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La Luchadora (PL 10)-Tsura

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Player Name: Tsura

Character Name: La Luchadora

Power Level: 10

Trade-Offs: +2 Toughness, -2 defense

Unspent Power Points: 0

Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30

In Brief: Luchadora Wrestler Fueled by the spirits of Fallen Warriors

Alternate Identity: Theresa Estacada

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Palma de Mallorca, Majorica, Balearic Islands, Spain

Occupation: Owner and Manager of The Prima Grand Hotel

Affiliations: None

Family: Jesús Guzmán Estacado (Father), Josefina Huerta Estacado (Mother)


Age: 29 DoB: September 23

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Spaniard

Height: 6’2

Weight: 184 lbs

Eyes: Aquamarine

Hair: Aubern


Luchadora is a statuesque beauty, standing far taller than most woman and quite a few men. Not only big, but well cut, she’s got a visable musculature to her build, though not to the point of excessive bulk. Her tan skin tone reflects her heritage, and is essentially unmarred except for a tattoo of a black crown on her right shoulder. She has straight Aubern hair which reaches down to just below the shoulders, and is typically either styled back or in a ponytail, with more elaborate hairstyles employed only for special occasions when out of costume. Her costume is deliberately gaudy, incorporating purple and white stylized spandex over a sequined silver unitard. She also wears a belt which is clearly taken after the World Championship belts employed in professional wrestling, further connecting her appearance to that of Lucha Libre.

History: Theresa, La Reina Negra (The Black Queen), was once the up and coming star of the Lucha Libre. The statuesque young girl was a crowd favorite, racking up an unprecedented series of wins to her name, and even a few titles. While there were likely a few outside factors contributing to her success, like the fact that she was the only woman at the time who was able to compete in the same weight class as some of her male competitors, or that she just had a naturally strong stage presence, mostly it came down to skill.

However, like far to many stories of up and comers, her time in the limelight was cut short. During a title match, Theresa took a nasty fall when she missed the ropes around the arena, and landed head first on the ground below. The impact left her with a major concussion, and she was comatose for almost a week. While bad, this wouldn’t have been enough to mark the end of her wrestling carrier. But follow up brain scans revealed the damage had a lasting impact. While she’d be fine barring outside interference, another strong blow to her head could trigger a rupture of several major blood vessels. This would almost certainly result in her suffering permanent brain damage, or death.

Her injury left the risk to her own health far to high for her to even consider stepping back into the arena. La Reina Negra was gone. And since Theresa only had a high school education, her job prospects weren’t exactly glamorous. But she still had some connections to the ring. One of her fans also happened to be a film director, and he liked Theresa’s stage presence enough to offer her a few roles in his films. Small time stuff, sure, but it paid bills. This in turn even got her a one time part for an American Big Budget summer blockbuster. Even if the movie ultimately tanked at the box offices, it paid well enough that Theresa was able to afford heading to college.

Getting a degree in business, Theresa elected to stay in the U.S. and put her new education to work. She gathered together some investors, and was able to build the Prima Grand Hotel alongside Liberty Park.

Running the hotel turned out to be a great move. Setting a high standard of luxury and quality, Theresa became one of the wealthier members of Freedom, doing well by her parents, since she’d grown up in near poverty back in Spain. As part of her new status, she began to develop an interest in history and historical artwork, and began amassing a small collection. Most of it was nothing of any real note, but there was one item that was special. A clay jar, carved with ancient runes in an unknown language. She’d purchased it in an art auction, mostly because of the mystery associated with it, as it had never been opened before.

Curious as to what secrets a five thousand year old container might have, she unsealed the lid, and was immediately bathed in an otherworldly light. The jar was a vault of souls, holding the spirits of noble warriors and brawlers from all time. Those who had lived for the fight, and upon their death, forsaken their afterlife for the chance to dwell on the mortal plane eternally, battling for all time. Knowledge of these things passed into her, the memories of each one of the thousand souls which departed from the vassal and now dwelled within her, granting her their strength. The process even reversed the injury to her head she’d sustained years prior.

Theresa was more than happy to oblige the spirits desire for honorable combat. After all, she often had found herself missing the old days when she took to the ring, pitting strength and determination against each challenger, hearing the roar of the crowd. Once she’d gotten a handle on her new strength, and a new costume to ware, as well as a bit of practice in to shake off the rust on her old skills and moves, La Luchadora was ready to take to the streets, and pile drive the unjust into submission!

Personality & Motivation:

La Luchadora is a loud, boisterous and outgoing individual. Prone to extreme, she undertakes everything she does with passion and verve. Holding herself up to the highest virtues, she stands as a ideal of willpower and confidence. While not the smartest individual, and prone to rambling on with less than coherent psudo-philisophical nonsense, her straightforwardness and energy has its own sort of rough edged charm.

Out of the Mask, Theresa is still just as strong willed and stubborn, but is better at tempering it down to a controlled level. She handles herself with firm but gentle mannerisms. She is still quick to trust and just as quick to forgive, an honest, if naive, soul. She shoots straight and opens up to others, treating everyone like family.

Luchadora’s motive for heroics is two fold. First, she likes fighting. Its not a glamorous or especially heroic sentiment, but its true. Nothing gets her blood heated up quite like matching blows with an opponent, hearing the roar of the crowd. So there’s also a bit of a fame element to. But while she adores playing to the crowd, she also loves the chance to act as an inspiration to others, crying out for the inherent nobility in everyone, pushing each and every person to believe in themselves and tackle each problem they face with everything they have, to never give up no matter what. And that’s really something she can take pride in at the end of the day.

