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  1. No, it's nothing terrible on my end...and it's kind of a long story. It's been a blast playing with you guys though. :)
  2. Catherine recoils in disgust, thrusting her hands towards the beast to unleash a torrent of mystic energy, in hopes of destroying the thing. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1672495/ Attack roll of 17.
  3. I'm really very sorry, but I'm no longer able to continue in this game. I hate to bail on such short notice, but it really is unavoidable on this case. :(
  4. Her damage saves: 1d20+8 → [20,8] = (28) 1d20+8 → [9,8] = (17) http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1668096/
  5. Catherine stumbles backwards in horror, scrabbling to her feet clumsily and preparing herself for combat Initiative: 7 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1658073/
  6. Catherine jumps back in horror. "Aaaah! He's still alive!" she cries, scrabbling away from the convulsing body.
  7. Catherine squints and carefully examines the area, deliberately perusing the area rather than simply glancing around this time. Search check: 27 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1636516/
  8. Ah geez...I'm really sorry. I had stopped checking while you were away, and then I got caught up doing training and stuff at my new job. :(
  9. Sorry, work was really thick this week. I still want to play through this though.
  10. Catherine looks around a bit more carefully, trying to spot any more of those creatures (unlikely, with an 8) http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1623699/ Confident for the time being that the moaning must be coming from further away, she tries to lead the others towards the moaning, hoping that it might lead to a clue.
  11. Catherine took a deep breath and, with an air of resignation, follows behind Nightshyft with as much confidence as she can manage which is...not very much at all, really.
  12. "Yeah, she just kind of...walked off into the darkness. She looked drunk in the vision. It was kind of confusing, since I saw two different girls when I tried to get a read from the shoe. One of them was fleeing from a man and a boy, and was struck with the bottle. The other one was holding that bottle and staggering like she was drunk."
  13. "The vision was a little unclear, but I think they came from there." says Catherine, pointing in the direction opposite of where the digesting monster came from. "I'm fine with sticking together, really...but we should probably hurry, before those things eat someone else."
  14. "That's it!" cried Catherine, pointing excitedly at the bottle. "That's what they hit me...I mean her...with! We're getting close!" She rushed forward, being careful not to trample over any tracks that might have been left. Most likely nature has reclaimed most of the footprints, but it's best to be careful. Search check: 12 Investigate: 26 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1609219/
  15. Was I able to get any idea of what direction the creatures in the vision came from?
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