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  1. I suppose so, jolly good show
  2. "Lukos, its a pleasure". There was a brief pause, and as she listened, Aurora cought the first sounds of an approaching vehical, followed shortly by the flashing blue lights of a police cruiser, out on patrol, just as Lukos had said that it would. Aurora stood as an observer as her companion began inspecting the unconcious boy at their feet, moving with a casual ease, like he already knew exactly what he was looking for. One after another, he produced a wallet, belonging to a woman if the ID was anything to go by,which he followed up with by displaying the weapon with which another crime had been commited, bludgoning a senior citizen. She could still see the blood, reflecting slightly as the flashing lights of the law enforcment appraoched. Taking his leave, explaining a preferance to avoid contact with the cops, Lukos vanished off into the night. Aurora stood there a moment longer, considering things over. Somehow, she'd never thought that facing crime would entail such up close contact with its grittyer elements. It was childish, in hindsight, for her to think otherwise. And yet, as she lifted off into the night, wanting nothing more to do with these brutes, she sensed that this dark underbelly, as repulsive as she found it to be, was something that she would have to accept as a reality.
  3. Aurora reporting for deuty sir, ready willing and able
  4. Aurora smiled a little, feeling reassured that there would be police along shortly, people who could get these guys where they needed to go, be it hospital or holding cell. I stand, brushing a loose hair from my face "Well, if thats the case, I guess I'd like to say my work here is done, but in all honesty, It looks like you had everything under control without my help" I give kind of an awakword laugh, not really used to acting 'in character' for being a hero, holding the aura of confidence and bravado. Its not as easy as it looks. I still feel a little silly putting the costume on. So right about now, Im mostly trying to make the super equivilent of small talk, something Im not great at even out of costume. Hopefully it dosnt sound as stupid to him as it does to me "Im Aurora by the way, since we havnt really been introduced yet"
  5. Aurora felt her head spin, and was overwhelemed with a ravenious appitite. Out of the air came auromas of sweet baked pies, hearty cooked sides of beef, fragile creams and sweets. It ensnared her senses and nearly kncoked her off her feet as her senses cried out to have their appitites fulfilled. Her eyes turned to Divine, licking her lips as she savored the oncoming meal. But some part of her mind registered that this was wrong, that these feelings were a miss. And that part struggled, striking back against the aching famine she felt. Her vision blured for a moment, and her senses returned to her, leaving only a foul taste in her mouth, like ash and mud. " I feel sick" she said, and after seeing the godchild in action and the brutality of her attack, even against a foul being, didnt do much to relieve the sensation of nausia. But, she would have time to feel sick later, when there wasnt fiends running about. Casting a hand towards the nearest demon, she gathered her cold once more "I hope you didnt give me a cold" before letting the creture from the pit have the full brunt of her ice. And proceded to once more shrug the ice off without effort, neither slowed nor defeated.
  6. ice blast against the demon nearest moira. attack roll with ice blast against the demon (1d20+10=18) yay for a hit
  7. Will save VS mind control (1d20+8=17) darn Hero point will save reroll. (1d20+8=10) becomes 18+2=20
  8. Spending a hero point to power stunt Damage 10 (Extra: Area (Shapeable)) **D** ***** **D** *DM** *A*** targeting the blue squares. DC 20 reflex. DC 25 toughness.
  9. To say that Aurora felt a bit of the wind disappear from her sails was more than a small understatment as she watched the demon casually eat her artic gale as if it we're a snow cone. She doubted if it even got a bit of brainfeeze. As the hellspawn rushed her, she only just managed to avoid getting chewed on herself. As Moira proceeded to casually splatter one of the demons all over the wall. Ducking down, Aurora placed a hand on the floor, causing ice to quickly form, spreading outwords. Directed by her will, it quickly encroached on the halway, before suddenly causing dozens of rasor sharp icicles to form from the ground, raising up like a wall of spears to impale the demons. The demon nearest to her was struck several times by the icy spears. The further ones saw the wave of ice heading for them and managed to avoid the effect to some effect, their hides causing the icicles to shatter against them. Not bad for an ice cream, she thought with a smirk.
