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Avenger Assembled

World Tour: Welcome to the Real World (OOC)

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Sage: 25 (+1 HP from Responsibility complication)

Cobalt Templar: 25 (+1 from Responsibility, +1 from Secret ID [assuming you use it...])

Citizen: 16 (+1 from Enemy Complication)

Rogue: 9

Sage is up

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Hm. CT is going to dash past the growing fight. As soon as he's out of sight of the rear cabin, he'll Quick Change into his costume, minus the cape. He'll then move to the cockpit and ask to enter.

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Okay, first things first.

CT has the following power:

Base Power: Create Object 5 (5 cubes, Toughness +5, Lifting Strength 25 [Heavy Load: 800 lbs.], 10 50ft Range Increments / 500ft Max Range, Feats: Precise, Progression 1 [10ft cubes], Tether) [12PP]

Now, I'm going to invoke this:

1) Extraordinary Effort: When using Extra Effort, you can gain two of the listed benefits, even stacking two of the same type of benefit. However, you also double the cost of the effort; you’re Exhausted starting the turn after your extraordinary effort. If you are already Fatigued, you are Unconscious. If you are already Exhausted, then you cannot use extraordinary effort. Spending a hero point at the start of your next turn reduces the cost of your extraordinary effort to merely Fatigued, the same as a regular extra effort.

To stack the "Improved Rank" benefit. Which means 4 more ranks of CO. So 9 cubes, Toughness 9, 90ft increments, 900ft maximum...and lifting strength 45, Heavy Load 12 Tones.

He's going to use the pilot's guidance to craft basic control surfaces, starting at the front of the plane. Maybe Sage can pitch in to help him better perceive the rest of the plane.

When appropriate, he'll use the Hero point to make himself Fatigued instead of Exhausted.

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Sage has 2 HP.

Move Action: Fly to Cockpit

Reaction: Extra Effort: Adding AP to Psi-Talents Array: Communication 1 (Mental, 10 Feet; Extra: Area; Feats: Rapid 4 [10,000x], Selective) + ESP 7 (Visual Senses, 200 mi.; Extra: Simultaneous)

Reaction: Spend HP to remove Fatigue

Move Action: Using ESP to take a view of the plane and using the 10,000 times normal speed communication to feed what she sees to Corbin and the Flight Crew

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