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Damsel In Distress

Sandman XI

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It's an unseasonably warm February Sunday afternoon in Freedom City. Ashley Lorin is enjoying this day with a visit to the Freedom Public Library to catch up on some reading. But fate has another plan for Asley Lorin before she gets to her final destination. As she passes an under construction high rise building, a news crew is filming a scene from what looks like a monster movie. Only it is not a movie, the crew looks very worried as they watch a stony beast watching a girl dangling from a a steel girder! Even though the girl is 12 stories up, they all hear her screaming for help.

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Ashley had plans for today...the dark-looking girl looked up at the sound of screaming, shading her eyes with one hand.

"...I could leave. It's Freedom City. Another hero would show up soon enough..."

"...no. That's cowardly."

Ashley spared another quick glance around her. News crews in front, all staring up at the sky...no time to find a phone booth...hell, no one was looking at her anyways, with the spectacle up ahead. Nobody here knew her features. Ashley's form faded away, replacing it with a black silhouette.

Wordlessly, the shadow walked towards the nearest wall, stopping against it and beginning to glide up the surface towards the titular damsel.

When Ashley is "normal", it just means she's using Morph to adopt her original appearance. So, removing Morph and switching to Insubstantial 4, fly up the walls towards the girl.
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The news crew is too enamoured with the sight of the creature and girl to see Ashley Lorin assume the form of Shadow Stalker, but the definitely notice her when the living shadow starts to scale the building. All of them stare quietly as she approaches the area. As she gets closer they look more recognizable than from the street. The girl is actually a young adult in her early 20s, she is wearing what looks like a full body spandex suit. Every bit of her is coved except her face and feet. The stony beast looks like a nightmare out of the pages of some gothic faerie tale. It is made of greystone and has fairly large wings. And fangs. And claws. "Help me," the girl screams in Shadow Stalker's direction as the beast claws a the scared girl's hands.

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As she glided up the walls, Stalker managed to get a closer look at the two.

"What's this...a gargoyle? Can that thing fly?"

Stalker peeled her upper body away from the wall once she had neared the girder. Her midsection stretched, and her upper half moved up onto the girder. Once she had gotten a solid grip on the outcropping, the rest of her body joined her. The shadow stood up carefully and approached the beast and the other girl.

"Alright...", Stalker said in a low monotone, "Enough..."

"...hope it doesn't charge at me. Could go bad...should make sure it doesn't move."

Stalker stood silently, emanating a chilling aura...

Using Elongation to move up the rest of the way, activate Paralyzing Aura at a range that won't affect the girl.
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Freedom may be a great city, but it certainly has more than its share of troubles. While other major population centers have issues with traffic, Freedom gets attacked by guys in tights, giant robots, and space aliens almost three times a week. So when I find the news crews gathered along the middle of the street, staring up at a giant stony monster who's abducted a young girl, my first reaction isnt 'Oh hell, what is that', but rather 'oh look at that, I better do something'.

I dont think the monster has taken notice of me yet, it seems to have its attention focused on something or someone on the side of the building. I cant see from my angle. Regardless, I raise my arm, feeling the crystals growing, extending, sharpening into a glistening starburst of spines. I point my arm at the gargoyle, taking care to keep the girl out of the line of fire, and let loose

Attack with Blast 10 crystal volly: area Line, tageting the gargoyle while avoiding the girl.
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Stalker turned her head with some relief as she observed the blast of crystals targeting the stony...thing.

"Great...help has arrived. I still can't go solid to help the girl without getting close, I'll get mauled. So..."

"Look...why don't you just give up now? You're outnumbered."

Intimidate check to demoralize...


Well, that could have gone better.

Paralyze Aura is still up.

Hero Points: 2

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The stony beast looks down in the direction to where the crystal shards came from. The news crew looks over to where the crystal shards came from. All eyes are on the being made of pure crystal. Well, except for the poor tortured girl who is still crying that she just wants to get away from here. The stony beast grunts at Shadow Stalker's attempt to talk it down and goes back to clawing at the girl.

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"I need to get it away from the girl..."

Stalker raised her voice in irritation and hunched over in a bit of a readier stance.

"Tch...come on, you empty-headed brick! Attack me!"

Bluff check to trick stony into going after me instead of the girl:


...no. Hero Point. Reroll.



Paralyze Aura still on.

Still Insubstantial.

Hero Points: 1

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Topaz's crystal volly had no effect, which was the exact opposite of what she had wanted it to do. Clearly, this Rcky guy...monster...creature...thing...was tougher than it looked. Which sucked, because it was pretty tough looking to begin with. And if She kept firing vollys of crystals at it, odds were Topaz would end up hitting the girl before long. She needed to get in there. Summoning her strength, Topaz began rapidly generating and growing crystals out of her legs, building a platform whcih expanded and grew, each facet expanding into dozens of other faces in one gigantic pillar which proppeled her first over the fence and into the side of the building, where it drove dozesn of spines into the structures side for support as it began to grow upwords, far faster than an elevator. The strain left her feeling light headed, yet she shook it off, focuing on the job at hand.

