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Angrydurf - Havok - PL12 Villain (NPC Tier 2)

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Players Name: AngryDurf

Power Level: 12

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PP: 0

Characters Name: Havok

Alternate Identity: Andrew Welsley

Height: 6'2" in suit, 5'9" out of suit

Weight: 600 Lbs. in suit, 100 Lbs. out of suit

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Brown

Description: Andrew Welsley is a frail youth. He has the frame of a much larger person and its hard to say if his disability or some other malady is the cause of his underfed and almost sickly appearance. Within his sunken eyes however lies the spark of a keen mind constantly assessing the world around him. While his face is normally turned into a sneer or frown and his hair constantly unkempt and usually dirty his disability does often afford him some sympathy at least for a time. His powered wheel chair is personalized with his laptop on a swing-arm and a small array of mechanized arms to both hold objects for him or more often burdened with backpacks full of engineering journals or textbooks.

The Havoc suit however is tall and bristling with advanced weaponry. The primary systems are encased in a small heavily armored backpack unit which feeds both power and control data to the electric blue Myomer sheath beneath the glossy black Articulated armor plates of the suit. Both the hands and feet of the suit are substantially built up to house the repulsorlift devices and some of the suits many weapon systems. Over the back of each hand is a retractable diamond tipped titanium chainsaw. The hardened teeth of the high speed saw can cut through nearly anything and with startling precision. Slung under one wrist is a small particle accelerator cannon and the other houses the output for a flame thrower. The real hardware is housed more centrally however, with twin Auto-cannon mounted over each shoulder allowing for a withering barrage of fire and miniaturized smart missiles clustered in cases over upper arm chest and back. The entire suit is designed both utilitarianly as well as with intimidation in mind thus at all times the weapons are on display. The helm is almost featureless with twin sensor bundles framing the blank face of the mask.

History: Andrew was born to privilege in the suburban community of Hanover. His parents were both tenured professors at HIT thier work in materials development for the defense department brought a great deal of tax dollars to the university and they were happy to take advantage of the 'perks' their work earned them. His childhood was largely uneventful but for the accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He constantly lies about the time and circumstances of his injury. His outrage at the super powered community seems to stem from this injury and he has been heard to claim that he was injured by the child of some reckless Hero who had passed on their power to the child.

The truth is harder to substantiate, there are highly restricted government files regarding an indecent between A. Welsley and an individual simply listed as Project Phalanx in 1999. However it is reported that A. Welsley was expected to have a full recovery from all injuries. An exhaustive search of hospital records shows no record of any A. Welsley being hospitalized in that time frame. However there are records of an A. Welsley enduring an extensive hospital stay when his parents laboratory and office exploded. It was a major embarrassment to HIT and while no direct findings were ever released to the public it is believed that the two researchers violated testing protocols and something went wrong on one of their many Defense Department contracts.

Regardless by age twelve Andrew Welsley was an orphan, a paraplegic and, after a court battle nearly as long as his convalescence, independent. His families money as well as substantial life insurance and settlements from the university and Defense Department also left him very well off. Turning his attention to his studies kept his mind off his losses, and his well above average intellect and financial backing, along with his parents reputation, got him fast tracked to college and eventually graduate studies where he continues to this day to work with several highly respected Researchers across a variety of disciplines from electronics to robotics to chemistry and materials studies.

What is not known is that Andrew has been stealing and perfecting as well as integrating the research of these great minds as well as that of his parents (which is widely believed to have been lost in the lab accident). He has managed through a variety of fronts to acquire an abandoned military facility and has retrofitted it with top of the line production and research facilities that he uses to further improve and integrate his stolen ideas. The greatest of his achievements in this regard is the Havoc Suit utilizing advanced construction from his parents research as well as top of the line robotics and neural controls stolen from HIT researchers.

