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Tiffany Korta

A bite in the Park (IC)

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July 11th, 2011 Liberty Park, Late evening


Lucy always liked the park at this time of night, the day people had gone home and the night people had yet to surface. Which meant mostly she had the park to herself.


She also remembered the park, it was founded long before she was born. But it still held a few surprises. Like the statues she had discovered on the hill of various Mystery Men, or whatever they were called now, though she only recognized the first Bluesman.


So she was quietly sitting there trying to imagine who they were and what great deeds they may have achieved when she heard the scream.


Without thinking she was barrelling down the hill, towards a copse of trees where the sound was coming from.


In the gloom of the copse she could make two figures, and if it wasn’t for the fact that one was struggling and screaming she could swear they were in a passionate embrace. This would have had her mumble an apology and backing away blushing. But no someone was in trouble and this is what she was doing now.


She was trying to think of something witty or clever to say when the attacker spotted her. Turning towards her he hissed bearing sharp pointed teeth.


“No he’s mine, she promised me she did.†leaping towards her as he spoke.


“A vampire, really?â€

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As the vampire leapt, Revenant reacted almost on instinct. Thank heavens for her tomboy years.

A simple side step and an outstretched arm caught the vampire in full flight. The vampire bounced off landing clumsily and shaking his head, like a large cat trying to clear his thoughts.

It funny what you think about in situation like this but Lucy couldn't help but notice his cheap suit. Things may have change but it reminded her of a huckster lawyer or worst of all an accountant.

"So now I have your attention..."

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Revenant didn’t want to prolong this for any longer than necessary, so instead for went for a simple upper cut. She struck the vampire a solid blow, but the vampire seemed to shake off the blow.

“Boy and I thought I was slow to learn.â€

She hadn’t much time until the vampire recovered, so followed up with a solid blow to the head. The vampire swayed, that blow must have done the trick.

“So do you want some more of that?â€

She wouldn’t have believed it, but it seemed that she has literally knocked some sense into to man.

“What? Where am I?†he collapsed to the ground.

“Well, I guess I better get you to the authorities.â€

After checking on the victim, who it seems to have fled the scene, she carefully picked up the barely conscious Vampire.

There lying on the ground was a small card, it must have dropped from his pocket during the fight…

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Freedom City being what is was the Desk Sergeant wasn't surprised by anything anymore. So when a short pale woman walked in carrying a man over her shoulder it was just another day in the office.

"Sergant, I'm handing this man over to you. Be careful he's a vampire." the voice was use to dealing with people.

He looked at her dark pure black eye and everything became clear, just what this city needed another hero. He waved two uniforms over and the woman handed the little suited man to them.

"I'm going to need a name." he saw the indecsion in her face "You alias will do."

The woman though for a few minutes before replying "Revenant."

"Well Revenant. If you like to follow the officer here, I'll get soemone to see you."

The woman followed the officer peacefully, they probably wern't in any danger anyhow.

Still it wasn't his problem now. He picked up the phone."

"Hey Rhonda I've got one for you..."

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