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Stay Frosty People (OOC)


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  • 4 weeks later...

Snowman Toughness Save DC 32 (1d20+15=35) I put in the wrong number, their toughness save is actually a little higher, but nat 20 makes that not matter.

Snowman Atk Roll vs Moira, DC 33 (1d20+7=15) that's a hit.

Medea is going to use her Mental Blast on Atlas.

Will save vs Mental Blast, DC 20 (1d20+8=22) Pass.

And Atlas is going to double team Frosty with Divine.

Atlas Atk roll vs Frosty, AoA/PA 5, DC 36 (1d20+6=21) That's a hit. Atlas's Defense is set to 10.

Frosty Toughness save DC 36 (1d20+17=28) Fail by 8, stunned and bruised.

Now just give me a sec to get this all in IC.

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Frosty is stunned, no actions. Medea's up. She'll attempt to use Mind Control on Moira, the command is to play with Frosty, not fight him. DC 17 Will save. Atlas is going to try and hit Frosty while he's down.

Atk roll vs Frosty, AoA/PA 5, DC 36 (1d20+6=7) rolled a 1. Gonna Hero point that

Atk roll vs Frosty, AoA/PA 5, DC 36, HP reroll (1d20+6=15) gets bumped up to a 25, hits easily.

Toughness save DC 36 (1d20+15=26) Stunned and staggered.

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Wow, been so long since Frosty's had a turn I need to look his stats up again. :D

Frost Atk roll vs Divine, AoA/PA 5, DC 38 Toughness (1d20+7=16) That's a hit.

Medea uses Mental Blast again.

Will save vs Mental Blast DC 20 (1d20+7=10) That would be a staggered. So going to use one of Atlas's HP to reroll.

Will save vs Mental Blast DC 20, HP reroll (1d20+7=27) Much better.

Now, I'm going to allocate 4 of Atlas's points to Leaping because the mind probes are getting quite annoying. He leaps over to Medea's position and takes a swipe.

Atk roll vs Medea, AoA 5, DC 31 Toughness (1d20+11=14) Bah!

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Frosty's stunned, no actions for him. Due to the fact that Medea is a terrible, terrible combatant so she'll teleport away this time.

Atlas is going to attempt to steal Moira's kill ;)

Atk roll vs Frosty, AoA/PA 5, DC 36 (1d20+6=17) That's a hit

Frosty Toughness save DC 36 (1d20+13=27) Grrr. Fail by 9. Stunned and Bruised again.

Divine - Bruise x2 - HP x1

Frosty - Bruise x5, Injured x5, Staggered, Stunned

Medea - Ran Away

Atlas - Bruise x1 - HP x2

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