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Neospell (PL 10) - ChrisClark13

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Player Name: ChrisClark13
Character Name: Neospell
Power Level: 10 150/152PP
Trade-Offs: MagiBlade: -2 Attack +2 Damage
Unspent Power Points: 2
Progress To Bronze Status: 2/30

In Brief: Mage who uses his computer to code extremely intricate spells that look like super-science somewhat. "Program-o-mancer"

Alternate Identity: Curtis Wright
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Lodi, California
Occupation: ArcheTech Software Engineer (pending Approval from whoever Approves PCs working for ArcheTech)
Affiliations: Low-level ArcheTech Employee (pending ^)
Family: Mother, Father, Grandfather "Gerald Wright" (Deceased), Younger Sister

Age: 20 (DoB: 3/13/1992)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 174
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Curtis is a slightly tall lanky young adult with brown hair and brown eyes. When not in costume he wears a green polo shirt, blue jeans, and black leather jacket. He wears a watch with a light blue face and a belt which are both Devices.
When he activates his belt he is covered in head to toe in white body armor with a few pieces of heavy armor on his forearms, shoulders and legs. Over all this rests a long white cloak. His watch transforms into a bracer which lets him summon various weapons.
In or out of costume he always wears a pair of sunglasses which are another Device. He can activate his watch and belt separately.

More Pictures:

Out of costume appearance and weaponry.


Power Descriptions: His powers look a lot like they might be some kind of super science, but they're actually all products of magic.
It's just that that's he decides to implement his magical talents since it's what comes naturally to him since he's a Programmer.
First he writes the code for his spells on his computer, then he feeds that code to a specially made compiler program that translates it to arcane runes. After double checking the runes and touching them up in a vector image editing program he prints the runes out using a printer he's jury-rigged to use magical ink onto specially prepared paper.
Bracer of Weaponry: This bracer has a touch screen on it which lets Neospell create various weapons to do battle with.

MagiBlaster: This weapon takes the form of a futuristic rifle that shoots large bolts of magical energy.

MagiGuns: This weapon takes the form of two futuristic pistols that can fire barrages of magical bolts of energy than they look like they should be able to.

MagiBlade: This weapon is perhaps the most simple looking, it takes the form of a long armblade comprised of magical energy that extends the harder you swing it.

MagiStunner: This weapon takes the form of what looks to be a rayguy, it fires crackling bolts of magical energy.

Belt of MagiArmor: This belt looks like a regular belt when inactive, when active it transforms into a futuristic looking belt and creates his armor.
Sunglasses of Epicvision: These sunglasses look just like a normal pair of sunglasses, if you look closely at the lenses you can kind of see runes written around their edges.

History: Curtis was just your average "smarter than normal" guy, he did well in school without really trying and soon grew bored with it, though because he never really applied himself in school he never really shined above his peers much. Life went on like this for him as long as he could remember until one day in College when he received a call that his grandfather had died. He attended the funeral mostly because he his parents wanted him too and was surprised as anyone else when he was given a mysterious package in his grandfather's will with instructions that he would be the only one to open the chest and that what was inside what to be kept a secret to the rest of his family.
Later that night he opened the package and found another letter addressed to him sitting on what appeared to be a very old book. The letter spoke of how his grandfather was leaving his life's work to Curtis and that he should learn all he can from it. The book turned out to be a very old spellbook written in Latin with another letter from his grandfather inside the front cover explaining how to use the book. There were also many, many, notes tucked inside the pages.
Over the next couple of months he obsessively deciphered the spells inside the book with help from his grandfather's notes, but soon grew tired of drawing all the magical runes and words by hand. So he copied all of the runes to his computer and modified his printer to use the special kind of ink required for the spells to work.
Soon he understood the spellbook and how the runes inside worked (except a few really tough ones in the back) well enough to create a program that would arrange the runes for him based on lines of code in a common programming language and celebrated when he was successful in getting a spell to create a visual illusion that displayed "Hello World!" in mid air.
From there his progress took off and soon he could code spells to do all manner of things for him, including making him into a Superhero...

He's careful not to let his program fall into the wrong hands which is why he maintains a Secret Identity.

Personality & Motivation: He's a bit cocky, sure that there's not a problem in the world he couldn't solve. He's got a kind and charitable at heart, though he doesn't go out of his way to help people he doesn't think he can help.
He's always felt like he should give something more to society and now he can as a Superhero (not to mention that he's always secretly wanted to be a Superhero).

He's some what of a fan of Anti-Nihilism, but doesn't actually put the ideas into practice other than seeing no point to thinking negatively. 

When "on duty" he does his best to act like a Hero should, by rushing head first into danger.

Powers & Tactics: He hasn't been a Superhero long enough to get some solid tactics down, so he charges in recklessly MagiGuns blazing most of the time.

Secret: Identity
Curtis doesn't want his identity to be public as he fears that the negatives (villains knowing where you live and who your family are, the public being able to target you and your family directly, etc) far outweigh the positives. He's sure he doesn't need to make his Identity public, at least not in the immediate future.

Secret: Magic Runes/Programs/Schematics
The data on his computer in his apartment could be used very, very, badly in the wrong hands. (Though they'd need someway to activate his spells of course.)

