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Getting Back Into the Game (IC)

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Pyramid Plaza, Freedom City

Thursday June 27, 2013

8:20 AM


The sun had been up in Freedom City for close to three hours already.  On most days, Jack O’Conner would have been in the office before the sun came up, but last night he had spent a good bit the night tracking some Mafia goons through Southside until he was able to catch them in the act of picking up a shipment of drugs.  Accordingly, his day was starting a little bit later than usual.  At least he had an easy "commute."


The elevator that had carried the young CEO of Freedom Consolidated from his penthouse on the 90th floor of Tower One, arrived with a *DING* at the company's offices on the 65th floor of the same tower.  It was a short walk from the elevator bank to reception area, where Jack was greeted by the bright and cheerful face of the receptionist, Whitney Wilcox.


"Good morning Mr. O'Conner."  Whitney said in greeting.  A fairly recent graduate of Freedom City University, she was an attractive brunette.  Along with her energetic personality, the young woman had great attention to detail and was always willing to take on extra projects for various departments. 

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Jack smiled at the receptionist, who always helped improve his early mornings with her cheerful personality. The cup of coffee in his hands he'd brought from his penthouse almost burned his lips, but Jack was somewhat inured to physical discomfort, and hot coffee was a minor one.
"Tell Louis to update me one about how he was coming on the MCFC engine project once he comes in. And when you see Doud, tell hm to call me, I'm thinking of joining the annual Independence Day Marathon and using the company as a sponsor. Good publicity!" Jack said, knocking on wood as he walked past into the office floor, nodding at the employees all over the floor while heading to his corner office.
FreedomCo had facilities everywhere globally, with more off-shore locations in other nations showing up every day (which reminded him he needed to check on the status of the Hong Kong facility sometime), but the offices here were the nerve center for the whole conglomerate, and how Jack had really got his buisness started in the first place. Besides, the commute was an elevator ride away: certainly made finding places to "get changed" in emergencies easier.
After reaching the office he sat down in his chair and sighed. His uncle was correct: it didn't matter what else you had, how nice your house was, how fast your car went, or how many years younger your wife was then you if the chair at work wasn't comfortable, because you were going to spend a lot of time sitting in it in an administation job.

He keyed the intercom. "Yvonne, what's on the agenda today?"

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"They are both in already Mr. O'Conner."  Whitney replied.  "I will get them the messages right away."  She added as he swept past and into the office space beyond.


When Jack called his personal assistant through the intercom, she replied almost immediately.  "Not quite as busy as it could be."  The middle aged woman began.  "In half an hour, you have the conference call with the design team in Berlin to go over their purposed new project.  At eleven thirty, there is the luncheon with the board members Steersman Charity Foundation in Midtown.  And much of the afternoon is filled with various project meetings."

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"The Berlin one's important, so send me the relevant material over to my computer," Jack said to Yvonne, "Give me just the bullet points on the other projects though, I'll ask the project leads about them directly if I need extra info. What's the Steersman Charity donating it's funds to this year? Is that the one with Erin Howell on the board?" he inquired. He'd played with the Howell's since he was rather young, though he'd only kept apace of the doings of the patriarch and the mother as of late. Megan Howell was always much younger, though Jack had a vague inking that she was in Europe or something akin to that, marrying foreign nobility.
That's what I should do: I should rescue a foreign princess and sweep her off her feet and marry her, Jack thought with amusement playing on his features, as always mildy disparaging of his relative lack of a love life. It's your own damn fault Jack. You want to be a world-famous CEO and a superhero: you don't get to have a personal life with that kind of full-time commitment.

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"I already have everything on the Berlin proposal gathered."  Yvonne replied.  There is a brief pause before she added, "It is on its way now."


As Jack asked questions about Steersman Charity, the middle age secretary was quite a moment, apparently checking some things before she replied.   "Yes, Mrs. Howell is on the foundation's board.  I believe this year much of their main focus is charities assisting some of those affected by the Day of Wrath, including ones to help support families of police officers and fire fighters who died." 


"I should have some bullet points for this afternoons meetings ready within the hour."

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