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Twilight Tag(OOC)


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Hunting time! The Afanc's Stealth roll to get the drop on Heraldo: 7. Suitable. Heraldo's Notice roll: 18! So Heraldo is not Flat-Footed when combat begins! Now for initiative: Heraldo: 9. Afanc: 17. First action of the creature will be, as makes sense, attacking Heraldo with its tail: 18. Hits. DC23 TOU save: 13. Fantastic. Rerolling(3HP): With the reroll, 27. Grapple attempt: 16. Misses. Rerolling(This makes for great television, I'm sure, 2HP): 25 with +10 bonus. Hits. Grapple roll: 39. The Afanc's attempt to escape: 26. Failed by 13. Bound and Helpless!

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Success! She sees that the forest around the lake is filled with the figures of the Twylyth Teg, who are using their glamours to conceal themselves from sight, the Chessboard showing them as blobs of roiling magic. The hazy outline of a giant's skull lies over the lake.

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Suddenly, something HAPPENS! By all permissible, I promise you Tiff no thread I GM for you afterwards will ever be as bad as this one. I'm deeply sorry it dragged on for so pointlessly long. Should've just gone with my first idea where the chased and fought some kind of Headless Horseman.

Anyway, combat time. Subito doesn't have his powers back yet, so Blodeuwedd can take a Standard Action to cut off the bracelets that won't let him transform. They're made of Fairy metal, so Dyrnwyn just whacks right through them.

Initiatives for the Faerie Queen: 7. her four guards 8. and Subito 19.

Roll Initiative for Blodeuwedd please.

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Round 1

Subito: Unharmed, Shackled, 2HP

Blodeuwedd: Unharmed, 2HP

Faerie Guard(x4): Unharmed-GM

Faerie Queen: Unharmed-GM

Subito jumps at the Queen(who has roughly PL10 caps) and tries to punche her in what I believe those in the medical profession refer to as the 'gob', Accurate Attacking (+3 Attack -3 Damage): 21. Hits! DC23(EDIT: No it isn't it's DC17) TOU save: 27. Denied!

Blodeuwedd is up.

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DC19 Demoralize rolls: Two fail it(the Queen and one Guard)

DC30 Toughness save: 13. Failed by 17, and knocked unconscious.

The guard makes their disarm attacks: 20, 9, 22, 23 With the Demoralize that is two hits. The Strength DC is 23.

Round 2.

Subito Power Attacks(+2 Damage -2 Attack) one of the Guard: 13. reroll(1HP left): 19. Hits. DC19 Tou save: 14. The Guard are one-hit minions, so down he goes.

Blodeuwedd is up.

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That totally hits! DC19 TOU save: 11. He's down! Dyrnwyn is retrieved.

One guard Accurate Attacks(+-2) Subito, the other Accurate Attacks Blodeuwedd. rolls: 14. Miss!

Round 3

Subito attempts to Grapple one of the guards and throw them off the boat: 15. Reroll(2HP): 24. Hits, Grapple roll: 23. opposing roll: 21. He is thrown off the boat! The Afanc makes sure he causes no further trouble.

Out of rounds.

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