Powers & Tactics:

Powered by the thousand spirits who dwell within her, La Luchadora has been endowed with superhuman strength and resilience. She is invulnerable to most conventional forms of injury, and possesses superhuman stamina. These mix well with her training in various styles of grappling and Lucha wrestling techniques.

Her approach to fighting is much like her approach to other things. Big, showy, Loud and direct. She does it all with a huge flair and emphasis on showmanship, sometimes even sacrificing function for form. She rushes into melee, raining blows to her enemy and taking theirs in return, or throwing them to the ground and brawling it out in a battle of strength, putting them into a submission hold and squeezing them down, or tossing them through the air. If its over the top and awesome, there is a fair chance Luchadroa will do it.


Secret : Luchadora works to keep her identity secret. Moreso due to the supreme dishonor she would suffer for allowing herself to be unmasked.

Honor: Luchadora holds herself up to the standards of honorable behavior. While noble in sentiment, it also leaves her vulnerable to more underhanded tactics. Part of this also includes not using underhanded tactics herself, such as sneak attacks. She almost certainly starts each fight by loudly announcing her presence along with a speech.

Spirited Competitor: Loving the thrill of combat and contest, La Luchadora never refuses a challenge, no matter how outmatched or ill advised it would be to accept.

Pride: Theresa herself is a very confident and proud individual, and she has trouble accepting defeat. Especially so if she was outperformed by someone else. When her pride is hurt, she’ll push herself to regain it, usually to her own detriment.

Abilities: 6 + 4 + 6 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 24PP

Strength: 30/16 (+10/+3)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)

Constitution: 30/16 (+10/+3)

Intelligence: 10 (+0)

Wisdom: 14 (+2)

Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 12 + 8 = 20PP

Initiative: +2

Attack: +6 Melee, +6 Ranged, +10 Unarmed

Grapple: +26

Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -11/-21

Saving Throws: 0 + 6 + 7 = 13PP

Toughness: +12 (+2) (+10 Con, +2, 10 Impervious)

Fortitude: +10 (+2) (+10 Con, +0)

Reflex: +8 (+2 Dex, +6)

Will: +9 (+2 Wis, +7)

Skills: 44R = 11PP

Acrobatics* 8 (+10)

Perform* (Oratory) 8 (+10)

Intimidate* 7 (+9)

Notice* 6 (+8)

Knowledge (Business) 10 (+10)

Language (Native Spanish, English) 1

Sense Motive 4 (+6)

Feats: 19PP


Attack Specialization (Unarmed) 2

Benefit (Wealth 2)

Dodge Focus 4


Fascinate (Perform: Oratory)


Improved Grab

Improved Grapple

Improved Pin

Improved Throw


Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Perform (Oratory), Intimidate, Notice)

Uncanny Dodge (auditory)

Powers: 2+14+14+2+10+13+4+4= 63PP

Enhanced Feats 2 ( Affects Insubstantial 2 (Applied to Strength))[2PP] (Infused with spirits, she can touch things which lack a physical form)

Enhanced Strength 14 [14PP] (Mystic Strength)

Enhanced Constitution 14 [14PP] (Mystic Stamnia)

Protection 2 [2PP] (Magically enhanced toughness)

Impervious Toughness 10 [10PP] (Magically Enhanced Toughness)

Super Strength 10 (Effective Strength 80, Heavy Load 800 tons Feats:Bear Hug, Coming Through!, Counter Punch ) [13PP] (Mystically empowered might)

Damage 10( Extras: Fort Save (+1) Flaws: Requires Grapple (-1) ) (Bear Hug)

Immovable 10 ( Extras: Unstoppable (+1) Flaws: Limited (Only While Moving)(-1)) (Coming Through!)

Deflect 10 (Counter Punch)

Speed 4 (100MPH, 1000ft/round) [4PP] (Mystically strengthened leg muscles)

Leaping 4 ([4PP]x25, Running Long Jump 625ft, Standing Long Jump 312ft, Standing High Jump 156ft)(Mystically strengthened leaping ability)

DC Block

ATTACK                RANGE     SAVE                        EFFECT

Unarmed               Touch     DC25 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)+Grab

Bear Hug              Grapple   DC 25 Fort (Staged)         Damage (Physical)

Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (13) + Skills (11) + Feats (19) + Powers (63) - Drawbacks (0) = 150 Power Points

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Looks like a fun character!

Some issues:

Please list her Leaping Distances (take a look at the formatting on sample builds like Doc's or Ecal's to get an idea of how to do that) and Super-Strength Heavy Load (same same). Note both her MPH and distance per move action; in this case 100 MPH/1000 ft per move.

Slow Fade 7 is too high; I know it's on Doc's sample build but it's just too high! (That was more for general characters, not for our site proper). Good choice to lay out what those feats do.

I approve your decision to give her Fearless, as that is truly the lucha way, but she needs some Sense Motive to counter all those Taunts and Feints in the arena.

Make sure to note that's Impervious Toughness specifically.

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lease list her Leaping Distances (take a look at the formatting on sample builds like Doc's or Ecal's to get an idea of how to do that) and Super-Strength Heavy Load (same same). Note both her MPH and distance per move action; in this case 100 MPH/1000 ft per move.

Leaping distance, Speed rates and Lifting capacities added

Slow Fade 7 is too high; I know it's on Doc's sample build but it's just too high! (That was more for general characters, not for our site proper). Good choice to lay out what those feats do.

Removed the ability, since it was a bit to graphic for an honorable brawler to resort to.

I approve your decision to give her Fearless, as that is truly the lucha way, but she needs some Sense Motive to counter all those Taunts and Feints in the arena.

Used the point freed up from the removed ability to add ranks in sense motive

Make sure to note that's Impervious Toughness specifically.


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