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Power Check - Exile [OOC]

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((Aargh!, what is it with me and actually getting stuff posted?))

First the easy bit: the Date. I'd say maybe April 3rd or so? I might set a bit of stuff after this and would like the potential to space it out a bit up till the present (presuming I can get my butt in gear to get a bit of regularity in my posting).

Second; the three entities.

1: Adrian Eldritch; As the current Master Mage of this dimension Adrian is someone Wilhelm naturally respects, and holds a healthy bit of fear of.

2: Malador the Malevolent; much like with Adrian, except here it's much more clearly a question of the power wielded rather than the person wielding it which commands von Treissen's respect. The distinction is important in Exile's mind.

3: 'The Watcher'; Exile holds a great deal of both respect and fear for his liege, both due to obvious power possessed by whoever/whatever 'The Watcher' actually is and his own inability to figure out more than a handful of hints/guidelines regarding 'his' intentions and identity.

Wilhelm hasn't actually any visual form for his liege; he has only 'heard' a voice speaking pretty much directly into his mind, with a vague connection to pair of steel coloured eyes.

Sorry if stuff's a bit muddled, it's past 4am over here (caffeine induced sleeplessness has kept me typing). At least this should[(i] break that damned dam in my mind.

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Hmm, I can think of a few things.

In no real order;

- Offence (Attack and/or Damage)

- Saves (revealing his abysmal Ref and likely also his subpar (for a mystic) Will)

- Arcane Knowledge (cause it's after all a mage's premier skill, possibly in conjunction with the Ritualist feat)

- Social Skills (something he's good, but not really great, at)

- Spatial Awareness (somewhat unusual, and could be combined with for example testing his Attack and/or Notice)

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I can work with that :)


Each Stage will consist of 4 parts, and you get 3 attempts to pass each part. I'll be giving a basic description of what the test is to be, but for the most part you're free to describe how the tests go.

These tests are to see what you can do, and to a slightly lesser extent how/why you do what you do; they're a test of your personality as well as your stats. As such, some of these tests will be impossible for you to beat; how you handle defeat is as important a thing to know as how you handle victory.

You may use Extra Effort at any time. The fatigue from such will be removed between Stages.

You may use your Hero/Villain Points whenever you wish (for a re-roll or such), but once used, they are gone for the entire Placement Test.

Which M&M 2E books do you have ready access to?

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True, but on the other tentacle, some will be very pertinent. ;)

Stage One

A short and fairly basic combat; attack/damage and defense/toughness. Play each one out for three rounds.

Part 1: PL 6 Sidekick Mystic from Instant Superheroes

Part 2: PL 10 Mystic from Instant Superheroes

Part 3: PL 13 Adrian Eldrich from Book of Magic

Part 4: PL 15 Dimensional Conqueror from Book of Magic

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