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Among the Sea of Faces (OOC)


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Alright, transforming time!

Free Action Using Quick Change to get into costume, and another to say something suitable to the occasion.

Move Action Moving up to the new challenger who hates cars.

Standard Action Try for a Grapple: 20. If that hits somehow, opposing Grapple check DC is 30.

EDIT: Yrch. Initiative roll: 13. Oh no, the horror.

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Free Action Retort.

Standard Action Using Super-Breath to try and knock our fine friend down: 15. Eh. DC15 Strength or Dexterity roll, whichever is lower.

Move Action Swoop up 50ft. into the air.

Reaction Interpose the next attack made by the NPC against any civilians in range(if permissible. Closest if not).

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Elias is going to use the connection to make a Notice Check through Heraldo's senses, and show him where he is. Which, near as I can see is same DC. So DC20


And somewhere down the line a connection is made.

Elias show Heraldo where he is. You can make a roll, at this point it is a DC10 attack check.

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