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Who would be interested in an Agents (PL 4) game?


Are you interested in an agents game?  

  1. 1. Are you interested in an agents game?

    • I would be interested in filling my second character slot with an agent game.
    • I would be interested, but only if you allow three characters (PL 10, PL 6, and a PL4 Agent).
    • I would be interested in a one-shot campaign (or two), but not anything long-term.
    • I am not interested.

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We are in the beginning stages of exploring the possibilities of adding some Agents to the mix here (somewhere around PL 4/60 PPs). Answer the poll if you like and/or post here with comments and questions.

It may not happen. It may be a one-shot campaign. Or it may become a regular feature. Who knows?

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Yeah, it sounds good, but I'd prefer to have a 'slot' for each PL (4/6/10)...

I can understand why you might not want to do that, and even if we didn't I'd consider it but might not actually take the option up (unless I were to drop Oliver, which I'd like to not do).

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