  10. Will save vs fear (DC 15) (1d20+8=22)
  11. Aurora felt a sesne of guilt creeping into her stormach and latching on to her chest with a vice grip, and it only felt worse as she looked the kid over. He was a lot younger looking now that the fight was over. THank heavens his condition was stable, for now anyway. She thought about trying to patch him up here, but that could only lead to more trouble. In short, this looked like a job for a paramedic, not a college girl in longjohns. Crap, How is this supposed to work? Ring ring 'hello, 911' 'ya, I battered up some punk kid pretty bad while he was trying to attack this guy in a gasmask.' That sounded believable. I bet the feedom league dosnt have to go through this kind of trouble. When The stranger retuned from inteogating the caged guy, Aurora turned to him, a bit of a grim look on her face, the guilt she was feeling almost pouring off in waves. She'd never really thought about how she'd have to end up hurting people in this line of work. "He's pretty banged up, worse than Im comfortable trying to handle on my own. He needs to see a doctor, and preferably sooner than later." I incline my head towards the ice prison and its occupant "What about him, anything interesting to say?"
  12. A project I was working on over spring break. Feeling that my character creation skills could use some work, I did my best to make a more effecient, effectice character while still sticking to the original idea. I built this character as a Spiderman expy, nothing to complicated. Overall Im pretty happy with it, and was hoping some of the more experienced players wouldnt mind lending me, a lowly n00b, the benefit of their wisdom. I seek to learn at the feet of the masters. PL 6 Stats: 0+0+4+0+4+2 = 10pp Str: 18 (+4) Dex: 18 (+4) Con: 14 (+2) Int: 10 (+0) Wis: 14 (+2) Cha: 12 (+1) Combat: 12+8 = 20pp Attack: +6 Grapple: +10/+13 Defense: +6 (+2 flat-footed) Knockback: -3 Initiative: +4 Saves: 0+0+0 = 0pp Toughness: +6 (+2 Con, +4 other) Fortitude: +2 (+2 Con, +0) Reflex: +4 (+4 Dex, +0) Will: +2 (+2 Wis, +0) Skills: 32r = 8pp Acrobatics 8 (+12) Bluff 4 (+5) Notice 8 (+10) Search 4 (+4) Stealth 8 (+12) Feats: 8pp Acrobatic Bluff Defensive roll 4 Dodge focus 2 Grappling finesse Powers: 0+0+0 = 42pp Additional Limbs 3 (4 additional arms; Extras: None; Flaws: none; Power Feats: none; Drawbacks: none) [3pp] Enhanced dexterity 8 (name/descriptor; Extras: none; Flaws: none; Power Feats: none; Drawbacks: none) [8pp] Enhanced Strength 8 (name/descriptor; Extras: none; Flaws: none; Power Feats: none; Drawbacks: none) [8pp] Leaping 2 (name/descriptor; Extras: none; Flaws: none; Power Feats: none; Drawbacks: none) [2pp] Snare 6 (name/descriptor; Extras: none; Flaws: none; Power Feats: Alternate power, Tether; Drawbacks: none) [14pp] AP: Trip 6 (name/descriptor; Extras: none; Flaws: none; Power Feats: Improved Trip; Drawbacks: none) Super movement (wall crawling 2, swinging) (name/descriptor; Extras: none; Flaws: none; Power Feats: none; Drawbacks: none) [6pp] Super-Senses 1 (Danger Sense [mental]) (name/descriptor; Extras: none; Flaws: none; Power Feats: none; Drawbacks: none) [1pp] Drawbacks: 0+0+0 = 0pp none DC Block: Snare---16/reflec---snare Unarmed attack---19/toughness---brusied Costs: Abilities (12) + Combat (20) + Saves (00) + Skills (8) + Feats (8) + Powers (42) - Drawbacks (00) = 90pp
  13. Medicen roll to determin the thugs condition. (1d20+15=23)
  14. "oopse" Was about all aurora could say. She'd intended to put the guy out off the fight, but she hadnt been expecting him to get catapulted halfway accrost freedom. She saw the other combatant make quick, and rather brutal work, of the other thugs. As the last one hit the ground, everything went still for a few moments. THe gas masked wonder breaks the silence with a rather rude comment. Aurora would be the first to admit that she'd overdone it with the poor guy, but scolding her wasnt going to help much. At least he amitted she wasnt alone when it came to overkill. Anyway, it was in self defense here, so neither of them could really feel to bad about knocking these goons around. Live and learn. "Ya, I guess that was a bit overboard, but I swear I wasnt trying to hit him that hard. Better make sure the guys ok." Aurora commented with just a touch of embaressment. "You want to talk to the guy in the cage? Make sure he dosnt have any other buddies ready to jump out of nowhere". Floating downword till she was back on solid ground, Aurora walked over to the guy she'd knocked into the street, carefully looking him over to make sure that everything was still working. Winter can certainly be dangerious to the unprepared, and she wasnt about to let someone end up seriously hurt because of her slip up.
  15. Attack roll for Drain toughness against demon. If successful, DC 20 Fort save vs toughness drain. (1d20+10=18)
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