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Filth and Vermin (OOC)


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OOC for this thread. 


Rose, I am fudging somehow that Carmen (or Tazel? or someone else?) sent some mystic signal to meet. All manipulation, I am sure!


Also, Carmen is starting of fatigued due to her nerve pains. Giving her 


Pitch 2 HP

Kit 1 HP


Broadly speaking, this thread starts of a social between Pitch and Kit, turning slightly investigative, and then turning into a detective/action/adventure for (primarily) Kit. 

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Assuming you don't mind me taking two rounds for the demonstration, and assuming there are plenty of shadows around.

Teleport through shadows and hide, taking 20 on Stealth for a 27.

Next round, attack with Fox Fire, which is an infernal blast 2 with homing and indirect. 1d20+10=15

I do believe that hits her flat-footed? (For no effect, of course, since it is infernal, like all of Kit's powers. It would be a DC17 Toughness, though.)

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Shadow walk is fine


Pitch wont even attempt to move. She is testing the nature of your powers as she has immunity to all infernal effects!


It might scorch a few clothes?, but she is unharmed. 


(To clarify this is not a PvP thing really, just Pitch working out if Kits powers are really infernal!)

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Another HP for Pitch's complication (No Exorcisms please) - yes, she will probably need them as I will conspire to take her out of the action and move to Kits show!



Pitch 3 HP Fatigued

Kit 1 HP


as for the rats - of course even Kits low powered blast can take out a measly rat ;) trouble is they are swarming from everywhere. I wont handle this as combat, although it is potentially kinetic. 

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No, its not an infernal power. The mechanism behind this (other than PLOT device) is that Tazel cant enter holy ground, which means he gets ejected from her when it happens - an unpleasant experience that, combined with a motorcycle crash, has left  her dazed for now. Someone has secretly consecrated part of the rubbished up railyards. 


And unfortunately no shadows!


Well, you did want a rescue, huh? ;)

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I was asking about the infernal immunity because Kit's teleportation is infernal.

Hm... Well, time to try something.

Oh, and I'm going to assume they traded contact info before parting ways. Otherwise, the whole, "Call me if you're getting jacked up by demon hordes," thing is kinda screwy.

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For reference, the whole in the ground is full of shadows (good for teleporting) and is low level light at best. Its further reaches are complete dark. 


I am not entirely sure how Kit's Soul Awareness works (and incidentally I think it may be borked? - if its a Mental Sense it is not ranged, so radius is a bit screwy...) If I guess right Kit can be aware that there are Soul's down there! :)

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