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Star Swarm (IC)


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December 7th, 16:09 hours

In space...

The objects dropped out of hyperspace, moving at a speed only slightly under that of the speed of light, accompanied by a magnificent distortion up and down the electromagnetic spectrum - a loud and obnoxious static.

It was hard to see what they were, but it was apparent that none were the same. Metal, certainly, like a scrap heap of hybridised technology, many if not all having their own power source. Some tumbled, some sparked, all seemed to be broken or malfunctioning. Some split, some stayed together. Overall a dozen of the objects streamed towards the earth and the moon.

Black Box Log of Star Knight Forax....

*Bzzzt Bzzzt*....If any one hears this...massive systems failure...*bzzzt*....the virus has nearly penetrated the *bzzzt crackle*....sent to Earth...*bzzzt* Communications down, and I don't know if this log is even record *bzzzt* ...perly....

Cant reach Montoya to *bzzzt crackle*....the *bzzzt* is spreading from world to *crzzzt crackle* I have to *fzzzt crackle* it spreads so fast....if he gets the *bzzzt crackle* it will be even faster. Can't let him *grzzzt grzzt*

....recording ends....

Star Knight Forax, her space armour crackling and malfunctioning, spun slowly as she pelted helplessly towards Earth with the other technological flotsam...

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Solar Sentinel cruised through orbit, flying at a reasonable pace. Every once in a while, he flew out of the atmosphere, just to enjoy the feel of space, and the freedom to fly.

That was, of course, until he spotted something different about one of the objects. He flew in closer and stared, eyes wide. A Star Knight, and badly injured at that. The first thing obviously, would be to ensure the Star Knight would reach the Earth in safety. He knew nothing of their armor, but assumed that level of damage would be very, very bad for them. He tried his best to gently grab the injured knight, and tried to bring her to Earth...

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As Star Knight Forax tumbled, her four arms unable to stop her rotation, Solar Sentinel reached up to grab her...

Warning...power source infected....energy systems unstable....

No you fool! she cursed, as a shock of electricity coursed through her body at his touch, causing uncontrollable spasms of pain in her own body.

Can't...take...much...more... she grunted to herself, as her vision constricted for a moment.

She tried hailing Solar Sentinel on standard, and non-standard, galactic channels, to no avail.

Her sensors blinked on and off line, still tracking the debris that plummeted towards earth and...

She turned, pointing with her two right arms at one piece of debris hurtling towards the moon...

No...have to stop that...if the Farsiders get infected....

She looked hopefully at the Silver Sentinel, pointing vigorously at the moon bound debris. With no atmosphere, the debris would not burn up. At least the Earth bound objects might, if everyone was lucky, succumb to the atmosphere.

She pointed again.

Eventually she had no choice, raising her wrist-mounted laser, she carefully burnt shaky words into her own armour.

STOP IT! she wrote, in wonky but legible lettering. She pointed once more at the debris heading to the moon, as her vision began to fade...

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It didn't take much prodding to get Solar Sentinel to go after the debris. He vanished from her sight, a glowing blue contrail off into the distance, he needed to make sure the debris wasn't dangerous for him to touch. Part of him was glad to be in space again having a reason to really stretch his powers. He briefly wondered if he was at all visible from the Earth, and if so, what they thought of him.

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Solar Sentinel shot off to the bright debris, whipping through the cold, hard vacuum of space like a comet. As he approached the object, he started to make out its form. Tumbling too, and animated.

The object was broken, or malfunctioning. It was hard to tell how badly. It spun gently, no reflection on the massive velocity it had, plummeting towards the far side of the moon...towards Farside City.

It was, on close inspection, a robot, maybe seven or eight feet tall, but slender. It was damaged, not physically, but as though its power systems had ripped through its systems causing considerable damage. It was still active, however, its head, with one eye hanging out, complete with wires, turning towards Silver Sentinel as the spacefaring hero approached.

It looked down at the rapidly approaching lunar surface, and started to fire its thrusters, with limited effect, slowing its velocity. One thruster virtually exploded, ripping off the lower part of its leg, the other one fired a magnificent stream of plasma, effectively slowing it...although it would be only moments before the robot struck Farside City...

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Solar Sentinel turned and gazed at the robot for a split second, before raising his hands. A brilliant blue energy, vaguely resembling flames, blasted from his hands and made the robot vanish from sight for a second. When the energy faded, the robot remained.

He cursed inwardly. This was going to be troublesome.

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The Robot was damaged badly, unco-ordinated and malfunctioning, and took the full brunt of the cosmic energy of the Silver Sentinel. One of its arms flew off, spinning away into space before exploding. Smoke billowed out of its main body, and sparks of high powered energy flew in every direction.

It was made of solid stuff, however, its advanced alloy somehow holding it together despite the brutal punishment it had taken, both from the Star-searching hero and whatever insults it had received on its journey.

Its head spun towards Silver Sentinel, observing its attacker with a beady eye as it continued to slow its descent to the moon, which was now so close...

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