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Phalanxs Vingette - New Years 2010

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Mike wasn't generally much for the resolutions thing. His father usually gave a toast for new years resolving to cut back on the coffee or whatever other minor vice Mikes mother was trying to put an end too. His mother usually made more sweeping resolutions about buying only organic or free trade or what not that would last for a few weeks then be forgotten. Perhaps that was the root of his disagreement with the whole practice. They always seemed so empty if not downright selfish and generally didn't last much past February.


But when he really thought about it, it was more than that. Really deep down he'd never had anything that seemed worth making a resolution over. It seemed to him that if you were going to make a promise, to yourself or others it shouldn't be frivolous and really his middle class suburban wasn't long on the non-frivolous. If anything had occurred to him that wasn't it seemed silly to wait until the beginning of a new year to make such a resolution.


He wasn't exactly sure what was different about this year but he found himself hovering far over the city of Freedom and pondering the new year and what it would bring. More than that he was pondering what he would bring to it. His newfound sense of responsibility for his fellow man was perhaps the cause of his musings, or perhaps his new friends. He certainly had learned a lot from each of them about what was really important after all.


For all their foibles Eddie and Chris and especially James understood the value of living in the moment. Letting the past be the past. He certainly did want to be more like them in at least that. Learn from it don't dwell on it as Eddie had quoted from some song.


And Mark of course had really taught him what friendship meant. Being there one hundred and ten percent for someone just because they were your friend. Of course he had kinda understood that before but Mark really lived it. Some might call it silly or naive but Mike had come to understand how valuable that simple trust was.


He really had come far. From really knowing no one but Alex to all the friends he had. Beyond just being glad to have them though he had come to know just how much he valued them. Not to mention how he feared losing them. He didn't even understand how Erin managed as well as she did with all she lost but he was glad that he and the others could be, if only in some small part, a surrogate family to her.


Family. Wow. He thought. Zoe and really Alex definitely were that. Alex always was in a way he supposed but that had definitely changed, and for the better at that. He still didn't know exactly what to do about Zoe. He could tell she was hurting, he wasn't blind after all. He wanted nothing more than to smash whatever it was that had done that. On a purely visceral level of course, he didn't even really know how to talk to her no less try and be anything like what she had lost. He didn't even know if that was what she needed now but he knew he'd be there when she did.


Perhaps that's my resolution then, and not just for Zoe for all of them he thought. Simply to be there for his friends. As he pondered it faint cries of distress drifted to his ears, from far further than he could normally hear so clearly. But that too was forgotten along with his musings on resolutions. Some one needed his help. Phalanx shot down from the sky towards the cries in a flash of blue and gold, it was a bad night to be a criminal in Freedom City.

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