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First Snow (IC)

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Moira loved college life. If it weren't for her sworn duty to protect the people of Freedom City, she'd go. It was enough balancing one responsibility, but another? Still, she could participate in the fun stuff! Freedom City University is a party school like no other! She had friends there and it was the weekend. She was invited to a dorm party and was tasked with bringing some of the alcohol. Though it was still early, she and a few of the others were just hanging around talking.

"[divine]So who's all coming again,[/divine]" Moira said flopping down on the midroom couch. She smiled deviously, "[divine]I'm sure if we don't have enough we can go raid a few of the greek houses.[/divine]"

Ryan laughed, "Man that would be something. We could try later tonight if things need to get more awesome."

"Nah," Noel shook her head, "just this dorm. Though a few people got the stay out notice." She pulled out a red piece of paper and read it "To whom it may concern. This weekend you are not invited to this dorm function. Please clear out. Woe betide to you if you are caught."

"[divine]So what's the penalty,[/divine]" Moira asked concerned.

"Nothing really," Ashleigh said with a snicker, "They usually clear out. And if not it's not like we can do anything."

Moira smiled, "[divine]Reindeer games, eh?[/divine]"

The three nodded simultaneously. "Take that Alexis girl for example," Ryan spoke up, "she was invited before. Though after the third missed one we added her to the list. And then there's that creepy girl down the hall. We think she's a demon or something."

"Elizabeth is the type you don't make eye contact with," Ashleigh looked to Moira bluntly, "She's the type you know is collecting names to take back with her. Being Freedom City and all, I wouldn't doubt it."

Moira doubted the girl was a demon, but didn't press on. The group had other things to do.

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I never was one for buissniess. It might run in my blood, but so do pollen allergies and Im not a fan of those either. But one thing I remember about economics is a little thing called opportunity cost. Its a fancy way to say that the value of something isnt what you pay for it, but what else you could have done insted. Need an example? Ok, heres one. I could be enjoying a dorm party right about now, or studying for my meterology midterm next week, or even just catching a few hours of sleep. All of these things are viable options, and Im not doing any of them. Insted, Im carelessly drifting on a gust of artic wind about 400ft off the ground, scanning the streets and allys below for trouble. Actually,scratch that part about the dorm party. The red letter notice put in no uncertain terms that my habitual flaking of social get-togethers had rendered me ineligable for inclusion. Nothing quite like starting your day to a nice big slap in the face now is there.

But despite my groanings, I keep on flying, letting the night breezes guide me around the north end of freedom, unseen by those below. I head up through the park, paradoxically hoping to spot a mugger or purse snatcher so I can get some honest hero-ing done, while simoultaniously feeling a bit relieved that the night is so quite. Checking my watch affirms that the night is still young, and that the party hasnt really started yet. It couldnt hurt to do a fly by. I know that most of the dorm events are pretty tame, but I am curious about what I missed out on. Curious, and debating dumping a bit of slush down on my esteemed peers. Being a hero means using your power responsibly. It does not mean you have to be gracious or mature about it.

Arriving over the campus gronds, I decend just a bit, seeing a few people moving around outside, others walking down the pathways of the campus heading back to their dorms for the night, or just out enjoying the evening.

Looks like its going to be another quiet night I muse to myself.

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Elizabeth Faustling is the type of girl no one associates with. She's that girl who everyone avoids due to her strangeness. She's lived a very lonely life. Friendless her whole life, she only had one outlet: reading. It brought her joy to escape from the harshness of reality and learn what people before her knew and to hear stories of ancient lore. What really attracted her was the occult. Her strangeness aside, this did not endure her to anyone.

So what does that have to do with out story, you ask? Well, Elizabeth while being innately creepy, was a modal student. She even went to college. Though the that didn't stop people from not forgiving her. This lead her deeper and deeper into her studies until she hit jackpot: Demon Summoning. No longer would they snicker behind her back. No longer would they scamper when she walked in their direction. No longer would ANYONE RIDICULE HER ANYMORE! And where better to unleash her new friends than the party she was uninvited to the last time?

In preparation for this 'joyous event' she had to go get supplies. And supplies she did get. By the time she came back to the dorm she was lugging a large chest that she was barely able to push or pull. No one helped her. This just fueled her fire. She would show them. She would show them all.

Moira and friends walked into the courtyard just in time to see this pitiful scene. Ryan first saw it and nodded towards it. Moira was shocked at this sight. She would help the girl, but there was something she couldn't place her finger on. For someone who at least liked everyone at first glance, this was totally bothersome to her. Maybe there was something wrong with that girl.

Noel smiled and put her hand on Moira's shoulder. "Don't worry, it's something you get used to. Also, she's never around when these things happen. At least she's a dutiful weirdo."

Moira sighed happily. She wouldn't have o think about it. A load off her mind.

*** Sometime later!

The party started off without a hitch. Things went as planned. People mingled. Things didn't go according to plan. Wacky hijinx ensued. Though being a dormitory, it spread through out the building and outside. It was a very large place.

