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Acquiring a HQ?


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Is this possible IG?

Lullaby would like to create a business involving performance acts, and she would like to get a building as her main building and a home.

Certainly! You'll of course need points to spend on the Equipment feat, and we'd like to see some in-character posts done in getting it established.

Not to hijack your topic, nareik, but I have a semi-similar question. Moira owns Morley's. It's her source of income. Do I have to have it as an HQ? Or does description do just fine?

Since it appears frequently, can be interacted with by playable characters (and their powers), and has abilities (a Toughness score, at the least, for when brawls break out) that would be used in a way that requires numbers to define... then, yes, it should be bought as an HQ with Equipment points.

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