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I'll say your DC 24 Skill Mastery is enough to hack the school's computers.

Melvin Thackery has been in trouble quite a bit for an eight-year-old; he's been in detention a lot, and he's officially barred from the school science lab after "the volcano incident." He's willful and disobedient, and has had plenty of trouble with authority. He's also very, very smart if his test scores are any guide.

The counselor thinks that Melvin's problems probably stem from his parents divorce: Melvin and his mom Clara have lived in the area for about a year now, having moved there to get away from her husband Jonathan Potter. Jonathan does _not_ have custody, and he's listed as someone who the school should _not_ call or let pick up the boy. There's no history of abuse mentioned, but _something_ happened.

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He'll teleport, but not want to make an appearance there before the team. So, he'll T-port about 2,000' above the location and check it out from there as he continues to gather more info online. When he sees the others show up, he'll teleport by their side. He still thinks Miss Americana should "take point" in the talk with the mother.

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DC 25 Gather Info/Computers (with Online Research) check:

Melvin Thackery's mother is Arleen Napier, the notorious Red Acrobat, an unstable member of the Circus of Crime that toured New Jersey and parts of the East Coast for several years before the Freedom League broke them up about eight and a half years ago. She's put on a few pounds since then, but she still looks taunt and athletic, just about right for someone who could engage Raven II in hand-to-hand combat and nearly pull it off. The Red Acrobat was _not_ one of the Circus members who stood trial after the League broke them up; you'd have to directly probe the League's records (an unwise idea unless you're feeling lucky) to get more information.

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Okay. This is my first combat post, so please just let me know if / when I mess something up...

My first priority is to get Melvin to safety. If possible, I'd like to quickly convince him to willingly teleport with me, take him to the Club in Philadelphia, then teleport back (turnabout) the same turn if possible. If not, then I'll do the actions below and plan to return my next turn. (My goal next turn will be to do the same with his mother so that they are both safely out of the way and, probably, denying Melvin's father of whatever his goal is).

Free Action - talk to Melvin and get his willingness to teleport.

Standard Action - Ready Action: "grapple" Melvin if we are attacked before I get his willingness or just hold him if he is cooperative.

Move Action - Teleport with Melvin to Philly.

Free Action - tell the team what I'm doing.

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Miss A is going to play with fire and use an EMP burst to disrupt the clowns. Using the construction for EMP that Shaen built, and spending an HP to stunt this:

Corrosion 15 (Extras: Area [General, Burst], Flaws: Limited 2 [Electronics]) [23PP]

Since it's an area effect, I don't think I need a roll, so you just need to tell me if it takes out the robots.

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OK, we're officially out of combat (for now!), since this is just a hologram being projected in from who knows where.

Since the EMP was all Miss A did that round (and we're out of combat), I'm fine with her specifying that it had the Selective extra and Action [Full] flaw: the last thing we want is for her to tag the two tech-wielding heroes alongside.

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Yes, not frying my allies would be a good choice. I will gladly take that edit to the power. :D

Can I use my ESP to get into the thing that Clowny Devil Dude is inhabiting and try and trace him through it? He's got to be projecting from somewhere, and she wants to find him. It'll shut down the Miss A robot for a moment, but that's okay.

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