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The 13th Hour (OOC)


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Ok I'll say that Carmen is a bit short on cash at the moment due to various demoni troubles she has gotten herself into! so she is trying to play this straight. Tattoo covered (no infernal immunity), for one. 


If its ok with you she will do a bit of research on Vince first, taking 20 on Popular Culture knowledge for a total result of 30, see what she can find out about him and his music / band / etc. 

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Sure, no problem.  As for what she was able to learn..., well, she can learn a lot, but the key stuff is:


Vince is in his mid-twenties, and is a rather good looking guy.  He is a rather good singer, not necessarily spectacular, but good enough.  While he and his band have a decent amount of popularity, with a couple of solid alterative songs, one main criticism that he tends to face is that his music is somewhat lacking in much in the way of a deeper meaning or message.  Some say he is just a rich kid playing at being a rock star, and that may not be too far off.

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Sorry it took so long TT, but finally got Nick's intro up!  Let me know if you think anything in it needs correcting.  Also, let me know if you have any questions before you make a post.  Jonathan would have not given a lot of details (after all, want to have the more detailed story of the curse actually appear in the thread ;) ), but possibly some.

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Okay, wanted to talk about the timing of things a bit.


As I have it now, the curse will begin striking on Saturday evening (it is currently mid-afternoon Friday). 


I set that extra time in case Nick would want a bit of time to try to prepare (with a fair bit of jump ahead at times).  But, I can also make some slight edits and make the start of the curse been Friday evening, still leaving some time to prepare, but a lot less.


I am fine either way, wanted to see if either of you had any opinion one way or the other.

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Ok From


I guess Pitch has probably heard of the Superhero Nick C, but without well informed, no gather info roll. 


So, knowledge rolls:


Arcane [trained] 1d20+5=24 so she knows plenty about necromancy (I think this would be in keeping with her broadly)


Pop CUlture [trained] 1d20+10=26 so plenty about rockabillies. 


Theology [untrained] 1d20+1=14 but she doesnt  recognise the loa. 

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All right, I've spent long enough waffling about this. It's time to stunt again:


Nullify Curses 12 (Extras: Area Burst, Nullifying Field, Duration [sustained]; Flaws: Distracting, Tiring; Power Feats: Progression 6 [6000 ft. radius]) [30 PP]


Stunting that off of the Gifts of the Dead Array, which means I've effectively got 6 PP to spare. This is meant to be a stopgap measure that will blanket the area from all curses as long as Nick is there. But he knows this won't break the curse - this will just buy everyone a few time while he works on a Ritual that could truly solve the problem, either by putting up a more permanent ward or by resolving the matter entirely. 

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TT, sorry I did not reply to this sooner (work has been rather busy).  I have no problem with you stunting this now, but are you sure this is the best point to do so?  It is about 24 hours still until the curse will begin to strike. 


As I read things, stunting this now will make you exhausted (as you did not indicate with this or the summon stunt that you were using any hero points to nullify the fatigue, nor would you have to, as indicated, you have time to rest and recover (I won’t even require a roll for that in this instance).


Please confirm you still want to stunt this now (and if now, what you want to do instead), then we will move onward.  :)

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That is an entirely fair point. Here's what will happen, then:


-I will spend a Hero Point to buy off the Fatigued from the Summon stunt.

-I will go back and edit the post so that Nick was merely plotting out the parameters and focus that would be required for the ward against curses. I will then make sure to deploy it an hour before the curse is due to hit. 


Then, I will start on Ritualist. Just give me a day to wrap my head around the math again. 

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Okay, sorry I have let this sit so long, work got busy and I have put off getting this running once again once things became more manageable there. 


TT, as I indicated, there is no real reason to spend the hero point on buying off fatigue now, there is more than enough time before the curse is set to arrive for Nick to recover from the fatigue. 

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Okay, we are sort of moving once more. Will wait for something for Nick TT, then we will likely be wrapping up the dinner scene soon.

Would like to get an idea what sort of preparations either of you might want to try to make that night before the curse actually is supposed to start the next day. (Though I would mainly expect maybe something from Nick). Just let me know and we can work on it (and have what scenes we might need depending).

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Hmm. Let me check over the rules for Ritualist... 


Yup, given that Nick does not yet know the potency of the curse, and that he'd be facing a DC40 for its design and construction (which he can't even make by taking 20), I think I will hold off on the alternate power. But he will likely rise a few hours early, just to make sure he has the parameters of the spell secure for when the curse is about to strike. 

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Cape, I would point out that Carmen's comments about a séance are a bit melodramatic at this point, as there was already one séance earlier in the thread where Nick summoned some dead relatives of the family (and learned that he was unable to summon the spirits of relatives killed by the curse).

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