


Remove Features 1 (Two-Thumbed Hands) [-1PP]


Remove Super-Senses 1 (Ultravision) [-1PP]


Flight 2 (25MPH / 250ft per Move Action, Feats: Subtle) [5PP]


Shrinking 8 (Tiny, Permanent, +2 ATK [+6 Ranged, +10 Melee], +2 DEF [+10, +4 Flat-Footed], -8 STR [2, Unarmed DMG -4/DC11], -2 Toughness [+4, Impervious], +8 Stealth [+8]) [8PP]


Super-Senses 2 (Extended Vision, Low-Light Vision) [2PP]


Pretty much a basic bird build outta the book.

I'm assuming that a storm means cloud cover, which means little to no starlight, which would make Low-Light Vision more useful than Ultravision.


EDIT: Since his Morph AP is not active, he only has the +5 Disguise bonus from Shapeshift to convince an observer that there isn't something "off" about the bird.

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Okay, figured I would post what Tsunami plans to try to do (assuming nothing tries to intervene) before I make an IC post.


She is going to jump back into the water and try to use her Create Object alt power (hard water) to enclose the spill.  She is able to produce 12 5x5 cubes, but, will thin those out, as she is just trying to trap the stuff spilling.  So the hard water barrier she will create will only be 6 inches thick, which provides her with 600 feet of area to shape around the spill.  If she can catch all of the spill thus far in that, great, if not, she will place it around the break in the hull to at least trap the additional spill.


So, just let me know if you want any rolls Elegy.


Also, she is raising her forcefield as well.

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I don't think any rolls are needed. 600 feet is about half the length of the container ship, so it's easily enough to cover the several jagged ruptures in the hull with plenty left over. It's not quite big enough to both contain the spill on every side, but it can severely constrain it and slow its spread into the surrounding waters.

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Clad will spend a HP to stunt the following off her Visual super-senses.

Super-Senses 6 (Analytical [Normal Visual], Microscopic Vision 3, Counter Obscure (Chemical Fog)) [6/7PP]

Hopefully that'll let her see and examine the chemicals in the water. At the same time, taking 10 on a Know/Physical Scienes and Know/Biological Science and Craft/Chemistry check for a result of 25.

Time to get our :science: on.

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Ironclad quickly deduces that this is serious stuff. It contains a compound of lysergic acid, the active ingredient in LSD, which comes from a fungus called ergot; it overwhelms the serotonin receptors in the cerebral cortex and locus coeruleus regions of the brain, resulting in vivid hallucinations. It also contains traces of the dissociative anesthetic hallucinogen Ketamine, which blocks communication between regions of the brain; this results in amnesia and sensory detachment, increasing the intensity of the hallucinations. It also contains caffeine and adrenaline, speeding up the rate at which the toxins are processed.


The end result is a massively fearsome chemical weapon. In its natural form it is a liquid that spreads rapidly in other fluids; even a drop can eventually taint a large volume of water, and once diffusion is complete its purplish color will vanish, leaving no sign of the danger. It evaporates on contact with air, becoming an invisible gas with the same potent properties. Anyone who drinks (or, in the case of a fish, inhales) the equivalent of a glass of water with one drop of this stuff, or takes in a normal breath of it, will almost immediately be assailed by terrifying hallucinations, becoming jittery, confused, and violent.


The amount they could fit on this ship could cause the population of four entire city blocks to turn on each other in a panicked frenzy. And now it's leaking, gallons and gallons of it, into the bay. Even diluted by the vast volume of water, it could cause terrible harm.

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The OVERTHROW goons aren't looking very hard, apparently, because that's a success versus an opposed check result of 10.


I'll let Wisp and The Inspector put up a post before proceeding, if possible. I don't want to leave anyone behind.

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Sorry for the delay.  Low staff at work led to overtime, GF's birthday was this week, etc., etc.[/excuses].


Free Action: The Inspector reconfigures his Shapeshift pool.


