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    Walking down corridor after corridor after corridor, Liz was now sure that Dr. Archeville’s house had transcended normal spatial topography and existed in a hyper dimensional state. Honestly, she wished he could have just got a bigger house, one in which the laws of physics and geometry didn’t have to be warped just to get some extra closet space. Equally disconcerting was the feeling of being watched as they traveled. Not paranoid by nature, she trusted that it was her own instincts putting her on alert. The glimpses of light and movement out of the corner of her eye were not helping the situation either. And then she saw the metallic rat jump out in front of her, and wasn’t sure how to react. Was it one of the doctors servants, like the big robo gorilla? Perhaps. But then, why was this thing following her? Perhaps it would be best to just voice her questions. “Um, excuse me, what’s with the rat?â€Â
  2. http://www.endlessflight.net/freedom/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1696
  3. Date: March 9th, 2009 (Monday) Sunset 6:59pm. Waxing gibbous with 97% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated. Temp high 64/low 41. Clear in the morning, clear during the afternoon, mostly cloudy in the afternoon, overcast during the evening hours. Winds calm in the morning, whipping up to 10mph at 11am, 30mph around 2pm, then dying down to about 10mph at 6pm and staying there throughout the night. Emma leaned over the edge of the balcony, looking out into the bay. She hated parties like these. For one, it was was just a way for the rich and well off to show of to one another. A complex series of interactions and manuverse designed to test who was worthy to be a member of the upper crust. It annoyed her. Why couldnt these people be happy being wealthy? Why was it so important to them that everyone else know they were rich? She wanted to leave, but that would only alienate her from the other party memebers, many of whom either owned, or had a controling stake in dozens of major corperations throuht freedom. And it was these people whom she needed. Her company was well off, but the real big players in this capilistic society could crush her under their heels if they so wanted. So she was forced to attented these annoying gatherings and pretend to have a good time. Gathering her whits, she left the balcony and headed back into the main atrium of the manion, ready to endure the trials of mannerisams and the judging eye of the wealthy.
  4. Cool, this thread is really filling up.
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    Well, this was unusual. And expected. It was unusal in the fact that seeing mechanical gorilla butler anywhere outside of a disney land ride was an odd sight to behold, but by the same extent, it was completly within the norm for a scientific genius like Dr. Archeville. The rules for what was and was not normal were different now. Liz stepped inside the house, paused, and stepped back out again. She did this a few times, trying to wrap her head around it. Was the house....no, it couldnt be bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. That was impossible. You couldnt build a structure that had a volume independent of its surface area, that was basic geometry. And yet, the impossible scale of the entrance hall alone must have taken up most of the space in the house. Whats normal is different now, Liz reminded herself, and resolved to accept that it was not only possible for a house to have internal volume exceding the expected. Oddlyy, upon doing this, she felt much better. At least she was sure of her unsureness. Liz followed after the big gorilla down the hallway, almost wishing she had an extra set of eyes so she could take in all of her surroundings at once.
  6. Ah well, I suppose I cant stop you. Sorry to hear you have to leave.
  7. cool, sounds good to me. Glad to have you onboard. Now all we need is a villain.
  8. Cool, I'd be happy to have her.
  9. Heres the idea Honey Queen is attending a party for the upper crust of freedom. During the night, the gathering is attacked by a villain whom realizes that having all these rich folk in one place is like an all you can steal buffet. This may also include the possibility for another hero to step in tohelp put the bad guy down while keeping the party guests safe.
  10. The shadow begins taking the girl down the building, asking Topaz to deal with the stoney guy. How exactly someone would do this is left to her imagination. Topaz considered how to go about lowering the creature down, and decided her best option was to use a crystal lift like she had on her way up. slowly using her crystals to carry both herself and the gargoyle, Topaz started down the building side.
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    Liz halted as instructed. It sounded like Dr. Archeville's voice, but seemed a bit off. He probably was a bit under the weather or something. Understandable. Normal even. She halted, as instructed, looking into the darkness, attempting to ascern the interior, as well as the source of the voice as she answered "er..Liz Mathews. I have an appointment with you Doctor. I called yesterday, remember?"
  12. Sign Topaz up. What better way to get used to being a super hero then to get a chance to test yourself to your limits!
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    Diary entry from 3/04/09 Dear Diary, Today, Im off to get some help with my furnature issues. His names Doctor Archville. Seems like an ok guy, but I cant seem to shake the little red flag that goes up in my head. Didnt I hear something from one of the other officers once about how he's a little nuts from time to time. Its probably nothing. Besides, I called around, and none of the other big brainy hero types would see me. Next best shot would be in mid april, but by then I'd probably have knocked appart just about everyhting I own. I dont know, I guess I'll go see him. Whats the worst that could happen?
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    Easy. Ya, this would be fine. Or at least, thats what Liz kept telling herself. Get in, chat with the good Doc for a bit, get some solid furnature, get out. Easy. Of course, there was the rumors she'd herd back at the presinct. Rumors that the 'good doctor' was a few beakers short of a full chemistry set. Rumors that he was prone to the occational bout of menical laughing. She told ehrself it was nothing, just a way for the every day 9 to 5 cop to get by, making fun of those higher up on the food chain then them. And yet...No, she refused to let herself think about it. Insted, she walked all the way over to the norht end of freedom, refusing to think about any mad science-y things she might encoutner. She refused to think about the fact this may be an incredibly bad decision. Doctor Archville as one of the good guys. He's done plenty of helpful things for the city. And of course, trying not to think of something, invariably makes you think about it. So by the time she got to the good doctors door, Liz was, understandably, a little nervious.
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