It was only as I approached the scene that I noticed some kind og shadowy being was nearby the Gargoyle. I hoped that this shade was on my side, otherwise I might be in trouble.

use create object 10 with extra effort to aquire the progression power feat, building a ramp beneith me to carry me up and over the fence, before traveling up the side of the building. I am now 100 ft up the building side. I also use a hero point to negate the fatigue from extra effort.
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The news crew looks in awe as the newcomer arrives in fashion. "Get this," the on the scene reporter clamors to the guys with the cameras, "Two new heroes? We'll be the first to get word with them!" The whole crew is in silence watching the whole scene as it unfolds.

Still hanging on for dear life, the girl spots the newcomer and cries for help.

The Stony Beast looks tired of Shadow Stalker and takes offense to her taunting it into battle. It would happily oblige if it weren't frozen in place.

The girder begins to wobble with the Stony Beast's dead weight attached to it, leaving the girl still screaming in terror, but hanging on like a vice grip .

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"...hn? Now he's stopped..."

The shadow was a little irritated that her taunt was effectively useless thanks to her own powers, but was glad that the beast stopped moving.

"Is it safe to approach now? I wonder..."

Carefully, Stalker began walking towards the beast. Once she reached it, she wouldn't stop, opting to walk through it to reach the girl.

"Okay...please, keep calm..."

Hope this works...maybe I can channel my energy into making other things ghostlike?

Moving towards the girl, through the beast if necessary. Turn off the aura, and Extra Effort an AP off of my aura. Insubstantial 4, with Affects Others. Use that on the girl and help her up. Maintaining contact and such.
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Raising up the remaining distance on my impromptu crystal elevator, even as the bottom section begins to break apart into a fine powdery dust, unable to maintain its structure without my attention to it. As I reach the building top, I find that a) The stone monster guy is new no more mobile than a statue B) that the shadow is now moving to aid the girl, which means c) my intervention has accomplished…well…nothing really.

At least I’m used to this. More often than not, STAR squad was left to clean up the mess and round up the baddies after the supers finished. Since Stone face isn’t going anywhere for the moment, I’ll just make sure if he suddenly regains mobility, he’s got nowhere to go. I extend my crystal growth out and form it into a rough box around the guy. Should make a decent prison for him. Completing that, I turn my attention to the shadow-y thing, ready to act if it turns out to be more dangerous than it first appeared.

Use create object to cover the remaining distance to the rooftop while eliminating the lower sections to free up creatable mass. Upon reaching rooftop, create a crystal box around the stone guy. Since he’s paralyzed, no reflex save, right?
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The news crew on the ground does not cheer as Shadow Stalker picks up the girl. Instead they watch as she seemingly disappears into the dark hero. They gasp worriedly and hope for the best that the Shadow has not eaten the girl herself.

The girder shakes as the extra weight is taken off of it, but the girl stops screaming as she merges into the shadow being. She holds on to the stranger, hoping for the best. "Thank you," the girls sniffles, "You're the best. Am, am I a shadow forever now? Just like you?" She then looks over to the diamond girl and then back to the shadow, "Are you guys a super team," she questions in awe as her immediate danger fades away.

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Stalker sighed in relief, seeing that it worked. Her stress level jumped up a little bit when the girl asked if the change was permanent.


The shadowy girl grasped the chance for a subject change. "No, not yet, at least. First, let's get down from here."

Stalker waved an arm at the crystal-like person. "Could you take care of the stony thing for me? Thanks."

With that, the silhouette, girl in tow, headed towards the building, again, through the beast and cage, and began to glide its way down.

Starting on the way down, now. Taking Fatigue from Extra Effort, so still 1 Hero Point.
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The shadow begins taking the girl down the building, asking Topaz to deal with the stoney guy. How exactly someone would do this is left to her imagination. Topaz considered how to go about lowering the creature down, and decided her best option was to use a crystal lift like she had on her way up. slowly using her crystals to carry both herself and the gargoyle, Topaz started down the building side.

Use create object to transport the stoney guy and Topaz back down the building side. Since combat is kinda over, do we still need to act in turns?
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The news crew waits in anticipation as the heroes make their way down to the ground. Cameras watch their every move, while reporters are readying themselves to talk to the two.

The girl's voice is worn out from all the screaming and crying, but she seems content with being quiet her current situation.

Suddenly breaking free from it's imprisonment, the stony beast jumps on to the roof out of sight to everyone! The girl tightens her grip around Stalker, while the news camera tries to catch a glimpse of where the beast went.

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