He has not stopped there however and has stolen or purchased advanced weaponry from scientists on both sides of the law in his pursuit of mechanical perfection. To aid him in these endeavors he has created the Havoc Bots, robotic servitors and combatants of exceptional complexity. Along with small bands of Havoc Bots he has made many daring thefts but has yet to step up to large scale mayhem. However he has recently completed a new round of upgrades to his Havoc Suit and it can't be long before he steps out to strike against one of the many forces he feels has wronged him over the years.

Personality & Motivation: Andrew is a bully, the fact that his disability and frailty disallows the more obvious physical practice of such behavior has fallen by the wayside in favor of casual cruelty to those he has any power over. He uses his superior intellect to put down any who don't match his excesive standards and delights in putting those less gifted them himself in their place. As Havoc all his twisted power fantasies come to life and he engineers his every encounter with the authorities to highlight his mental and technological superiority. He will relentlessly taunt his opponents mistakes and any advantage they gain is quickly dismissed as unsporting before he flees or reveals that the Heroes have only captured a Havoc Bot.

Andrew is driven to punish a world he feels has done him wrong, deep down he knows even his valued intellect is no match for the likes of Daedalus, or Doctor Archeville, or any number of other genius' heroic or otherwise. He has internalized his feelings on the matter and drawn into a paranoid fantasy world where he must strive to prove his dominance over those who have so much more than himself.

Andrew has also been lying about the circumstances of his disability for so long that he believes his own stories fabricating an elaborate conspiracy that has doomed him to his current existence. Those who he plugs into the roles of his victimizers he will zealously attack, though the instant the battle turns sour he will flee for at heart he is a coward. If not for that cowardice and his true goal being to show up so called heroes as the frauds he believes them to be, he would doubtless be far more dangerous. If he turned his abilities and focus to terror or world domination he would undoubtedly bring much more harm.

His secondary motivation is to get his hands on more advanced technology. Anything that can be used to improve his suit or the Havoc bots is sought out. He knows he lacks the resources (Not to mention the skill and talent) to legitimately construct such marvels and is quick to assimilate whatever technology he gets his hands on into the Havoc suit.

Powers & Tactics: Andrew can do very little on his own, with a short amount of time he can generally assemble a variety of short lived but potent devices. However effective use of such devices is limited by his physical short comings. He does however have a keen mind and is never without a plan and likely several back up plans. He tries to use misdirection as much as possible only facing heroes when he knows he has the upper hand and often after he has already acquired the item he was looking for.

He tends to send forth Havoc bots to first engage heroes, to buy him time to flee or to soften them up before he enters the battle himself. Once he joins the fray he will open up with a heavy assault upon whoever he deems to be the biggest threat, usually from range with his shoulder mounted auto-cannons, particularly if he can catch and opponent unawares. Once the battle is well and truly joined he tries to keep himself in the most advantageous position and rain down automatic fire or missiles from there. If forced into melee he will try to dispatch his opponent with the wrist mounted chain saws. His particle cannon and flame thrower are usually used to try and distract the heroes while he makes his escape, either by threatening civilians or damaging some portion of the environment enough to give him cover to flee.


Paranoid Delusions: Havoc feels the world is out to get him. The conspiracy that is behind his defeats is easily filled in by anyone who catches his eye.

Inferiority Complex: Andrew knows deep down that he's not smart enough or skilled enough and certainly not strong enough to compete with most heroes. This drives him to take more risks (such as donning the Havoc suit at all) than a person of his intellect normally would.

