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Looking for input for new character


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So I am looking to make a mystically inclined character, I have a couple options/themes I want to explore.

1. Revisit my Lotan idea. Which essentially is based on Hercules, Namor, Wonder Woman. Using Sumerian, Babylonian and Akkadian mythology as his base. Basically a brawling mystic of a sort. As the literal son of Tiamat (no, not the dragon, that would be awkward), who is as much a god as an primordial force of creation. So a demi-god of sorts.

The next idea(s) is me stretching a bit on what I've normally played.

So Female character.

Looking for either Hispanic or American born Chinese character.

Leaning towards being former military, and getting discharged after an injury during service. Sustained by interaction with a supernatural entity. Afterwards falls into alcoholism, and is pulled out by her traditional grandfather, who recognizes what happened and trains her to take his place.

So this is either a Taoist alchemist, learning an ascended martial art, or adopting the animist abilities, to hunt and take down the supernatural baddies.

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Kids of dragons are all amazing!

Anyway, I am in favor of Lotan, mainly because more sea people is always nice. I would strongly advise avoiding the 'traditional grandparent teaches their grandchild the ancient ways of their people' thing. How about a Hispanic who adopts Taoist philosophy of their own volition to find peace after a face-to-face meeting with monstrous evil, and by its practice learns the secrets of alchemy? Or something.

Anyway, I think that idea you've sketched out could definitely work.

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2 Designs for the female character

1 Ascended Martial Artist, inducted into an old traditional because of her contact with the supernatural

2 Animist whose skills came about and she used that to save herself.

Also, could revisit Lotan as a female. With name change, of course. Though that starts to impuned on Fox and Gizmo's ideas. But still workable. Or render Lotan more as a gender neutral character.

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Huh, that'd be pretty cool!

So, a soldier in the [X} military who was already interested in Akkadian/Sumerian/Babylonian spirituality, and say on a tip from some citizens about robbers attacking a protected ruin, accidentally calls up the spirit of Lotan to empower her to defeat the overwhelming force, then gets sent back home or whatever Freedom City is to her because having random supers in the army isn't a perfect strategy?

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