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Troika! For Adamas, Errant & Heraldo


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Alright. I'd make them the Psions, but I'm pretty sure those guys aren't teenagers anymore.


Seeing as Heraldo, Adamas and Errant could be seen as being a little like Porthos, Aramis and Athos,  maybe we could do a thing sort of like supers from another school(not a school of EVIL, naturally), who make some insane bet with the Claremont trio?



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Oh hey time! Thinking things over, we will do this: instead of from another school(which makes no sense anyway), the trouble-makers are other Claremonters who get in trouble on account of the trio, and later on challenge Adamas, Errant and Heraldo to see who can defeat the most random robots/aliens/whatever during a very small attack on the city.


How does that sound?

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