Elsewhere hidden in a soundproof room, another party was going on! Well, if by party you mean Satanic ritual. Calling forth the dark realm Elizabeth's chanting and dancing and smashing of various things was not her by the other revelers outside. When Elizabeth finished a demon appeared. It was TWICE the size of it's summoner. "Do you have the payment ready," it grumbled impatiently ans it walked around the binding circle.

Elizabeth looked at the beast with glee. She did it! It was here. Unfortunately she knew what it was talking about. To keep demons around forever there needed to be a little bio-organic transference. She was not about to give herself only one demon, no! She wanted to be the controller not the controlled controller! "Sgkuhgsuorhozg," she called to it with it's True Name, "You will do my bidding."

The demon roared in defiance! Well, that's all it could do. This mortal had him by the proverbial nuts. He was effectively owned by her. He sighed and spoke monotone, "OK, why am I here?"

Elizabeth spoke up with more confidence "I need a legion of demons under my control. You have the power to make it so. So make it so!" Six normal demons appear before her as soon as she finished talking. "Good. You are free to roam, Sgkuhgsuorhozg. Have fun on the mortal realm. I know you will." With a flick of her foot, the binding circle was broken. With a smile and puff of smoke the demon was gone. Elizabeth turned to her new coworkers. These guys seemingly didn't mind her! With a shout of the demonic tongue she commanded them to attack everyone in the dormitory. The six demons cackled with glee as they tore through the walls to get at the warm mortal flesh on the other side.

The party instantly scattered where it was! The revelers were scared out of their wits! Fortunately there were two heroes that happened to be on that very floor. Moira was actually one of the first to see the demon crew. This angered her very much. To have demons up in your party? That was OK. But demons causing mayhem?! That was so not cool!

The demons didn't care, tasty morsels were getting away!

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Perhaps, due to some lingering desire to have been able to attend, I lingered above the dormatory for longer than strickly needed, watching the party unfold. Not exactly a fun experience, being a wallflower to a party in my own dorms. Looks like everyones having a great time, drinking, dancy, guys chatting up girls, girls acting like they're not interested, more drinking, stupid dares. The unmistakable discord that makes campus life so endearing. But then, above the clamor a scream raises. And then another. People start running, shouting, overturning tables. Somethings going down.

I drop down towards the scene below trying to get a better look. Amid the teenage partygoers and upperclass men emerge these infernal brutes, skin glowing red, smelling of fire and brimstone, all claws and aggression. Truely, this is trouble. I take aim at the nearest brute as I pull out of my dive, not wanting to get to close to these things, stopping a good 50 ft away still as I let loose with a bolt of frost. "Hay guys, I know your here to party, and from the looks a thing you came from outta town, but Come on, if your gonna crash a party at least bring some booze" I taunt, trying to pump myself up.

Most heros get to fight thugs or something when they get started. I dont even know what to call these things other than nasty.Lucky me.


15+10=25 to hit with ice blast.

Taunting is a free action

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The demon looked more annoyed than hurt. It snarled it's aggression towards the icy woman. Not liking it's food to fight back, this made Aurora much lower on the menu. A fly in it's soup! It's wings unfurled as it angrily launched itself at the offending fly. In all it's fury it missed her! The other demons crashed though walls in search of the frightened morsels. Two jumped outside, two went bashed through to the floor below and one was patrolling through the halls of that floor. When it found what it was looking for it grinned with a great maw of teeth and tried to lash out at it's meal with a long sticky tongue. But before it could chow down on the frightened students it was intercepted by one raging goddess. Slamming it into the wall it's body went limp. Moira tried to chuck the broken body towards the other demon. But before she could do so she noticed a girl shooting ice at it. She would have to get with this one. Two heads are better than one.

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Aurora reeled a bit, having expeced to have left a slightly bigger impact. She moved to dive out of the way, intending to see if she could outmanuver the feind. But as the create bellowed in its range, wings thundering as it came words her, it jerked about, its path erratic and unstable, causing it to sail past her without making contact. Auora watched it sail past, feeling the air shudder with each wingbeat. But even as the first missed her, more erupted out of the dorm. Feeling her confidence fall, Aurora steeled herself, hoping that she'd have better luck against these ones than the first as she raised her fists, frost gathering around her hands as she took aim and let loose a bolt of ice and rime. The blow sturck home. THe words chill out came to mind but she resisted the temptation for puns as best she could.

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The monstrous beast regained It's balance just in time to see Aurora shooting another icy blast at it! It still was not quick enough to dodge it and this time it stuck. Literally! It froze where it stood. Moira took the advantage and charged the frozen demon. Crashing into it, it shattered to pieces. Great, what a way to meet someone: in the midst of a battle. Introductions would be made later, right now they had more pressing matters. "[divine]We should stick together,[/divine]" Moira said quickly while pointing to the holes in the wall and the floor, "[divine]There's only a few of them and if we get split up they may overwhelm us.[/divine]"

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With a satisfied grin, Aurora watched the hellspawn grow ridged as it iced over. A moment later, one of the girls broke from the crowd. Half punching, half tackling, she shattered the frozen fiend in one solid hit. Aurora blinked for a second, then smirked, giving an impressed whistle. Nothing like having a partner to watch your back. Taking her advise, Aurora flew over the crowd towards her. "Alright, sounds like a plan" the winter witch commented, gather the frost around her hands "I'll set them up, you knock them down." Taking aim at the nearest ceature, aurora aimed her hands at it and let out a blast of artic wind, hoping to chill the beast down till it could be shattered in one hit.

