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MUSHes, MUCKs and MUDs, oh my!

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Just as the title suggest, really. I've been playing on a few MU*s for a couple of months, now, but a thought struck me ever-too-curious mind. Do any of you guys play on MU*s? I play on a couple of Superhero MU*s, but I never did manage to get into one that used the Mutants and Masterminds system before it closed down Here's a list of the ones I play on in case any of you are interested, too...

And for sake of ease, any links clicked will connect you to the server, so don't be alarmed if a telnet window pops up, or whatever your client is.

Marvel Revolution - This one strikes me as pretty good, but that could just be that I'm getting in a Marvel mood, lately. Systemless, but still fun.

JLU MUSH - Same as above. I joined here before Marvel Revolution, but I still kinda like it. It has good old Bats. 'Nuff said. Also systemless.

Metro - Toronto By Night - This one has a system. Old World of Darkness. Quite a few of the spheres too, and excellent staff.

So, what about you guys? C'mon, don't be shy...

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I remember playing a few MUDs some years ago (read 10 or 11 years ago) just as I got into rpgs. The one I used to play in was called Nanny MUD, don't even know if it exists anymore. I remember my neighbor actually made a Apocalypse MUD (don't remember what he called it) after playing too much Fallout. Was our first attempt at programming. It was fun, but as I grew up I was easily distracted by shiney graphics as I played MMORPGs, but none have given me the same magic feeling as my first MUD.

I never got the difference between MUD, MUSH and MUCK though? :? :?:

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They're all the same thing as far as I'm concerned, but they all mean, and presumably are centered on, different things. MUDs seem to be more Dungeon/Room-based, MUSHes seem to be more object-based and MUCKs are player-based.

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