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Interest Check: No Tern Unstoned


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Ok, I've decided that I can handle another thread; three is a good number, and I hope to finish up The Void Mansion relatively soon in any case. So I'm once again looking for 1-4 heroes of PL 7-12 to share in an adventure! A little less classic this time: Batman Begins meets environmental disaster cleanup, you might say, a terrorist plot gone awry on the high seas! Aquatic heroes, while by no means required (given that Gloaming isn't one), would fit in especially well.


No Tern Unstoned


When the Coast Guard approached a foundering vessel in the restricted waters around Blackstone Island, they expected the cargo ship to be merely off-course. The truth proved far more sinister, and the authorities soon found themselves under heavy fire by OVERTHROW terrorists! But foundering on the rocks was not part of OVERTHROW's plan, and their sensitive cargo - a weaponized hallucinogen - has ruptured! Can the heroes contain it before the local ocean goes mad?


This is another shamelessly-presented opportunity for Gloaming to get to know some other heroes. Anyone interested?


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Elegy, I would certainly be interested with one of my characters, Tsunami, who is certainly aquatic in nature. 


I do not know if it has been mentioned to you, but when using canon elements in an thread (be it a member of the Freedom League, a villain, or an organization like OVERTHROW), you need to send a PM to the Refs to get approval.  If you have already done so, sorry, just not sure if that has been mentioned to you.

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