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Never tempt the Fates. They will hear your dare and match it. It seems like Moira's words were heard by the remaining demons as they swarmed to where the two girls were. Aurora's icy beam struck one of them but opened it's gaping maw and ate it! Afterwards it cackled and pointed the other three to them. Pointing at Aurora, it spoke with a raspy voice, "Ice cream." It then pointed to Divine, "Cake." The three other demons laughed maniacally and charged their dessert. One lunged at Aurora and in it's sadistic glee missed her by not very much! The second one lunged at Divine. It tried to bite her, but it found out that the cake wasn't so soft after all! The last one bellowed out a call so profane and gruesome that it could strike fear in the heart of mortals. The other three stopped and stared for a second before snickering and going back to their work.

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Moira was too busy trying to rid the world of these demons to care about what they were yelling about. When one tried to bite into her, she seized the opportunity to grab it by the neck with both hands and slam it into the wall. The force of the blow and tightness of her grip shattered the demonic being's insides with a sickeningly audible crunch. Dropping the body she walked straight towards the demon with the loud voice, staring it down with glare that could stop time itself.

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To say that Aurora felt a bit of the wind disappear from her sails was more than a small understatment as she watched the demon casually eat her artic gale as if it we're a snow cone. She doubted if it even got a bit of brainfeeze. As the hellspawn rushed her, she only just managed to avoid getting chewed on herself. As Moira proceeded to casually splatter one of the demons all over the wall. Ducking down, Aurora placed a hand on the floor, causing ice to quickly form, spreading outwords. Directed by her will, it quickly encroached on the halway, before suddenly causing dozens of rasor sharp icicles to form from the ground, raising up like a wall of spears to impale the demons. The demon nearest to her was struck several times by the icy spears. The further ones saw the wave of ice heading for them and managed to avoid the effect to some effect, their hides causing the icicles to shatter against them. Not bad for an ice cream, she thought with a smirk.

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The demons were not pleased with the chilly pokes. The demon in the back had been studying the fight. The cake woman was tough, though there was more than one way to break bread. It flew over in between the the cake and the ice cream. "Pssst," it tried to call to them with it's mind, "Look at her, doesn't she look tasty? Don't you just want to eat her right up? go ahead no one's watching. We won't tell anyone!" The other two demons quietly watched with giant toothy maws smiling.

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Moira grunted as the thing entered her mind. For a moment there, the demon was right. She totally saw the girl she was fighting side-by-side with as a tasty treat. She shook her head. No! This demon would not play it's mind games on her! She smashed into the offending demon's gut with a two-handed hammerblow. It doubled over She stomped on it with authority while it was down. Once on small of it's back, once on the side of it's neck, both places snapped instantly and loudly. With a quick turn to the other demons she spoke quickly, "[divine]Don't you two get any ideas.[/divine]"

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Aurora felt her head spin, and was overwhelemed with a ravenious appitite. Out of the air came auromas of sweet baked pies, hearty cooked sides of beef, fragile creams and sweets. It ensnared her senses and nearly kncoked her off her feet as her senses cried out to have their appitites fulfilled. Her eyes turned to Divine, licking her lips as she savored the oncoming meal. But some part of her mind registered that this was wrong, that these feelings were a miss. And that part struggled, striking back against the aching famine she felt. Her vision blured for a moment, and her senses returned to her, leaving only a foul taste in her mouth, like ash and mud. " I feel sick" she said, and after seeing the godchild in action and the brutality of her attack, even against a foul being, didnt do much to relieve the sensation of nausia. But, she would have time to feel sick later, when there wasnt fiends running about. Casting a hand towards the nearest demon, she gathered her cold once more "I hope you didnt give me a cold" before letting the creture from the pit have the full brunt of her ice. And proceded to once more shrug the ice off without effort, neither slowed nor defeated.

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The two demons looked at each other. It wasn't fear they had, just an understanding. They knew if they stuck here it would be painful. They knew if they fled it would be worse. "Sometimes it doesn't pay to get out of bed, does it," the demon near Aurora spoke to the other in a demonic tongue. "Nope," the one near Moira replied back as it flew behind Aurora, "not at all. But hey, after the demotion we could work our way beck as something other than hunger demons." The two now had the girl trapped. The other one snickered, "Yeah, it was either this or telemarketing. Ready? Three, two, one..." The two demons lunged for Aurora! The first one tried to grab her but was quickly evaded by the girl. The other one tried to bite at her face but missed it by half an inch.

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Divine watched with dismay as the two demons tried to trap and eat Aurora. She couldn't understand what they were saying but she was sure she was going to end it. She took aim at the one standing next to her. Kicking it full force in the back of the knee it faltered and fell to a kneeling position. Taking the advantage grabbed the demon by the head and twisted it swiftly. The demon didn't have enough time to let a scream out.

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