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Synthessence - Epic - PL10 Hero

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Characters Name: Rico Alareis

Power Level: 10 (150/151)

Trade-Offs: -5 Defense for +5 Toughness

Unspent PP: 1

Gold Status: 1/30

Alternate Identity: EPIC

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 164 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Description: Rico looks like any other young guy on the streets, though he seems to lack that hardened edge that many of his peers (see: gang members) seem to flaunt about. He wears fairly normal street cloths (with a taste for long sleeved coats and shirts), and has a roguish handsomeness about him, almost like a young cowboy out of his time. He has tousled blonde hair that gets in his eyes more often than not, and baby blue eyes that seems a little gullible for their own good.

When in costume (or, uniform, as it were) he wears sleek golden armlets that go from his knuckles to the end of his elbows, which emanate and crackle with forgotten power. He wears a red suit, with golden boots (up just past his knees), with a golden 'V' arcing from his shoulders (which are also gold), eventually flowing down into a long, golden colored cape. His face is framed in red, covering his forehead, the sides of his face, and his chin, covering his ears as well.

History: Rico was abandoned by his parents at a relatively young age. Not caring for his social worker, he managed to run run off into the mysteries of the streets. Rico, while a good kid at heart, and a bit of an artist, couldn't find a way to pull himself out of life on the street, but DID manage to find his way into a gang that, thankfully, was more about theft than violence. He clung to them, not really caring for stealing, but glad to finally belong with people who would welcome him...even if he was the low man on the totem pole.

Rico wasn't very good at stealing, however, and tended to botch most of his jobs. He couldn't steal cars, because he couldn't really handle a stick shift. He couldn't make off with car radios, because he was crap with tools. He made for a decent lookout though, and if nothing else, he made for a nice punching bag for most of the guys. Rico took the abuse, though, because the gang took care of his basic needs...and honestly, thats all he could manage to care about.

Eventually he tried to better his standing within the gang, and to this end he managed to convince them to let him tag along and try to help them in a new heist venture—a museum. Managing to sneak in through the construction of a new wing, several of the members of the gang managed to hook several bits of art and pottery...while Rico found himself looking for a bigger score, in order to impress everyone. It was this venture that led him to an odd wing dedicated to strange and remarkable ancient armors and weapons. While he was so distracted, he accidentally tripped an alarm, and the jig was up! The rest of the gang booked it out, closing off the entrance they used, leaving Rico to take the wrap. He panicked as sirens soon surrounded the building, and security guards rushed to his general location. In fear, he hid behind a large suit of armor, reaching out to grab the arms of the suit to pull it closer to the wall, to hide him better. It was this desperate gambit to hide that changed his life forever.

Unknowingly to him, Rico held within him the bloodline of Atlantis, the lost bastion of technology and magic. The survivors of the sinking wonder had spread out among the other cultures of the world, and their descendants were few and far between. With his touch, the ancient armlets on the armor awoke, recognizing his blood and magically vanished from the armor, onto his arms. He pulsed with this new power, and felt an odd presence in his mind—that of the armlets. He couldn't understand what it was saying, or even understand what was happening to him, but the armlets understood that he was in danger...and wanting to preserve its new awakened status, quickly helped him FLY out of the museum, bringing down chunks of the ceiling as he screamed (much like a little girl) on his way out.

When he awoke days later, the armlets calmly explained to him what had happened, why he was special, and what it meant. The Armlets referred to itself as 'Asa', and was in fact some sort of sentient, magical AI, from the zenith of Atlantean technology...and since Rico was the first (and only!) being of Atlantean heritage that Asa had encountered, Asa had chosen him to inherit this long forgotten power.

Though it took him a while to come to terms with it, Rico, with Asa's help, moved from the city he was in, and moved to Freedom City to start a new life. Here, he will try to atone for his life of petty theft and crime by upholding the morals that he always felt, but had always been forced to ignore thanks to his own ineptitude and lack of a backbone. Now, with all this power, and with Asa to guide him, Rico is determined to become the man he was meant to be.

Personality & Motivation: Rico is friendly and outgoing for the most part, though a little insecure in many ways, thanks to his rough lot in life (before Asa, that is). He considers much of his life a waste, thanks to what little he accomplished, and feels incredibly guilty for his previous life of crime, and does everything he can to atone for them by stopping other crimes, and helping turn as many away from that life as he can. He has a soft spot for younger gang members, of course, and has great empathy for their plight.

