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Threads for Catalyst and Philos


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Exactly what is says on tin. Before you post here Ari, yes I will do a thread for Philos and Red Moon with you, also posted my Iniative on Hunters.

Anyway, I'd like Catalyst to meet more characters, a larger variety. Or Jasmine, Jasmine works too, I really don't mind playing in and out of costume (she's always armed anyway (cause it's Freedom City)). Anyway, basics story things.

Anything to do with Jasmine's work. Jasmine works for an industrial chemical company (paint, chemical treatments, waterproofing, acids), so characters in the line of work for that. (Catalyst isn't an official member of the Lab, might change eventually, small known fact, her company doesn't like her very much, but she more or less has enforced tenure because of the legal contract settled because of her accident, unless they can find a valid reason to fire her (which may eventually come up) they can't.)

Gang wars and the like, Catalyst is rather hard on gang warfare (see background), so that sort of criminal activity.

Mister Motley, you say his name, Catalyst will rev her engine (she really, REALLY dislikes him).

Science villains, Catalyst is a science hero (though strangely normal for one), so science villains would be fine against her.

Philos ideas.

Animals, cause it's his specialty.

The Atoms in danger or something, he'd help, he'd jump to help, he knows what they did for Farside.

Whatever that gorilla villain's name is (I'll look it up later), rumor has it he has some crater apes, if it's true, Philos will be looking.

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Before you post here Ari, yes I will do a thread for Philos and Red Moon with you, also posted my Iniative on Hunters.
Curses! You know me too well! Also, on it.

And I'm appalled you forgot Dr. Simian's name, he's very hurt I'll have you know! For other science villains, Mr. Mist(chemist) The Green Man(botanist) and Gamma(son of a nuclear physicist and partial result of his experiments) might be good choices, with the right set-up they could be definite threats.

If you want a GM, I'm always open. Aside from KoS my characters aren't good fits with Jasmine.

EDIT: Marceau and Philos could meet up again though!

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Jubatus could easily run into Catalyst when she's battling gang warfare, as he patrols all of Freedom City, and with his highly nonstandard sleep cycle, he's just as likely to be active at 3 AM as 3 PM. Apart from that, Jube is a reasonably well-known troubleshooter-for-hire when he isn't doing the hero thing, so Catalyst's employer could perhaps bring Jube in as a consultant if they're dealing with a technical problem that none of their employees can/will take care of.

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As mentioned earlier, co-worker who is secretly a mad scientist stealing company supplies might be a good plot springboard. Jay could come in to help with some weird tampering to the security system, he meets Jasmine, they both are alerted by co-worker tripping the alarm due to Jay doing a great job and come to stop them.

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