Stats: 16pp

Str: 8/20 (-1/+5)

Dex: 8 (-1)

Con: 10 (+0)

Int: 22 (+6)

Wis: 18 (+4)

Cha: 10 (+0)

Combat: 6pp

Attack: +1 (+4 Suit, +12 weapon systems)

Grapple: +0 (+9 Suit/+12 Suit w/ SS)

Defense: +2/+12 (+1/+3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -0/-12

Initiative: +6

Saves: 7pp

Toughness: +0/+12 Impervious (+0 Con, +12 Suit)

Fortitude: +0 (+0 Con, +0)

Reflex: -1 (-1 Dex, +0)

Will: +11 (+4 Wis, +7)

Skills: 104r = 26pp

Computers 9 (+15)

Concentration 6 (+10)

Craft(Electronic) 14 (+20)

Craft(Mechanical) 14 (+20)

Disable Device 9 (+15)

Knowledge(Current Events) 2 (+8)

Knowledge(Physical Sciences) 14 (+20)

Knowledge(Pop Culture) 1 (+7)

Knowledge(Tactics) 9 (+15)

Knowledge(Technology) 14 (+20)

Notice 6 (+10)/ 16 (+20)(With sensor array)

Search 0 (+4)/ 10 (+14)(With sensor array)

Sense Motive 6 (+10)

Feats: 21pp


Benefit 3 (Wealth 2, Use Knowledge Tactics for Master Plan)

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 10

Improvised Tools



Master Plan

Skill Mastery (Craft(Electronic), Craft(Mechanical), Knowledge(Physical Sciences), Knowledge(Technology))

Speed of Thought

Equipment 50 ep

Light Pistol [6]

HQ - [44]

Powers: 110pp

Device 28 (Havoc Suit; 140pp High Tech Battle Suit; Flaws: Hard to lose -1; PFs: Restricted 2) [114]

Device - Havoc Suit 140pp

Array 14 (Weapon Systems; 28pp powers; Power Feats: Alternate Power 4) [32]

BE: Blast 12 (Particle Cannon/Energy; Power Feats: Accurate 4)

AP: Blast 12 (Auto-cannon/Bullets(lots of); Extras: Auto-fire; Flaws: Action: Full Round; Power Feats: Accurate 4)

AP: Blast 12 (Micro-Munitions/Explosive; Extras: AOE: General (Shapeable) {24 5ft squares}, Selective; Flaws: Action: Full Round, Unreliable: 5 Uses {reload at HQ}; Power Feats: Indirect 3, Progression)

AP: Strike 12 (Flame Thrower/Fire; Extras: Auto-fire, Secondary Effect 8; Flaws: Unreliable: 5 uses{Reload at HQ}; Power Feats: Accurate 4, Extended Reach 4)

AP: Corrosion 7 (Gauntlet Chainsaw/Slicing; Power Feats: Accurate 4, Mighty, Split attack, Precise)

Array 3 (Repulsorlift System; 6pp powers Power Feats: Alternate Power) [7]

BE: Super Strength 3

AP: Flight 3

Communication 6 (Scrambled Radio; 20 mile range; Power Feats: Subtle) [7]

Comprehend 2 (Code-breaking and Linguistics modual; Codes, Understand all languages;) [4]

Enhanced Attack 3 (Combat Computer) [6]

Enhanced Attribute: Strength 12 (Myomer Sheath) [12]

Enhanced Defense 4 (Combat Computer) [8]

Enhanced Feats 10 (Combat Computer; Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Defensive Attack, Dodge Focus 6, Power Attack) [10]

Enhanced Skills 20 (Sensor Suite; Notice 10, Search 10) [5]

Immunity 14 (Life Support and Sensory Filters; Life Support 9, Dazzle Effects 5) [14]

Mobility (Induction Interface; Cancels Paraplegic drawback) [5]

Protection 12 (Armor Plating and Shock Absorbent Lining; Extras: Impervious) [24]

Super Senses 8 (Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radar [Radio Sense, Extras: Accurate], Time Sense) [6]

Drawbacks: -10pp

Paraplegic [-5]

Normal Identity: Need Access to battle suit full minute to put on suit; Major, Very Common [-5]

DC Block:


(Name of Attack) (Save DC/Type) (Type of Damage: Bruise/Injury, or other)

