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Sentry Session [IC]


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The meeting over in Saint Stephen's church back on the fourth of January had a lot of stuff to happen for Alex. Granted a certain woman by the name of Moira Morley was the cause of most of it, but some of it was due to the others there and Alex's own conviction to better herself. Of those others present during the spontaneous gathering at the church one of those who caught Maenheld's attention had been the impressive figure of Fulcrum. Once settled down, slightly, with Moira she'd started looking into ways to get in touch with the tall heroine.

It had taken a bit of work, and one eventual question to the impressively informed Moira, but she'd gotten to the point where she'd managed to send a message requesting a meeting with the impressive flying powerhouse. So now she was standing atop the Sentry Statue, waiting for Fulcrum to show up, if she would show up.

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As if right on cue, Fulcrum came zooming across the park. To say she was surprised by the message was an understatement. Mongrel Angel she remembered from the meeting at the church. The winged heroine was an interesting figure, and while she'd like to meet more people, she honestly didn't think she'd run into her again anytime soon. Thus a meeting request both thrilled and worried her. Silently she hoped everything was alright.

Fulcrum arced up and descended slowly until she hovered across from Angel. She waved and smiled upon approach, "Hello! You must be Mongrel Angel?" she said while offering a handshake, "Nice to meet you. I remember meeting you at St. Stephen's."

The word 'Mongrel' came out in a stutter. Fulcrum didn't like the word, particularly as applied to Angel. Her wings included, she was a pretty woman, and despite herself, Fulcrum felt a twinge of jealousy. The feeling came out of nowhere, and she shook her head subtly to clear the thought. Fulcrum was full-blooded Persian, and her dark hair and complexion spoke to her Iranian heritage. The comparisons hit a little close to home.

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Alex didn't have any problem figuring out that Fulcrum wasn't comfortable with her name. Well, the least she could do was try and make sure the taller woman felt a bit more comfortable. "" She replies in flawless persian as takes the offered hand. ""

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Fulcrum shook Alex's hand, visibly relieved to have another viable name, and not to mention another Persian speaker was both a surprise and joy. <"Thank you, Alex. Nice to meet someone that knows the language. Your command of it is exquisite. Since we're on a first name basis, I'm Mona."> Her command of the language was excellent as well, which combined seemed to please the giantess.

Looking around the city, she continued, <"So what brings you out to Sentry Statue this lovely winter day?">

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<"Thank you Mona."> Alex said while sharing the view of the city with Fulcrum. <"Well, for one there is this wonderful view. Both of the city and of your own stately form."> It might not be wrong to say that the dark angel was laying it on thick with the charm. <"And that segues into the second thing which has brought me here. I have recently begun to expand my contacts within the super community, and quite simply you strike me as someone I would like to know at least a little more about. Cape or not. Powers or not. You, as a person.">

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Mona floated there a moment and considered the angel's words. Honestly she sounded like she was coming on to her. Nothing rational really pointed that direction, but yeah, putting the charm on thick added to her suspicions. Mentally a quick rundown of the local heroes revealed nothing about the feathered heroine. That didn't mean much after being out of town for so long. Her face remained neutral, but finally she nodded and smiled.

<"Alright, Alex. How about some coffee? Good way to get to know someone, over coffee. I even know a little place here in Riverside,"> she said, slowly descending toward the part. <"What brings you to Freedom?">

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<"That does sound good, lead the way."> Alex keeps a respectful distance from Mona as they descend, partially due to having a bit of wingspan.

<"What brings you to Freedom?">
<"Oh, it's partially family business and partially personal preference. It's, a little complicated. But suffice to say I have been here for nearly two years and I have no plans to leave for a while, especially given what's been happening in my life lately.">
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Fulcrum nodded and spiraled down to a small coffee shop overlooking the bay. Waving to the waiter, she pulled out a chair for Alex before seating herself. She looked a little awkward, being so big, but a subtle use of her ability to hover made the situation more tolerable.

Perusing the menu, she looked up to her new companion, "Complicated can be good. Life been keeping you busy then? I know I've been busy, and you've logged more super hero time here than I have." At the moment general small talk was key for her. Considering her reputation, she'd probably loosen up a bit after knowing more about the winged heroine.

Looking out over the bay, she added, "I can see the personal preference part. For all its flaws, Freedom is one of the most wonderful cities I've ever visited."

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