Powers & Tactics: A quintessential Paragon, Rico is very strong, very tough, and can fly. Though he hasn't had much in the way of training, the combat experience of Asa bleeds into his every action, making him a much more accomplished fighter than he should be on his own. All that said, his tactics normally go around the idea of 'Fly-Smash-Fly', whether it is heavy hay-makers, or body slams WWE style, he tries to take down the bad guys as quickly as possible...and using whatever he can get his hands on to do it.


Honor: Asa comes from a different time, but his values are very strict and are almost Paladin-like in nature. Because of their near-permanent bond, this forces Rico to follow that same code as well.

Secret: Rico was a petty criminal in his recent youth, and while that was a lifetime ago, in another city entirely, if it ever got out that he was such a troublesome hoodlum before he became a hero, well...that just wouldn't do at all. Of course, that would require someone to find out his secret identity as well, which would just add to the problems.

Job: Rico managed to nab a job as a professional blogger/web comic artist—and while this job is pretty sweet in that he works from home, he does have to update every other day or so, or risk losing some of his more finicky readers.

In Brief: A clumsy street rat with a precious blood line running through his veins stumbles onto an artifact of great power, and uses it to atone for his petty life, and attempt to find greatness among the heroes of the world.

Stats: 2+0+4+2+2+4 = 14pp

Str: 12 [40] (+15)

Dex: 10 (+0)

Con: 14 [40] (+15)

Int: 12 (+1)

Wis: 12 (+1)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 10+8 = 18pp

Attack: +5

Grapple: +26

Defense: +4 (+2 flat-footed)

Knockback: -12 (-1 without Device)

Initiative: +0

Saves: 0+9+7 = 16pp

Toughness: +15 (+15 Con, +0 other) (Impervious 10)(+2 w/o Device)

Fortitude: +15 (+15 Con, +0)(+2 w/o Device)

Reflex: +9 (+0 Dex, +9)

Will: +8 (+1 Wis, +7)

Skills: 13pp

Bluff 4 (+6)

Climb 0 (+15)

Concentration 0 (+1)

Craft (Art) 8 (+9)

Diplomacy 4 (+6)

Disguise 4 (+6)

Gather Info 4 (+6)

Handle Animal 0 (+2)

Intimidate 0 (+2)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 4 (+5)

Knowledge (Pop Culture) 8 (+9)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+5)

Notice 4 (+5)

Profession (Blogger/Artist) 4 (+5)

Search 0 (+1)

Sense Motive 4 (+5)

Survival 0 (+1)

Swim 0 (+15)

Feats: 3pp

Benefit (Wealth)

Quick Change

Dodge Focus 1

Powers: 86pp

Device 21 (Armlets of Atlantis; 105 points, Hard to Lose; Power Feats: Restricted 2) [86pp]

Enhanced Strength 28

Enhanced Constitution 26

Impervious Toughness 10

Flight 5 (250 mph / 2,500 ft.)

Immunity 10 (Life Support, Starvation and Thirst)

Super-Sense 5 (Darkvision, Detect Magic, Extended Hearing 2)

Super Strength 6 (total effective Str 70; Hvy Load 200 tons; Power Feats: Groundstrike, Shockwave, Super-Breath, Thunderclap)

28+26+10+10+10+12+4+5 = 105/105 points

DC Block:

Unarmed, no Device -- DC 16/ Toughness -- Damage

Unarmed, with Device -- DC 30/Toughness -- Damage

Costs: Abilities (14) + Combat (18) + Saves (16) + Skills (13) + Feats (3) + Powers (86) - Drawbacks (00) = 150/151pp

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*adjusts a few things so they fit the preferred char sheet format*

Skimmed over it, found a few errors right off the bat.

Please list the skills in the proper format: Skill name rank (total modifier)

Example: if he's got 4 ranks in Bluff, it should be written as Bluff 4 (+6)

(no, you don't need the colors, I just used those to clarify the distinct categories ;) )

You're overspent on powers, but you have a lot of unspent pps in the Device. You also haven't paid for any Impervious (and that should be listed next to his Toughness, not his Con).

DC Block is written like so

Name of attack --- DC number/appropriate save --- effect

The DC number is 10 + rank for non-Damage effects, or 15 + rank for damage.

So, for example, his Paragon-y punch (a Damage effect) would be

Unarmed -- DC 30/Toughness -- Damage

(30 = 15 base + 15 from his Str modifier.)

Unarmed --- DC

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Overall history and fluff is good, he'll certainly find many other atoners around Freedom. :) I do ask that you edit one line, though, the one containing a word which would not appear on a DCAU 'toon.

