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High Tech Troubles [OOC]

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This is the out of character thread for High Tech Troubles, a fight between The Reaver (quotemyname) and Geckoman (Ecalsneerg). Geckoman tries to stop The Reaver as he attempts to steal some high technology from one of the plants in Hanover.

These threads will be self run. Although as always, any GMs are welcome to visit this thread and offer any rules input they feel necessary.

Good Luck Ecalsneerg! :D

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not by much though, lol.

initiative recap

The reaver [6] VPx1 (The reaver takes a free action to activate absorbtion(energy) Boost: Regeneration)

Geckoman [5] HPx1

Call your own HP/VP opportunities, the other player must agree, be reasonable: "that was cool, i think you should get an HP for that."

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Actually, due to Luck I start off with 2 HP. Nobody can survive dressed like that without Luck :P

One issue though. Your roll indicates that Autofire would apply to both saves, but your sheet indicates Autofire was only paid for once (presumably for the Strike rather than the Drain), so the Drain DC wouldn't increase. Is that correct?

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um... i thought autofire would apply to both, but if that is the case then SURE! have the autofire apply to the toughness dc rather than both that and fort.

though... i did run that DC block edit by the good doctor on the character update forum and he put it in there himself so i don't know whether it is wrong or not.

ill post on campaign discussion and see what turns up.



reaver vpx1 abs(eng)regen

gecko hpx2

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Ok, failed my Fort enough to be down 4 toughness, and had to re-roll my save, getting a 15. Are you using lethal or non-lethal damage with the energy blades?

Reaver 1 VP Abs(Eng)Regen

Gecko 1 HP, -4 Toughness, Bruised, (Injured?), Staggered, (Disabled?), Stunned, Prone on other side of street due to knockback

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Round #2

Reaver, 1 VP, Absorption (Energy, Regen)

Geckoman, 1 HP, -3 toughness, bruised, staggered, prone

The sheet should have Obscure as Independent, so it'll last 1 round before dropping to 10', then 2 more before stopping altogether. So while I'm at -4 defence for being prone, you have a 50% miss chance. :P

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Round #4

Reaver, 1 VP, Absorption (Energy, Regen)

Geckoman, 0 HP, -5 toughness, bruised, stunned, staggered, prone, 1 round of obscure left, had to re-roll toughness

It actually took me until now to realise that being staggered doesn't actually bruise you any further, you're 'only' staggered and stunned if you fail the save by 10... I'd also have lost 8 points of Toughness, but only objects get to go below 0.

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correction on that, objects can go to -10 toughness, people can go to -5

page 32 of the core book states that ability scores cannot be lowered to below 0, however traits based on abilities (i.e. toughness in this case) can be lowered to a minimum of -5.

also, not that it matters, but if you fail a toughness save by 10 you also get a bruised in addition to everything else. (but your as low as you can go right now.) also, you recover one point of tougness, every round as the drain effect fades away.

so factoring the additional -5 toughness on your roll you actually fail by 11 points, this puts you as you said at bruised (x2), staggered, stunned, prone.

so since nothing really changed, ill go ahead and make my post anyway. if i hit you once more you are out.

and your spaceship will show up at the end of the next round as the obscure fades, correct?

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