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Help with a devices

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Device 11 (giant syringe; easy to lose; Power Feat: Restricted/Knowledge [life sciences] +X, Indestructible): Strike 15 (Extra: Linked Drain Con 15), Shapeshift 4 (Extras: Duration/Continuous, Affects Others; Flaws: Action/Full Round, Limited/Only after a successful Drain Con)

First off, how much life sciences? The builder/wielder has 18 ranks, but that's pretty much impossible for anyone here.

Secondly, is Shapeshift what i'm looking for? Shaen mentioned Mimic, which seems right, but let me get the idea out there. When she pokes people with the giant syringe she draws out their genetic makeup. when she injects the genetic makeup into others they get something of the person who was last poked. If it is Mimic, what would it look like?

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This is for your Dr. Moreau-esque NPC, yes?

My first question is: is this going to be used on other PCs to grant them powers? If not, if it's something only used on kidnapped Bystanders and the like, then it's effectively a Plot Device, and it doesn't need stats.

Second, with that big Strike/Drain Con combo, it's going to kill most anyone it's used on.

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That only applies to PCs (and even then, it's not a sure thing). Minions are cannon fodder, they're there to be either KO'd or killed. And Drain Con can only kill someone, since once you're drained to Con 0, you're dead.

There's also the issue of how big a syringe would have to be to have a Drain Con 15 effect. If the "Drain Con" is supposed to represent drawing out blood/genetic material... then Drain Con 15 means it's big enough to completely exsanguinate most humans!

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Well, how many minions does she have to use this one? Remember that Empowerment just gives one pool of points, so if you had, say, Empowerment 2 (10pp to give out), that's 10pp total, not 10pp per person it's used on.

Is this something she'd be doing in the middle of a combat? Or is it something that would be done off-panel?

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