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I Don't Drink Wine [OOC]

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Dinner? Anyway, the letters smell like vampire. There's no way to disguise the whole necromantic aura thing, and vampire necromancers don't have a hope in Hell.

Anyway, here's the letter's if you wanna incorporate them in your IC posts.

Nick Cimitiere

Mr Nick Cimitiere,

We have watched your career with some interest, and would much like to hold a meeting of mystics with you, and have a spot of dinner at our home. It would be at our apartment (details listed overleaf) in two days time, on September the Third. It shall begin at 8 PM prompt, and please dress appropriately.

Yours sincerely,

The Lancea Brothers

Kid Cthulhu

Honoured Emissary from Beyond,

Your presence in our city intrigues us, although we are obviously much obliged to have you here. As such, we hope you shall join us for a meal on September the 3rd, in two day's time. Please, feel free to show up at 8 PM.

Your, with honour and sincerity,

The Lancea Brothers

The address is for a nice house in Lantern Hill.

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Okay, so which would you rather Nick does -- Teleport (which will probably require at least 15 build points to put together and effectively transport everyone to safety, meaning Nick's going to need to shotgun a lot of coffee over the next two days) or Dimensional Movement (which means the trio could easily skip to Guinee, rest up and heal, cross the intervening distance to a fallback point, then pop back out prepared if the vamps have decided to follow)?

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Understandable. Most of what I've got on voudou comes from Wikipedia and Scion. So, after talking it out with Ecal in chat and taking a second look at the book, I've decided it'd be better if I power stunted the Teleport thing. Because even if I jury rig this thing and roll extraordinarily well, it's going to take nine rounds of full concentration to get us a safe distance away. So, yeah. Power stunt, very much.

EDIT: Never mind, Ecal corrected me on how it works. Once I cast the ritual, I have access to the spell for one scene. So, here's the spell as it's constructed:

Teleport 4 (Extras: Affects Others, Flaws: Long Range Only, Power Feats: Progression 1 (2 other subjects)) [9PP]

So, that's a DC19 on the Design check, 36 hours to research, and 90 minutes to perform. I'll say Nick's taking a few sick days at work so he can pull it off. He's got a +10 to Knowledge (arcane lore) rolls, so he'll take 10 on the design and perform it a few hours before the dinner.

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KC is going to attempt to make an Elder rune.



Roll results:

Design: 24. He makes the design save.

Construction: Freakin' 32, he makes the construction save.

The Elder Sign will have the following effects:

Device 2 (easy to lose):

Confuse 9: Extra: Area Explosion. Flaw: Sense-Dependent (Visual).

The Device is six points, so it will take him six hours to design it, and twenty four hours to construct it.

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OK, as Doc concurred, Immunity (vampire mental powers) is a mere 2pp.

So, I'm not going to bother making them as Devices, but rather 2pp free effects with the " shaped like a ring" descriptor.

Equinox can take 10 easily with Skill Mastery on her Arcane and Artistic to hit DC 25. Both checks are DC 12. Now, taking a +10 to DC to do it in halfxhalf=quarter of the time, it'll take only half an hour to design it with Arcane knowledge and only two hours per ring, so 6 and a half hours in total.

I'll let you do Inventor montages if you so choose, then proceed :P

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I'm going to try to make a Knowledge (arcane lore) roll to see if I can pick up on the particular bloodline of vampire we might be dealing with here.

Well, that's a 13. I'm pretty sure they're undead.

You know that they're not gonna hold up foam numbers and shout "AH! AH! AH!"

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