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Disco Inferno (OOC)

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Edge spends an HP to Seize Initiative:

The Monster's stats are as follows

Raise his ATK to +8

DEF to +8

To make him PL 12

He goes on

7 Yowsa!


Edge: Seized Initiative

Tsunami: 24

Adamas: 22

Crow: 16

Monster: 7

Edge spends another HP (man has lots!) and Inspires as a full-round action. +5 for the heroes! Man, I need to buy up his skills...

Tsumani is up as soon as I post IC.

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Stunting from the Gloves again! Time to make this big ape eat what his colleague took. Directed plasma blast right to the face!

Blast 9 (Feats: Incurable, Indirect 2, Improved Range 2 [450'], Improved Critical 2 [18-20]; Extras: Penetrating 5) [21PP] (Fire/Technological) (Shaped Plasma Blast)

Indirect 2 will open the portal right above the beastie's head at the top of the diamond dome's interior. Aim gives a +4, for a total of +17 to hit. Let's see how it does!

Plasma! (1d20+17=34) Hot-hot-hot! DC 24 Toughness save from big ugly. Depending on how many HP I have left, I may end up stunting the same power next round to represent more explosive venting! :D

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