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Empty Night


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June 23rd, 9:48 PM

Shadows were long as the sun was finally setting on the hot, hot, hot summer night and Silhouette was seriously considering a new costume. Leather was nice in the winter, it was cool in New Jersey weather and good for keeping warm during the long winter. The summer however, well she was just glad she only did this at night because otherwise she might of passed out in the smoldering rays of the daytime sun. Practical considerations aside, Sil's wardrobe did it's job, as she walked against the walls of Southerside she just looked like a personless shadow wandering the streets without much notice.

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The last few days had been a blur, she had died she was sure about that, and awoken into a new world. The soup kitchen had helped, she had helped the sister as she gathered her wits but now was the time to explore the city.

Lucy ended up wandering south, and while the area was more run down than she remembered it was still fairly recognizable with streets names and a few buildinsg from her past.

She stopped outside a convenience store staring in at the riot of colors and shapes offering more choice than she could ever imagine. What she needed right now was something, anything to ground her in this century.

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It had been a rough couple of days. The town was restless after the invasion, especially with the army of fish freaks taking the shores. He hadn't actually been able to make that particular party since he was out of town for several months, in fact he had been down south dealing with some folks that had come off crazier then usual for some odd reason. However, he was home now and just like everyone else he wanted to get back into his old schedule. For most people that meant laundry, or mail, or spending a few hours on the computer, and working on anything that may of piled up at work in their absense. That last one was the first thing on his list, though his work was something very different then most people and it had been rather slow since his return. However, he had the track on a fresh one in Southside, so now this hunter was going to have some fun on his first night home.

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He could sense the prey, she looked fairly normal under the store lights but that was not uncommon. The pale skin gave it away easily, this was definitely the type to feed. How long had it been allowed to longer? It was hard to said but it did not seem to be hunting tonight, just the way it moved suggested as much. That was good, if things ended quickly then he could hurry up and move to the next kill. Lurking in the darkness behind the store he watched the pale woman leave and held up his axe with a manic smile as soon as she was in range he lurched from the darkness swinging wildly but missing the woman completely in his eagerness.

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Lucy saw him just before he attacked some mad man coming at her with an Axe!

It had been a while, well longer now than before, but her street fight skill from her youth kicked in. She stopped in her stride and bought out an elbow hoping to catch the attacker in the face.

Her long “sleep†however must have left her joint a little stiff or she was still a little off as the elbow missed him by a wide margin.

“As a welcome to this brave new world goes you could have done better.†God even her voice sounded different.

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Silhouette stepped out of the shadows and pushed herself between the woman and the attacker. She hadn't been far when she say him jump from the shadows. She had no idea who this woman was, or what she could of possibly done but this guy sort of screamed psychopath, afterall an axe, really? Though the psycho was strong, and he kept hold of his weapon well enough to push back and try for another sweep at the pale woman,

"To Freedom City, home of weirdos and apparently dudes with axes. Seriously, what the hell?"

The hunter didn't respond, he didn't care. Some mask tried to take his weapon, but it was only a minor distraction. She was not the target, the monster was, even the pale mask of surprise couldn't hide that from his senses. He kept silent as he ran forward and missed her by a much closer margin.

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Wow an honest to god Mystery Woman! This was the closest she’d ever gotten to one even during the trial. She gathered herself and tried not to sound to star struck.

“Hello there I’m Lucy, thanks for the help.â€

Even among the hero worship she knew enough not to take her eye off the mad man. She side stepped another sweep of the axe, getting more limber she swung her arm and landed a solid blow to his face.

“He seems to like me, can I keep him?†she smiled “Just what have I done to annoy you so much?â€

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When the woman got a hit on Mr. Axe happy Sil didn't waste time. He may of been stronger then her, but she was much quicker, and in his daze she managed to grab a hold of his non-axeweilding hand and pull it up into a painful handbar as she pushed him face first into brick wall beside them, his axe weilding arm to his chest as she applied pressure. She looked over at the rather cheerful woman and said,

"Hey Lucy, I'm Silhouette, and I don't have any earthly idea to be honest."

"It's cause she's one of them."

From the shadows across the street came a smaller figure then the man, a woman dressed in a tank with a long brim hat weilding an axe running straight at Sil's back. Not that it mattered, Sil heard her coming and shifted so the axe missed her and her pinned psycho. This didn't seem to stop the woman from running her mouth,

"Filthy undead freaks."

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Un-dead. Was she un-dead like the vampire?

She thought she had died; she had heard the shot and felt the bullet. But now was probably not the time to dwell on such thing. Best to deal with these two maniacs and wonder about such things later.

“So do axe wielding maniacs normally come in his and her pairs?â€

The man was down, best to try and take down this newcomer.

“Does no one in this city still not know better than to attack a Mystery Woman?â€

Without breaking her stride she spun round and caught the woman in the stomach.

“I guess not.â€

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Silhouette slipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out a zip strip trying to secure the hunters hands but she turned her head to look at Lucy,

"Mystery Woman?"

The hunter took this second to knock Silhouette back and break his hold. Weilding his axe he looked at her with cold eyes,

"You're just as bad to protect these bloodsuckers."

He swung his axe and sliced into Sil's stomach, blood gushed from the wound and she had to step back as she held her side.

The other hunter glanced over at the larger male one as she shook off the hit from the undead woman and looked at the man,

"What the hell man, you can't kill a mask, they'll hunt you down."

The man glared the female counterpart down,

"They won't know it's us, and if she's helping them she's good as rogue anyway."

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Her porcelain white skin didn’t show it much but Lucy actually blushed a little at Silhouettes response.

