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Whispers In The Night [IC]

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Arrowhawk had pummelled the Mancinis since he'd first started in Freedom City. Now... all they had was this one small club. Surveillance had shown the last members of the crime family were holed up there. They couldn't see him, and he could see them.

Thud. Thud. His footsteps pounded on the roof as he announced his presence.

They couldn't stop him. There weren't enough men. The building was small, with large windows and doors. They'd put all the lights on. Sure, it meant he couldn't get any cover from shadows. It also meant he could see their decadent wood panelling and mahogany tables. And they were away to lose it all.

The caped figure crashed through the skylight, wing-like silhouette billowing around him. "Gentlemen..." he started, but realised... there was no sound.

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Arrowhawk immediately nocked his bow and silently treaded the boards. Then... the silence abruptly stopped and the screaming started. The whole building was vibrating with soundwaves!


The dark-clad vigilante dashed towards the screaming, but was too late. All the Mancinis lay dead, a couple blasted with sound, the rest bludgeoned under a cone of silence. And amidst them stood the black-suited Silencer, wiping a speck of blood off his sonic cannon.

"Murderer," growled Arrowhawk.

"Come now. You wanted them stopped as much as me. Why do you object?" came a calm, reasonable voice from within the full body suit.

"Because slaughtering them is sinking to their level, you animal."

The Silencer just cocked his head and shot Arrowhawk directly in the chest. The powerful vibrations of the cannon dented his armour inwards, cracked plates digging into the skin. A second shot, and his bow went flying off out of his hands.

Reacting instinctively, the Scotsman had rolled forwards, whipping out and extending his staff as he came up swinging the staff so quickly the crack echoed through the room. The Silencer side-stepped it like it was nothing.

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The Silencer grabbed Arrowhawk's arm and went to twist it, but the powerfully built archer slapped it aside, going to put his foe into a headlock. Silencer leapt backwards to avoid the strike, knocking over tables and chairs as he went. Landing squarely on his feet, another sonic blast buffetted Arrowhawk, who just gritted his teeth and ignored the pain.

"Fancy a drink?" he asked, picking up a glass and shattering it against Silencer's chest armour from across the room. It didn't even faze him.

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"Walk away," chided Silencer, levelling his gun again. Arrowhawk just growled, charging across the room, ignoring the sound blasts smashing into his chest. He swung his staff like a golf club, sending Silencer reeling with a smash to the chin. He followed up with a second swipe, missing as it sailed over his opponent's head.

Silencer rapidly recovered, coming up with his gun raised as a shield. "You walk away," snarled Arrowhawk as he loomed upwards. As Silencer involuntarily dropped his gun in shock, Arrowhawk moved like quicksilver, metal smashing into the side of Silencer's mask and throwing him toppling to the ground.

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Silencer rolled along the ground to minimise the pain as Arrowhawk's boot smashed into his groin. His gloved hands batted away the second strike even as he surged to his feet, quickly jabbing with his left fist. A look of fear managed to cross his expressionless mask as the grim archer didn't flinch from the fist hitting his face.

Arrowhawk's hands found purchase around the murderous vigilante's neck and waist, lifting him and hurling him through an expensive mahogany table. Splinters of wood flew as the fine craftwork collapsed from the force of the blow.

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Arrowhawk kicked his staff away as Silencer stood. In picking up Silencer, he'd discarded it. By his foe's laboured movements, he wouldn't need it. Impressive. He's still going.

"Lay back down, kid. I've stopped bigger fish than you." It wasn't a threat. It came as a statement. Yet the Silencer just kept on coming, raising his fists as he scanned the floor for his sound gun.

"I told you to STOP!" On the last word, Arrowhawk hurled a right hook that took Silencer to the floor again. "You're nothing. You think killing is the way? Prove it!" His foot lashed into Silencer's stomach, but the man remained eerily silent even as the blow forced him to curl up slightly.

Still the man tried to get up, his foot lashing towards Arrowhawk's leg. The strike was deflected with a quick leg thrust to the right. "Oh, you're pathetic." Arrowhawk swept his arm in an arc, catching Silencer and spinning him clean round and through another table. Still the man stirred, going to stand from the wreckage.

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"You want me to lie down and stop fighting for what I believe?" choked out Silencer, a tone of anger entering his voice for the first time.

"It'd help." Ignoring the protests from his bad leg, Arrowhawk surged across the room, swinging a fist in a hammerblow from the right. The Silencer's arm spun around, halting the fist with his forearm. In retaliation, he spun on one leg, sending the other in a vicious roundhouse. Arrowhawk effortlessly reached up, pulling the leg upwards even as he brutally kicked out Silencer's knee from under him. The killer slammed into the floor a third time at the exact same moment an armoured foot cracked his ribcage. "It'd help you and me both."

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