I know you've said you're familiar with the M&M system, but how familiar are you with the FC setting? I ask b/c there are other Atlanteans out there, as well as the Utopians, an offshoot of the Atlantean who survived the Cataclysm and founded a civilization on their own (cloaked) island. And the Big Bad Mystic for the setting, Malador, is an Atlantean. So there's lots of chances to interact with Asa's past. :)

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Still need to remove Impervious from next to Con.

Toughness should read

Toughness: +15 (Impervious 10)

Knockback is -12 -- -1 per rank of Impervious Toughness, and an additional -1 per 2 ranks (rounded down) of non-Impervious Toughness.

Please alphabetize his feats. And list Wealth as Benefit (Wealth).

And is he supposed to be Fearless on his own, without the Armor, or only with the suit on?

Powers are still off -- his Device is 82pp, not 80.

With Super-Str 6, his total effective Str is 70, not 60. (12 base, +28 Enhanced Str, +30 from Super-Str). The weight you have listed is right, though ;)

Also, his Super-Str should conform to the rest of the sheet format. Thus,

Super Strength 6 (total effective Str 70; Hvy Load 200 tons; Power Feats: Groundstrike, Shockwave, Super-Breath, Thunderclap)

Still needs a DC Block; my last post had a sample of what one would look like for him.

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Also, his Defense: if it's +5 for base, his flat-footed is +2, since your flat-footed defense is one-half your regular Defense. And you always round fractions down.

Which means you'd get the same effect by taking base Defense of 4 (8pp), one rank in Dodge Focus (+1 Defense, not when flat-footed), and save 1pp ;)

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Egad, you're a ninja. I was still editing! Oye!

How are my powers 2 points heavy?

Enhanced Strength=26 points

Enhanced Con=28 points

Impervious 10= 10 points

Flight=10 points

Immunities=10 points

Super Strength=12 points

Feats=4 points

26+28+10+10+10+12+4= 100 points.

I mean, if that math is wrong, please let me know, but I keep punching it into my calculator, and it adds up! :P

Working on the other suggestions still. XD

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Egad, you're a ninja. I was still editing! Oye!

:ninja: :Ghostie:

How are my powers 2 points heavy?

Enhanced Strength=26 points

Enhanced Con=28 points

Impervious 10= 10 points

Flight=10 points

Immunities=10 points

Super Strength=12 points

Feats=4 points

26+28+10+10+10+12+4= 100 points.

I mean, if that math is wrong, please let me know, but I keep punching it into my calculator, and it adds up! :P

That part is right. But the Device itself is 2 points over. Device (Hard to Lose) 20 is 80pp, but you also added Restricted 2, which adds another 2pp.

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Oh! Well, that certainly helps clarify things! *shifts things around a bit* I'll just take Super Strength back down to 5, and use those two points to make Restricted make more sense. :D

That doesn't work. The Super-Str was bought with points from the Device, points in the Device. The overage is on the cost of the Device itself.

To fix it, you either need to

    [*:2phg3wo6]Drop Restricted 2 from the Device.
    [*:2phg3wo6]Reduce the Device by one rank, to Device 19 (95 points), so it will cost 78pp and give you 95pp worth of stuff (so you'd have to get rid of 5pp worth of stuff the Device grants).
    [*:2phg3wo6]Find someplace else to free up 2pp

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You break caps offensively. With a Strength bonus of +15 at PL 10, the best bonus to hit you could have is +5. You have +8.

Your flat footed Defense is +2. If I were you, I'd drop one rank of Defense and buy Dodge Focus. Same net effect, but you shave a point.

Denote that his Knockback is -1 without his Device.

You've spent 2 points in Feats, not 4.

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I brought his Attack Bonus down to five, giving me 6 points to use, and bringing him back to level cap.

I brought his Defense down to 4, and then used 1 of the 2 points to buy Dodge Bonus, giving me 1 points left.

That is a total of 7 points!

I used 4 to buy an additional rank of Device, and with those five points I bought Darkvision, Detect Magic, and two ranks of Extended Hearing.

With the last 3 points, I bought a rank of Diplomacy, a Rank of Craft, and a rank of Knowledge: Pop Culture.

And, that should be it!

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You've spent 18 points in Combat.

Your Grapple bonus is +26.

You still need to update your Knockback line.

You've spent 13 points in Skills. As an aside, you do know you don't have to put all 4 ranks you get with a point into a single skill right? You could get like 3 ranks in Notice and 1 in Diplomacy for instance.

You need to update your Device for the 105 points it has in it. Also for Super Senses format it like so:

Super Senses 5 (Darkvision, Extended Hearing 2, Detect Magic)

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