Abilities: 0 + 2 + 0 + 12 + 4 + 4 = 22PP
Strength: 14/10 (+2/+0)
Dexterity: 18/12 (+4/+1)
Constitution: 14/10 (+2/+0)
Intelligence: 22 (+6)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 8 + 12 = 20 PP
Initiative: +4/+1
Attack: +8/6/4 Melee, +10/8/6 Ranged (+4 Base, +2 Enhanced, +2 Accurate, +2 Attack Focus (Ranged))
Grapple: +10/+4
Defense: +10/8 (+6 Base, +4/+2 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -5/-1

Saving Throws: 3 + 4 + 8 = 15 PP
Toughness: +10/+2 (+2/+0 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +6 Protection) +8/0 Flatfooted
Fortitude: +5/+3 (+2/+0 Con, +3)
Reflex: +8/+5 (+4/+1 Dex, +4)
Will: +10 (+2 Wis, +8)

Skills: 48 R = 12 PP
Computers 9 (+15, Skill Mastery)
Craft (Electronic) 9 (+15)
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 6 (+12, Skill Mastery)
Knowledge (Technology) 9 (+15, Skill Mastery)
Language 1 (Base: English, Latin)
Notice 8 (+10, Skill Mastery)
Search 4 (+10)
Sense Motive 2 (+4)

Feats: 16 PP
Accurate Attack
Attack Focus (Ranged) 2
Beginner's Luck
Defensive Roll
Dodge Focus 2
Equipment 1
Luck 1
Master Plan
Online Research
Precise Shot
Skill Mastery (Computers, Knowledge (Arcane Lore), Knowledge (Technology), Notice)

Library, Living Space, Workshop, Security System, Computer, Size (Tiny), Defense System (Stun)

Powers: 26 + 22 + 17 = 65 PP

Magic Bracer Device 6 ​(30 PP Container, Flaws: Hard-To-Lose, Feats: Subtle 1 (Looks like a wristwatch when not in use, shows up strongly to those with those who can sense Magic), Restricted 1 (only those with arcane magical power in them)) [26 PP] (Magic)
Array 13 (26 PP, Feats: Accurate, Alternate Power 3) [30 PP]
Base Power: MagiBlaster Blast 10 (Extras: Penetration 5) [25 PP] (Magic)
Alternate Power: MagiGuns Blast 8 (Extras: Autofire, Feats: Spilt Attack) [25 PP] (Magic)
Alternate Power: MagiBlade Strike 10 (Extras: Penetrating 10, Feats: Mighty, Extended Reach 1) [22 PP] (Magic)
Alternate Power: MagiStunner Stun 8 (Extras: Alternate Save (Will), Range) [24 PP] (Magic)

Magic Armor Device 5 (25 PP Container, Flaws: Hard-To-Lose, Feats: Subtle 1 (Looks like an ordinary belt, shows up strongly to those who can sense Magic), Restricted 1 (only those with arcane magical power in them) [22 PP]
Enhanced Feat 4 (Evasion, Dodge Focus 2, Quick Change) [4 PP] (Magic)
Speed 1 (10 mph, 100 ft/round) [1 PP] (Magic)
Protection 6 [6 PP] (Magic)
Enhanced Strength 4 [4 PP] (Magic)
Enhanced Dexterity 6 [6 PP] (Magic)
Enhanced Constitution 4 [4 PP] (Magic)

Magic Sunglasses Device 5 (25 PP Container, Flaws: Easy-To-Lose, Feats: Subtle 1 (Looks like an ordinary pair of sunglasses, shows up strongly to those who can sense Magic), Restricted 1 (only those with arcane magical power in them)) [17 PP] (Magic)
"Immunity 5" (Immunity to Visual Effects) [5 PP] (Magic)
"Super-Senses 16" (Distance Sense, Visual Counters Concealment, Visual Counters Illusion, Visual Detect Magic, Darkvision, Visual Penetrates Concealment, Track Magic) [1+2+2+4+2+4+1=16 PP] (Magic)
Enhanced Attack 2 (Magic) [4 PP]

DC Block
ATTACK       RANGE               ATTACK BONUS    SAVE                        EFFECT
Unarmed      Melee               +6/+4           DC 17/15 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Bludgeoning)
Base Ranged  Range               +8/+6           -                           -
MagiBlade    Melee (10ft reach)  +8/+6           DC 27/25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Magic)
MagiBlaster  Ranged              +10/+8          DC 25 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Magic)
MagiGuns     Ranged              +10/+8          DC 23 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Magic)
MagiStunner  Ranged              +10/+8          DC 18 Will (Staged)         Stun (Magic)

Abilities (22) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (12) + Feats (16) + Powers (65) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/152 Power Points

Edited by AvengerAssembled
March Edits
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This looks like a solid sheet, Chris. I have to say, I have been very impressed at how the quality of your ideas has blossomed here - kudos! I like the costume; there's no danger of his being mistaken as a disciple of White Knight. (If anything he's more like a whitewashed Darth Vader). 


HTML tags are busted in your sunglasses build. 


I like the devices, I like the powerset, I would like it if you came up with slightly better names for them. They seem like something the character _would_ come up with, yeah, but they're a little...too precious, you know? 


Alphabetize your feats, specify your base language. he could really benefit from skill mastery if you can scrape up the points. I like that he has Artificer and not Inventor. 

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Grapple bonus is the sum of your unarmed attack bonus + str bonus + super-strength ranks + applicable misc. bonuses (size, elongation, additional limbs, etc). In this case, it's just unarmed (melee) attack bonus + str bonus, or +10/+4, give or take. Technically there are a lot of other possible grapple bonuses (+10/+8/+6/+4/etc) but +10/+4 will do.

Immunity to Visual Effects seems cheap at 5pp, as normally that'd just get you Immunity to Dazzle, but there isn't really a good place for it. So, good enough unless someone else comes up with a strong objection.

26+22+17= 65pp, not 66pp - you are overpaying by 1pp for your powers.

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