Particle Cannon ------ 27/Toughness ------- Bruise

Auto-cannon ---------- 27/Toughness ------- Bruise

Mini Missile Barrage - 27/Toughness ------- Bruise

Flame Thrower ------- 27/Toughness ------- Bruise

Chainsaw Gauntlet -- 27/Fort/Toughness - Drain Toughness/Bruise

Suit Punch ------------ 20/Toughness ------- Bruise

Light Pistol ----------- 18/Toughness ------- Bruise

Unarmed ------------- 14/Toughness ------- Bruise

Costs: Abilities (16) + Combat (6) + Saves (07) + Skills (26) + Feats (21) + Powers (114) - Drawbacks (-10) = 180

:arrow: Personnel HQ feature from Book of Magic; Interrogation Chamber and Self Destruct from Agents of Freedom

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Havoc Bots

Stats: -14pp

Str: 20 (+5)

Dex: 16 (+3)

Con: --

Int: --

Wis: 10 (+0)

Cha: --

Combat: 24pp

Attack: +6

Grapple: +10

Defense: +10 (+3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -5

Initiative: +3

Saves: 0pp

Toughness: +10 (+10 Protection)

Fortitude: --

Reflex: +3 (+3 Dex, +0)

Will: +0 (+0 Wis, +0)

Skills: 12r = 3pp

Notice 12 (+12)

Feats: 13pp

Accurate Attack

All-Out Attack

Defensive Attack

Dodge Focus 4



Power Attack

Teamwork 3

Powers: 108pp

Blast 10 (Auto-laser/Energy, Laser; Extras: Auto-fire; Flaws: whatever; PFs: Accurate 2, Alternate Power) [33]

AP: Stun 10 (Neural Scrambler/Energy; Extras: Range: Ranged; Power Feats: Accurate2)

Damage 10 (Self Destruct/Explosive; Extras: Area: General {Burst}, Action: Free +2; Flaws: Side Effect: Always {Corrosion 20} -2, Uncontrolled) [10]

Flight 5 (Repulsorlift) [10]

Immunity 30 (Robot Immunities; Fortitude 30) [30]

Morph 10 (Holofield and Vocal Scrambler; Any Humanoid; Flaws: Limited: Visual and Auditory only, Duration: Concentration; PFs: Quick Change 2) [7]

Protection 10 (Armor Plating) [10]

Super Senses 8 (Sensor Suite; Radar [Radio Sense, Extras: Accurate 2, Extended], Radio, Time Sense, Direction sense, Distance Sense) [8]

Drawbacks: 0pp

DC Block:


(Name of Attack) (Save DC/Type) (Type of Damage: Bruise/Injury, or other)

Auto-laser -------------- 25/Toughness ------- Bruise

Neural Scrambler ------ 20/Will ------------- Stun

Self Destruct ----------- 25/Toughness ------ Bruise

Unarmed --------------- 20/Toughness ------ Bruise

Costs: Abilities (-14) + Combat (24) + Saves (00) + Skills (3) + Feats (13) + Powers (108) - Drawbacks (00) = 134

:arrow: Havoc does not have the minions feet so these are really just add to taste as is needed for the thread. They also make a credible threat on their own and certainly can be used as full villains in their own right rather than minions as needed.

:arrow: Their morph effect allows them to take on the form of normal civilians, mostly. They lack any personality so their responses to conversation is exceptionally canned. They are programmed to try and minimize conversation for this reason.

:arrow: Classic setback is that as needed anytime the PC's capture Havoc it can turn out to be a prototype Havoc Bot, and detonate if appropriate ;) Also if the fight is turning out to be too easy for the PC's having some of the "bystanders" reveal themselves as Havoc Bots is a suitable setback as well.

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Havoc's madness

Havoc is insane suffering from severe paranoid delusions. His background describes the limited amount that can be discovered through normal means though even that is hazy and convoluted. His belief is that his grade school injury resulted in subtle neurological damage that cause him to twitch at an inopportune moment leading to the lab explosion that killed his parents and more importantly (To him) paralyzed him. The cover-ups of both instances by the government and other authorities have led him to believe that there is a conspiracy in place. As his paranoia has grown it has shifted from a conspiracy of government support for even dangerous supers to one targeted at him (and his "genius") in particular.

