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House of L Vignette: Fulcrum

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“Go! Go! Go!â€


Four paratroopers leapt from the belly of the C-130. Flashing a thumbs up to those inside, a gold-and-blue clad heroine dropped away into the roar of the wind. A golden eagle, the symbol of the American Elite Government Intervention Service, reflected in the cabin crews’ eyes. It clutched the “A†that adorned the agent’s triangular shield.


10 years ago

“I’m very sorry, but we have exhausted all of our options. The leukemia is aggressive and has already done too much damage. She wouldn’t survive another round of chemotherapy.†The doctor was frank but couched the bad news in sympathetic tones. He feared for the mother’s delicate psyche.


In the moonless night, the twinkle of city lights sparkled against lines of fire. A great swathe of destruction cut across the desert landscape. The sand rushed up to greet them. Infernos focused into singular blazes, and a great gouts of magical counter-fire rocketed into the darkness.


“How long does she have?†the distraught mother asked. Recent refugees from Iran, the young couple felt utterly alone in their grief. “Is...is there nothing you can do? She is our only...†but the words wouldn’t come. Her husband comforted her.


The bronze colossus was so much more massive in person. The satellite photos suggested it was over 80 meters tall and hardened against conventional weapons. Mandala the Mad Mage perched on its shoulder, flinging green hellfire at the fearless AEGIS agents. They wouldn’t let those Marines down!


“We have one more therapy,†the doctor began hesitantly, “It is very experimental and may do more harm than good. At this point, palliative care is the only viable alternative.â€


The patriot cut her lines and fell the last dozen feet. Readying her shield, she grunted as hellfire washed around it and burned at her costume. One graceful swing was it took to end the colossus’s rampage. Mandala spun around and swooned into her arms. His invulnerability to ranged weapons meant nothing compared to her conviction and shield of justice!


“I’ve never seen anything like it. She is physically perfect. Reaction times, muscle strength, everything is off the charts. Given the right training, she could fight supermen and win. Deploying her could tip the balance in our favor, but the PR backlash is going to be hell,†Freedom City Chief Bonham turned to his graying director. “Any thoughts on her codename?â€


Director Powers grinned, “Fulcrum.â€

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