“I’m sorry I’ve a little behind the time.†about 80 years or so “Has the term changed for costumed heroes?â€

Her face hardened at the hunters comments calmly more than she would expect she considered her options. Without taking her eyes off the woman she maneuverer herself around Silhouette and bought her elbow back. This time it contacted with the man with a satisfying umph.

“I’m not sure what you’re one about, but I defiantly don’t drink blood.â€

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The female hunter looked at the pale woman for a second,

"Doesn't drink,"

She looked at the other hunter,

"You mean you were trying to stake a revenant?"

The male one glared at her as he tried to push himself out of the daze,

"What does it matter?"

Sil let the two hunters argue as she slid into the shadows in her two dimensional form. Creeping up on the woman she did a solid strike to her lower back,

"You know, I don't have the foggiest idea what your guys deal is, but as far as I can tell Lucy hasn't done a damn thing to deserve getting axed. You however."

Sil held up a flatted hand to the hunters, the female hunter feeling the blood dripping from behind let out a curse,

"Screw this,"

And started off in the other direction.

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A Revenant, a creature returned to life after revenge. She thought of the last person who used that name and who took her life. But now was probably not the time to dwell on such thing.

Seeing the woman running away she decided to stop the woman, after all she needed answers. She kicked off towards the woman and accelerated towards the hunter, only to continue accelerating faster than she had every gone before. Faster than she had ever seen anyone travel.

In shock she lost her footing tumbling to the ground just behind the fleeing woman.

Swearing in several different languages she picked herself off the ground as the hunter disappeared into the night.

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While the female hunter was put off, the first one certianly wasn't. He readied his axe and tried to ready an attack on the tumbled undead but Silhouette wouldn't have any part of it. Unsteady as she was she still crept like a shadow in the night and struck true with a quick knock to the stomach as she appeared. The hunter glared at her as he was losing conciousness,

"If that thing kills, it's on your head."

Sil smiled,

"Don't know what you see, but all I see is a confused women who's only crime is loitering. I'm sure the cops will agree."

She gave him one more hit on the back and let him go limp in her arms. She dragged the body to the building and tied the arms and legs while taking the axe and fiddling a bit with it as she walked over to Lucy,

"You alright?"

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Lucy smiled weakly as she picked herself up.

“You wouldn’t believe the day I’ve had, actually the whole week been a little hectic.â€

She brushed herself down, noticing that the suit seemed completely unharmed by the entire encounter. Which was another strangeness on top of the day’s events.

“Thank you for your help Silhouette. I’m not sure why they attacked me…“ though I suspect I know why “…but I would have struggled without your timely help.â€

She gestured to the hunter tied up “Does this kind of thing happen every day? Is it a normal occurrence?â€

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Silhouette shrugged her shoulders,

"It depends on how you look at it. If we go in broad strokes, people ganging up on others for their differences definitely, or some extremist thinking he's justified to attempt murder on the streets, also normal, especially in this area. Now the axes however, those aren't normal. Usually they use guns, or knives, or chains, or cars if they're really pissed, strangely the cars are like the least effective in this situation but axes, now that is new."

She brought a finger to her chin and took a good look at the woman,

"You're pretty tough though, most people aren't so good at dealing with this sort of thing the way you did."

Letting the adrenaline fade she took a good look at the woman. She was wearing a super cute black pantsuit with a nice clean bob and she was uber pale, which she thought was just the lighting before, which wasn't something that rare. The eyes caught her off guard though, at first she thought they were just in the shadows but as it turns out it didn't actually look like she had any. Just two black holes where eyes should be. That was strange, she could see though so maybe the eyes were just black, or maybe they were black out contacts (which she had seen before). Whatever expression she had for examining this person however was hidden by her mask so any observational glances or surprise was also hidden.

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“It was nothing I just did what was necessary.â€

She brushed herself off and strode toward the window, looking at her reflection in the window.

“Do you think I’m the woman was right? That I’m some kind of un-dead?†Lucy smiled weakly “I’m sorry to burden you; I’m still dealing with everything that’s happened to me in the last week.â€

She took a deep breath despite not need to breathe.

“A week ago it was 1927 and I died, I wake up and it 2011.â€

So what do you think, do I deserve the axe? She gestured toward the hunter abandoned weapon.

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Sil looked at the woman head to toe with a hand on her chin,

"That must be, an adjustment. That's like eighty years. If you died, well I guess being undead might be the term for it. But you don't look like any undead I've ever met."

Though she scratched a cheek,

"Then again, I don't know terribly much about it myself. Most undead I've seen are usually little more then walking corpses and they're decaying and stuff. Also, most of them aren't senient. That's a big thing, we had a real problem with them last October. Though really, the undead thing it doesn't really mean your bad. I mean, you aren't the only not quite alive resident of the city, umm Dead Head, he's a hero and he's way more zombie esc sort of thing. Nice guy too, creepy, but nice."

Reaching through her pockets she looked around until she pulled out some scrap paper and a thin little pen and started writing down a number on the side of the building then handed it to Lucy,

"Here, this is the number for Nick Cimitere, he's another hero, and he knows way more about the dead undead scene. The backs my number, umm, you know how to use a phone right?"

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“I said the 1920 not the Middle Ages.†Lucy gave a knowing smile; she looked at the numbers written on the page “Though in my time telephone numbers were a lot shorter.â€

Still if there was any problems she was sure that the operator would help her put.

“And thank you again; I’m sorry I had to burden you with this, but I don’t think I can ever thank you for this help.â€

Lucy looked thought full for a minute then gave a big broad smile.

“To be honest I’ve been a bit lost for the last few days trying to work out what to do with myself. But thanks to you I think I know exactly what I need to do.â€

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