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Coming Summer 2009 to Freedom City Play By Post!

[dramatic opening music plays]

In the dead of night, Avenger perches on a rooftop overlooking a deserted alley as thunder roars behind him.

A woman's husky voice, full of anger "You knew this couldn't last forever!"

sf/x: explosions, bloodied faces screaming

A minister's voice, full of passion, "Drive the Devil out!"

Jack's voice, full of fury "I gave you everything and this is how you treat me?!"

A moment later, his voice wrapped in horror, "My God, what have I done?"

A cold rain begins to fall, cascading down over Avenger

A man's voice, professional and worried. "We have to accept the reality that we've let a monster run loose on the streets."

Melinda's voice "KILL HIM!"

Jack shouting, "We can be better than this!"

Pyre shouts in surprise and fear, "No man could survive a hit like that!"

Avenger turns and looks dramatically into the camera as rock chords swell. When he speaks, though, there is nothing but his cold, flat voice.

"I. AM. NO. MAN!"

Coming Summer 2009: Avenger's Fall

Just remember.

Previews Always Lie. ;)

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