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  1. Very cool... So, he does his reflex roll, DC 22. (1d20+7=14) and fails. Go ahead and post it.
  2. I would think that it would be as hard to twist as to remove, but I'm game. If you can spec up a suitable attack, go for it. What are your thoughts on representing your attack mechanically? The hat twisting thing sounds like a dazzle to me. Also, you don't seem to have any hero points to stunt with right now, but this sounds too funny not to try, so have a hero point to give it a shot. :)
  3. Excellent. I'll edit in the result and then you're up!
  4. The Marshal gave a quick nod of agreement to the feline hero and took aim at the suspect's head. He yelled out to the marauding viking-wanna-be. "Hey! Give it up now, or it's gonna get real messy!" Well, it sounded pretty impressive, but his warning fell on deaf ears. The raging slab-swinger didn't even seem to notice the Space Cowboy. The Marshal muttered something under his breath and opened fire, but the sizzling bright-blue energy bolt was wide of its mark. With a growl of anger, the Helmeted Berserker let go of the slab and grabbed for Jubatus' ankles, but our speedy kitty was a bit too speedy for him, and Jubatus slipped through his fingers.
  5. Yep yep... Seems to me the "Easy to Lose" flaw is less and less of a flaw the stronger you are. And in situations like this where strength might not be (barring mystical forces beyond our understanding at work) an issue, it really makes no sense. Maybe a contest of dexterity is more sensible in those situations. For example, an easy to lose item is in a belt holster (like a pistol). A super-speedster like Jube should be able to pull the pistol out of the holster without strength ever being an issue. Ah well, let's just play this out and see what happens. It's "magic." I'll go ahead and post Magic-Hat and Marshal, then you'll be up again. Marshal is wasting a hero point trying to end this quickly, then shooting at the guy. The Marshal spends a point for Fast Intimidate and tries to intimidate Horny-Hat. It's a waste of time because, unbeknownst to the Marshal, Hat-Man is immune. He then tries to settle things the old fashioned way by shooting him. But, his ATK is 13, -4 for shooting into melee, against a DEF of 8. (1d20+13-4=17) He misses. So, Jube still has angry-slab-swingers attention. He lets go of the slab and tries to grab Jube by the ankles (on his shoulders). No modifiers, since Jube can just leap off to dodge. Unfortunately for our feline hero, Hat-man rolls 1d20+10=29. He makes a Grapple Check (1d20+20=29). Jube needs to roll an opposing check, but it doesn't look promising.
  6. I was assuming that the helmet was easy-to-lose and that removing it would, indeed, end the fight quickly. Looking at the rules, it looks like removing any easy-to-lose item involves a strength contest, but that doesn't make much sense in a case like this (assuming, as you said, the helmet isn't strapped on, which was my original assumption, too) and the rule seems to assume the easy-to-lose device is hand-held. But, without the strength roll, removing the helmet would be a little too easy. So, I'm going to stick with the basic rule here: it is easy-to-lose and can be removed with a disarm (with, yes, a strength roll - maybe the helmet itself is holding on!) Or, if you can pin him as you seem to be suggesting, that could work, too. But, as fast as you are, you don't get to pin him for free. You still have to make your rolls against his DEF, or for grapple, etc. (Going to have to review the grapple rules. I've never used them.)
  7. Suffice to say, he's not taking the "easy way." I'm assuming that we both a readied an action to see what he'd do. He's definitely attacking you again, so, go ahead and do your thing!
  8. "Well, now. That changes things. Reckon I wont have to chase that fella half way 'cross town, now. So, Hudson, who's the furry guy?" "Searching. Possible online references located. An estimated 98% certainty that he is Jubatus, a metahuman capable of-" "Good Guy, or Bad Guy?" "...Good Guy." "Okay, then. That makes thing a lot less complicated." The Marshal dropped to the ground, 50 feet away from the ongoing melee. He trained his ion pistol on Crazy-Hat and shouted, "Okay, Mister. You ain't goin' nowhere, so give it up. You're only makin' it worse for yourself." The raging helmet thief seems to completely ignore the warnings of both the heroes, and rears back for another swing at Jube. "Leave. Me. ALONE!"
  9. Yep, he saves: Helmet Man's Save (1d20+7=18) The Marshal is going to try to get some info about you (Move to command Hudson) and fly down to be near the action (move action). And, of course, Viking Dude is going to take a swing at you: Swings at Jube with a concrete bench slab (1d20+10=19) and barely misses. Go ahead and post, then I'll post their turns, then go ahead with your next turn.
  10. Yeah, I should've known there wouldn't be much sense in asking you to roll initiative, but I didn't actually check your sheet. As for the slowpokes: Marshal rolls 1d20=13+5=18, and Viking rolls 1d20=9+6=15. So, for the record, we have: 38 Jubatus 18 Marshal 15 Viking Mr. Viking here is TrollThumper's Berserker. So, go ahead and roll vs. his Def 8. BTW, why is the save for your snare a 20DC? Isn't it supposed to be DC 10+5 instead of 15+5?
  11. And now combat starts back up. Please roll initiative.
  12. The center of FCU is a typical, grassy courtyard with paved walkways between the buildings, a few shade trees, and a handful of concrete benches. There were a dozen or so students on their way to their next class, but being citizens of Freedom City, they knew to get out of the way quickly when the strange super-powered trio came barreling through. Viking-Helmet veered towards one of the concrete benches, stopped, and ripped a flat slab from it, then turned to Jubatus. "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" he growled as he prepared to swing the broken slab.
  13. "Okay, Hud, you're up." Hudson flew off ahead of the Marshal to keep tabs on the fleeing Viking-Helmet-Guy. While Brian couldn't fly nearly as fast as Hudson, he could manage a little more speed than his quarry. The chase took them right through the middle of FCU campus. The Viking-Helmet-Man was keeping to a relatively straight path, dodging and leaping small obstacles. The Marshal gradually caught up to him, passed him 100' over his head, and looked for a place to cut the suspect off.
  14. Hell, yeah! Bring it on! Otherwise, Marshal Conners is probably about to have his butt handed to him, at least in the short run... Combat is broken off at this point. The Marshal is going to try to fly (slowly) to intercept the Mad Viking Dude.
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