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The Arrow Strikes Home (IC)


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The great problem with superheroes as your main opposition is that they can be anyone. As odd as it may sound, even a lightly obscured face can be quite difficult to connect with a name. So often times, you can just be walking blind into an ambush or be surrounded simultaneously by your greatest friends and greatest enemies. Living this sort of life can put a bit of a strain on one's mind, which can lead to certain... irregularities. Now it gets really interesting when 2 irregular minds have a reason to form a grudge. Especially when super science is involved.

Scientists on the cutting edge tend to be extraordinarily protective of their work. This is for several reasons. More morally inclined scientists do it so that "this technology does not fall into the wrong hands". Others are afraid of others stealing their work at the last second and getting all the credit. And finally, and probably most importantly, there is the fear that someone else can take your technology much further than you imagined and suddenly your breakthrough seems completely insignificant. So stealing someone's super science gadget is what we in the know refer to as "a big no-no", but villains aren't exactly known for their high moral standards.

So now on this quiet Sunday morning, two irregular minds are about to clash in a quiet neighborhood. In their last encounter, Malice made off with some of Arrowhawk's prized arrows with the intention of reverse engineering them. Arrowhawk wants them back.

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Arrowhawk had scoured most of the city all night. Malice had to have been seen leaving somewhere by someone in this city. If he could find where, he could get to his lab, get back his arrows and destroy all research done into them.

Dropping into Riverside, he went to work. The homeless and insomniacs... they were good sources. They saw a city nobody else did. They could give him something to work with. And they did.

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They're info is surprisingly good. Malice always comes out of the sewers, but he uses about 5 or 6 points commonly, and a bunch of others every now and then. But from some quick math, you realize that these exit points are all roughly the same distance from a central hub. You've limited it down to a 1 or 2 block radius, and you notice one particular detail, in that general area, there is a red, white and blue house. The address is 23 Sunberry Lane, there's no name on the mail box.

The question is, does the person inside know anything?

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The house does resemble the colouration of his armour. However, it could be a ruse. To build that armour, he's got to be smarter than me. I can't do this conventionally. So, I now have to wade through *$!^ to get there... Arrowhawk pulled up a sewer grate and swung himself down, being careful to bring the grate back over the hole. A quick scan around for some sign of Malice's entry proved fruitless. "Oh, no..." moaned the archer, "I am going to reek after this. After a long, intensive period of raking through muck and gloom, he found a door, with a cleaner (only by comparison) area denoting that Malice was perhaps using it. After all, if he sprayed away the muck, he'd be less likely to sully his armour, would he?

"Secure," said Arrowhawk appraisingly. Right, I can't hack the alarm system. Plan B. If he can smell me coming... then I suppose a little noise won't matter. He pulled out a handful of explosive arrows and began firing them into the metal door.

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The first arrow made a nice dent.

The second arrow not so much.

The third was similarly fruitless.

The 4th also did poorly.

Number 5, and the door was still alive, but it got a little more damaged.

And finally, arrow #6 did the trick, punching a small, but servicable hole in the door.

After peering through the hole, Arrowhawk sees what he was been shooting at this entire time, a massive stockpile of ammunition. Apparently, Arrowhawk had avoided blowing all of them sky high by little more than a hair's breadth. Bullets, missles, rockets and weird electro gadgets, all in the possession of a mad man, everything Arrowhawk hates about the world. Disturbingly, all of the ammunition is labled by whom is it to be used on, with the exception of the entire right wall which is labled "To whom it may concern". If there was any doubt that Arrowhawk was in the wrong place, it has been rubbed out. In the back left corner, there is what appears to be an elevtor.

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Elsewhere in the Bunker:

Eric Micheals was sitting down at his computer chair, staring at the giant map of Freedom, with his fingers crossed. He did this often. To him it was just a giant puzzle, and he was simply trying to make sense of it all. And then the explosions came. Now explosions are rarely ever a good thing, but when you're a paranoid weapons developer that moonlights as one of the city's more notorious villains, they downright suck. Upon hearing the explosions Eric threw himself across the room, jamming him thumb onto the elevtor button, unbridled panic surging throughout his body.

" Comeon-Comeon-Comeon-Comeon-Comeon-Comeon-Comeon-Comeon-Comeon-Comeon-Comeon."

On the ride down, Eric had to restrain himself to the utmost degree to avoid punching out the stereo system. He made a solum vow to burn it in effigy if he got out of this alive. Once the doors opened, he practically broke out into a full sprint as he hurled himself heedlessly towards the armor. "Priority 1 Activation" Eric shouted and the armor wrapped itself around him. Malice drew several calming breaths as the cold steel comforted him. "Note to self, do more wind sprints." *pant* *pant* "Okay. Now. I need to kill something."

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"Oh god... so much ammunition... No. Nobody has any right to have this much firepower." He strode across the room, pulling out an explosive arrow as he did so. Pulling a small device from his belt, he pushed it into the head of the arrow, and tossed it lightly into the centre of the room. He continued into the elevator, pressing the button for the next floor up.

After a short wait, he pulled a detonator from his pocket and pressed it as soon as he thought he'd reached the next floor.

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