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Money Money Money (OOC)

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OOC Thread for this thread.

Sage and Dok attend a masquerade and discuss money. In a very kinetic way.

Ok for starters, dress code is yours and you are welcome to use disguise skill (depending on what you wear!)

Of course you may wish to use Gather Information and Knowledge Rolls! And so be it!

Gather Information

DC 20

Cosmo Accurso is a very very very wealthy individual, dealing in many different industries.

DC 25

Software and computer engineering seems to be a particular area of expertise for his fingers. There have been some allegations of computer fraud, hijacking, espioniage, etc - but nothing proven.

DC 30

He has a mixed heritage, from Italian and German background, which has been swept under the carpet as well as he can. He is at least partly Jewish.

DC 40

He has a brother, Angelo, who there is no record of at all, after birth. He had some genetic problems.

Knowledge (Business or Current)

DC 25

Cosmo Accurso is a very very wealthy man, having rapidly accumulated wealth over the last ten years in an almost exponential rate. He deals with nearly anything, but telecommunications and computers seem to be a focus. Oddly, he has kept a very very low profile.

DC 30

He has managed to gain some minor title (Lord) from the Swiss authorities. No doubt his wealth and influence made an impact on this, but there were whispers of blackmail and the like. He has, in fact, a reputation, or rumours of, blackmailing people.

DC 35

There is a rumour mill of this fellow blackmailing people and stretching his tentacles, octopus like, throughout the world. He seems to have information on whatever he needs, whenever he needs it. People are grumbling but they never know who or what it is, just there is a pattern of information appearing in the wrong hands at the wrong time...

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I'm assuming the invite comes a day (or more!) before the actual masquerade, giving folks time to prepare?

Dok Takes 20 on the Knowledge check, using his Enhanced INT (40/+15) & the Enhanced Knowledge at his HQ (which I plan on reducing from +6 to +2, and will use at that lower rank), to get 37.

What he finds makes him a bit worried, so he tries to find what he can through alternative methods, i.e. a Gather Info check, and his Contacts feat allows him to Take 20 on it. Using Enhanced CHA (to 22/+6), and his HQ's bonus (really nice rooms that put others at ease, using only +2 instead of +6 as before), and Beginner's Luck for +5 ranks = 33.

(Since Dok didn't take a -20 to hide his inquiries, Accurso will know Archeville was asking around about him!)

For the costume, Dok will use his Enhanced CHA (to 22/+6), the bonus from his HQ (top-of-the-line mask-making and costume-making gear; it's +6 now but I'm only using +2), and also Take 20 on a Disguise check, and burn an HP to get 5 ranks (Beginner's Luck), for a total of 33, -2 for different sex = 31.

(David Hasslehoff --> Baywatch --> Sexy Ladies --> Bombshell --> Unexpected Distraction --> Wholesome Cross Dressing)

4 HP now (1, +5 Luck, -2 Beginner's Luck)

Who's the guy? The guy... is Dok's Screwdriver! A skin of holograms and force fields (for solidity), and a bit of electromagnetic Flight so it can move and remain within 100 feet of Dok (the range of his Datalink).

Guy: Don Steif, steif is German for "Stark," so Don Stark. Yes, it does look like That '70s Show-era Don Stark/Bob Pinciotti dressed in a bad Iron Man/Daedalus outfit.

Gal: Vicky Bloom, short for Victoria, feminine of Victor (or Viktor). Archeville's disguised as a woman (who looks not unlike Tanya Roberts (born Victoria Blum)), disguised as Catwoman/Bombshell.

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All good for me.

For ease of reference noting:

Dok A: 4 HP - Unharmed.

Disguise Roll: 31

NB: Please let me know if there are any NPCs you would like to be at the Masquerade. I may throw a few in too, and will take your lead on how much a role you want them to have (which includes the value 'zero').

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Dok again has 29 on his Notice check, so he should be able to see through her disguise (but does not know she's Sage).

What does Dok know of Eve Martel?

Gather Information checks (first for Eve Martel, second for the Martel Family) (1d20+6=23, 1d20+6=11)

Know (History) check (1d20+7=15)

I'm gonna spend an HP to re-roll that second check. The worst he can get is 16, but the best he can get is only 26.

So this is what Dok knows of Eve: that she was a Junior (International) Elite Gymnast and was considered an eventual Olympic contender, suffered an injury in 2008 (caused by some break in her concentration) and has not competed since, but this lack of further competition is b/c she's been classified as a metahuman (he doesn't know what kind, though, what her powers are). He also knows her family privately controls a global high-tech corporation, and that they're spread through Europe (mostly France) and the United States (on both coasts).

He does not know of the Martel's psychic gifts, or their ties to the Psions or to Charlemagne.

He's at 3 HP now.

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Just struck me I should ask for Notice Rolls, DC 30. +10 if you have any ranks of Microscopic Vision

The cards are coated with a faint chemical designed to pick up fingerprints and skin traces.

Also DC 20 Notice roll to spot

hidden camera's tracking the entire hall (and castle) from every angle!

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