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These Chains On Me (OOC)

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That's it, Gabriel has moved from "slightly confused" to "definitely perturbed".

This is a very chaotic situation, so.

Part of me thinks "just follow Harrier!". But I need to clean up the mess (as it were) in the hall. And there is a girl screaming in sheer raw terror right down that hall. And also a bad guy.


I'm going to not follow Harrier for a round. As he is making this decision despite fears of Harrier's actions explicitly to help the guards, the poor girl down there, and Miss A, I would humbly request this invoke his Shepherd of The Flock Complication. AA, if you feel it's not fitting, that's fine.


Free Action: Spear is out and in his hand.

Hero Point: For Ultimate Diplomacy.

Full Round Action: Diplomacy on the guards and Singularity to get them calmed down and helpful, and a bit on Miss A to help her be encouraged to stand up. I'll take a penalty if necessary, but as he's in Super Charisma Mode, the check is 60. I'm going to fluff it with him walking around a bit, but he's going to end up in the same spot, so.

Surge: Extra Standard Action

Free Action: Switch Sonic Control to Alternate Power: Paralyze 12 (Extras: Range [Ranged]) [34PP]

Standard Action: Ranged Paralyze against Whistler. Gabriel doesn't trust him to behave.

Attack: 24. I imagine that probably hits.

So that's a DC22 Will Save vs Paralyze.

So he started the round with 7 (1 innate starter, 5 from Luck, 1 from Fiat), has burned 1, bringing him to 6. Next round he'll burn 1 to shake the Fatigue, but theoretically he'll be getting one for his complication, so, he'll have 5 or 6 by the time he starts his next round proper.

EDIT: Changed, because E said there was no point in burning Leadership. Might as well keep the Whistler in place!

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Move Action: Fly up to the reactor room doors

Standard Action: Attack the two guards there. They're PL 7 minions with a Tou of +9 and a Defense of 15. He can power attack for +5 with his pike and hit them without having to roll. +1 DMG added from his autofire. Tou of 35

18, 18

Welp, they're dead now. Lemme post IC and Gabriel will be up.

There we go. Take an additional HP, Gabriel and Miss A.

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Free Action: Switch array to Flight 9 (Rank 10, 10,000mph / 100,000ft per Move Action, Feats: Moving Feint, Subtle)

Move Action: Get to Steve (should be doable).

Standard Action: Melee Attack with Spear. 14. Yeahno.

Hero Point Reroll: 14, which becomes 24. DC 27 Toughness Save. Blessed/Holy, Piercing, Silver Descriptors.

Free Action: Extra Effort! Another SA

Standard Action: Melee Attack Again. 21. Ugh, probably not, but if it does, DC 27.

I will spend the Hero Point next round to avoid the Fatigue, so I'll be down to 3 or 4, depending on if you approve that Complication invocation.

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