Shapeshift 1 (5PP Variable Power):

Concealment 2 (Normal Vision, Extras: Linked [Concealment], Flaws: Blending) [2PP]

Concealment 2 (Normal Vision, Extras: Linked [Concealment], Flaws: Partial) [2PP]


Predator-style, chameleon-style invisibility, where he blends in with his surroundings, but the faster he moves, the less he's in sync with them.  He always has at least partial concealment against Normal Vision, and if he doesn't move too fast (or if he has a chance to reset it), he has total concealment.


Speed 1 (10MPH / 100ft per Move Action) [1PP]


Remove Super-Senses 1 (Ultravision) [-1PP]

Super-Senses 1 (Low-Light Vision) [1PP]


He has his normal size and two-thumbed hands back.


Let me know if there are any environmental factors causing mechanical penalties, and I may reconfigure his Shapeshift to account for them.


Free Action: The Inspector activates his Concealment.


Free Action: The Inspector reconfigures his Psionics array.


Psionics (20PP Array)


Active Power:


Mind Control 6 (Extras: Conscious, Penetrating [4, Rank 10], Sensory Link, Flaws: Range 2 [Touch], Feats: Extended Reach [10ft], Mental Link, Subtle 2, Descriptors: Mental, Psychic, Telepathy) [20PP]


Free Action: The Inspector uses his Enhanced Quick Draw feat to bring his Star Sword forth from his Internal Compartment.  He does not light it up yet.


Move Action: The Inspector moves up to the nearest crew member, preferably one who is not standing post at the edge.


Standard Action: The Inspector uses his Mind Control on that crew member.


He will use the All-Out Attack maneuver for +2 ATK / -2 DEF, and the Power Attack maneuver for -2 ATK / +2 DMG.


Assuming this is a Minion, he will Take 10 on the melee attack check, hitting DC18 (Defense +8).  The victim will probably be caught flat-footed.


If he needs an attack check: D20+8 = 14


Mind Control power check (opposed by Will save): 18


That's a DC18 Will save for the crew member to resist, and a DC20 Notice check for him to notice that anything even happened.  Nobody else gets that DC20 Notice check, unless they have the appropriate Super-Senses.  (Or, at GM's discretion, anyone else gets a DC40 Notice check.)


It's a move action to issue commands, so he won't be able to give this command until the next round: "Take me to your leader."


After that, since it's a standard action to maintain the Concentration-duration Mind Control, he'll just keep it up and keep moving with the victim until they reach their destination.  (It's a Lasting duration, so if he does stop maintaining it for some reason, the victim gets a new save every round, with a cumulative +1 bonus, to break free.  Until then, they'll follow his most recent command.)

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No worries, Shaen! Real life happens. Astoundingly, the crewman resists The Inspector's mind control! He does not, however, notice that anything has happened, so the hero is still in position for next round. I'll put up a descriptive post once everyone's had a chance to act.


That just leaves a post from Wisp. I'll wait a couple of days if needed, but I do want to keep things moving.

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His Mind Control isn't +Effortless, so he'd have to use Extra Effort to try again during this scene.


You said there's 30something crew members?  I'll have him try another one on the next round, if nothing interrupts him.


Mind Control power check: 27



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Wisp is beginning to feel the effects of the toxin, which is leaking up into the air now! She'll need to make a DC18 Fortitude save or be Confused as per the power.


The Inspector's target is no longer even capable of successful resistance, and succumbs. To keep things moving, I'll include that action in this round of updates. Our alien friend is also beginning to feel the effects of the airborne toxin, and will also need to make a DC18 Fortitude Save or be Confused as per the power.


We won't worry about initiative between Ironclad, Tsunami, and the shark; it'd just slow things down. The shark will go last, and the heroines can just post whenever they have time.


Gloaming will use extra effort to power stunt an alternate power of his Magic: Enhanced Charisma 29 linked to Area Communication 2. He will then take 10 on his Diplomacy check (he has the necessary skill mastery) for a result of 36, turning the six guards within his Communication radius from Hostile to Friendly. He'll then burn his starting hero point to get rid of the fatigue.

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Okay, Tsunami does not want to automatically assume the shark is going to be aggressive, seeing as she does not know what the purple stuff does at the moment.


So, she will move away about 200 feet, putting some distance between her and the shark, and using her standard action for Total Defense, bringing her defense up to +14 total.

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