The Truth

Andrew Welsley is the boy Phalanx hurt in second grade. He suffered a concussion and bruising but the whole indecent is highly restricted. Andrew does not remember the specifics of the day with vague memories of a fight but not who against. His parents never got answers other than that the child in question was powered and the government was stepping in to ensure the safety of the community. He had full recovery with no diagnosable after effects. His parents home-schooled him after that point however.

The lab incident was the result of Andrew breaking in to use their lab for his own experiment. He made a mistake and the volatility of the chemicals he was dealing with resulted in an explosion. He was blown clear though severely injured. His parents were coming to retrieve him and were caught in the security checkpoint and died when the building collapsed. the DoD stepped in along with the university to cover up what the Welsleys were working on as the research should not have been being done in so populated a location if a similar accident had happened during normal hours it would have been disastrous.

Plot Ideas

Basically I'm intending Havoc to be or grow into Phalanx's Nemesis. Eventually he'll discover who Phalanx is and begin to target him in retaliation for his part in the "conspiracy". this leads into the final closure on Phalanx's guilt over the incident once the truth is discovered.

However he will still have his general goals of stealing technology and materials for further upgrades to the Havoc Suit that any number of heroes would have an interest in thwarting. As time progresses it is possible that those with an interest in the scientific community might begin to piece together where all of the tech for the Havoc suit has come from leading to a Science! showdown down the road.

Due to the Havoc bot replacement he has a continuous manner to be recurring as well as challenge a wide variety of power levels and types of heroes with assorted schemes.

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The fluff is great. The crunch needs a little work. I checked the math, twice.

He's got 31PP worth of skills (124 ranks), but he's only spending 26PP.

In the Device:

The Repulsorlift array should only cost 7PP, or 10PP if both powers are Dynamic.

Comprehend 2 should cost 4PP, not 2PP.

"Radar 4?" Radio (1PP), the base sense for the Radio Sense Type, is Acute, Radius, and Ranged by default. "Radar" is just Radio with the +Accurate (+2) extra. So the Radar should only cost 3PP, unless it's got ranks of Extended. If that's the case, you should note that specifically.

As it stands, the Super-Sense should look something like this:

Super-Senses 7 (Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radar [Radio Sense, Extras: Accurate], Radio, Time Sense) [7PP]

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Ten ranks of Notice and Search are from the suits sensor array. I better noted that in the skills section.

I think having the array as dynamic is 9pp; 6 for the pp available 1 for an AP and 2 for dynamic x 2.

Spent the two points from the repulsorlift array on comprehend, No idea why I can't get it through my head that that's 2pp a rank not 1.

I added extended to the Radar sense.

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You're right. My bad.

With Radio Communication, you don't need to also buy the Radio Super-Sense. You can receive Communication of the same type as your power. So you can cash that in for 1PP.

By my calculations, if you do get rid of Radio, you're spending 143PP in the Device, not the 140PP available. That's going to require another rank.

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OK, as far as I'm concerned, you're ready for the second approval. But I'd like to give you one more chance to chime in and make any final edits before we move it into The Bank.

In regard to Havoc: Given that this is an NPC villain, you don't really have to worry about a power point limit. So you can go ahead and just give him another rank of Device if you want.

In regard to the Havoc-Bots: Creatures who don't have at least 1+ in INT, WIS, and CHA are immune to interaction skills and mental effects by default, so you don't have to pay for those. I took the liberty of erasing them, and altered the point total accordingly.

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I made a version where I didn't lock myself down to a point cap and just had way too much stuff on him. He'll probably get upgrades as plots progress. I also figure that when he needs to be tougher (faceing down several heroes) he can have some "new upgrades" to the suit via inventor (as a setback for the PCs maybe).

As for the Havok bots they may get upgrades at some point but I'm happy with their basic capabilities so far, they really are just fodder.

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