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Captain Knievel (PL13 NPC, Tier 2)

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"I like them odds."


Players Name: quotemyname

Power Level: 13 (200/200PP)

Trade-Offs: +3 attack -3 DC mod, +3 defense -3 toughness

PP Unspent: 0

Characters Name: Captain Knievel

Alternate Identity: Taylor Rogers

Height: 6'

Weight: 200 lbs

Hair: Sunlight-Blond

Eyes: Blue


Standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 200 golden apples, Captain Knievel is the epitome of manliness and physical prowess. Captain Knievel sports a tactical combat suit made from form a fitting kevlar jumpsuit, steel toed boots, and steel shoulder pads. He wears sunglasses and has highly stylized bright blond hair.

Captain Knievel is stronger faster and more attractive than and 5 normal men combined. The gauntlet he wears on his right arm allow him to generate the powerful "Adrenaline Cannon", a 5 foot wide plasma laser cannon that originates a his clenched fist. After multiple modifications, the Adrenaline Cannon itself now grants Captain Knievel a multitude of other abilities as well. Captain Knievel has recently acquired a shiny new Power Belt that wraps around his waist. This belt is the approximate size of a wrestling championship belt and is made entirely of steel. This belt offers him expanded defensive utility in a fight.


Taylor Rogers

DOB: 6/6/86

At 15 years old, Taylor's parents took him skydiving. After a freak accident caused his chute not to open, Taylor hit the ground. Hard. Miraculously, he survived the fall. His body crippled and broken, Taylor entered a coma. After five agonizing years of intense surgery, Taylor finally regained consciousness. His first thought upon waking was, "I want to do that again!" Most people would be left in paralyzing fear of falling and heights. But not Taylor Rogers. When the doctors told him that he would never walk again, his only reply was, "Like hell I will!" and seemingly magically, after two years of intense physical therapy, he did. However, just getting his body back in working order wasn't enough for Taylor. He was 20 years old, a legal adult, and decided that he wasn't going to bother being a part of normal society. Taylor's one and only dream was to do anything and everything that would be worth a thrill. In order to be able to do that, Taylor spent two more years going through intense physical training. Four solid years of conditioning and strength training honed Taylor's body to the peak of human physical prowess. Taking a job as a professional body builder, Taylor began to enjoy the pay-offs of all his hard work, and the lifestyle that went along with it. With money, relative fame, and a body fit as a fiddle, Taylor was once again able to enjoy skydiving, rock climbing, and a multitude of other risky yet intensely satisfying activities. That is until his body building sponsors told him he was no longer allowed to perform these activities. He had come too far to stop now though. So what is a guy to do when he can't pursue his deepest desires as himself? The same thing everyone else in Freedom City does when they can't do what they want to do as themselves. Put on a costume and do it anyways! That is when Captain Knievel was born. Now Taylor Rogers leads a double life. On one side, he is the Taylor Rogers, the peaceful, rich, body builder superstar. On the other, he is Captain Knievel the trill seeking junkie that loves to throw caution to the wind and dive off of sky scrapers.

Personality & Motivation:

Because he loves thrill seeking so much it always seems to get him into trouble. Taylor has had more accidents than he can count as Captain Knievel. He has been injured, shot, broken bones, and so on. He never seems to learn though...

Because most of his adult life has been spent listening to people tell him he can't do something, and he is forced to listen to them, he finds that as Captain Knievel he can never refuse a fight, or turn down a challenge, and he never pulls any punches.

Taylor has worked very hard to get to where he is in life, and that has ingrained in him a deep hatred for anyone who has led a pampered life. He specifically hates those that have been given or gifted with otherworldly advantages over normal people. The highlight and often the butt end of this hatred are Meta-humans that gained their powers by accident or were simply given powers by some outside source.

Captain Knievel believes that since these Meta-humans did not work for their powers, they cannot truly appreciate them. Therefore, there is no reason for them to have them. This has led Captain Knievel to do anything he can destroy any and all Meta-humans that he comes across.

This behavior has led to him becoming one of Freedom City’s most wanted Super Villains over the past few months. More often than not, Captain Knievel finds his quarrels to be with those that would call themselves heroes, or protectors of the city. Unfortunately Captain Knievel had to find out the hard way that these heroes have quite a following. The general populace seems to worship them unconditionally. Despite Captain Knievel’s perfect manly charm he has not been able to swing any of the citizens of Freedom City to his side.

Worse still, the heroes in the city band together and support each other. For this reason, Captain Knievel has been forced to go against his better judgment and work with some less than reputable characters over the months. Captain Knievel sees the destruction of Freedom City’s heroes as the first step on his way to achieving his goals. If destroying them means that he has to work with some Meta-humans that also oppose the heroes in the mean time, then so be it. It is a sacrifice that must be made. There is no doubt in Captain Knievel’s mind that as soon as the heroes are eradicated, so too will the Meta-Human villains.

Captain Knievel used to be much more reckless about pursuing his goals. He used to cause lots of property damage, and endanger the lives of countless citizens. Recently, however, he has found that his anger is better when directed entirely at the heroes of Freedom City. Captain Knievel won’t stop if any citizens get in the way when he brawls with a hero. After all, they will probably survive. And when they do, they will appreciate their lives all that much more. He does not, however go out of his way to harm the general population of Freedom City.

Lately, Captain Knievel has found the limitations of having a ‘normal’ body quite restrictive. In order to keep up with the heroes and Meta-Humans in Freedom City, The Captain has been relying more and more on his Adrenaline Cannon of late. He has even been known to take steroids to enhance his strength if it means being able to take out even one more Meta-Human.


-Compulsion (Must hit on every woman he sees)

-Irrational Hatred (Captain Knievel's extreme prejudice towards Meta-humans who have not "earned" their powers leads him to acts of extreme violence against them)

-Temper (Quick to anger, never turns down a fight (Especially not against the police!))

-Public ID (Captain Knievel and Taylor Rogers are known to the public as being the same man)

-Criminal Record (Charged with aggravated assault, hate crimes, and terrorism)

Stats: [14+10+10+2+4+10 = 50pp]

Str: 24/30 (+7/+10)

Dex: 20 (+5)

Con: 20 (+5)

Int: 12 (+1)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 20 (+5)

Combat: [16+24 = 40pp]

Attack: +8 Base; +14 Melee, +16 Adrenaline Cannon; +8 Ranged;

Grapple: +23 (+35 w/ Elongation & Super Strength; -4 to escape rolls w/ Elongation & Super Strength)

Defense: +14 Base; +16 Dodge Focus (+7 FF)

Knockback: -5

Initiative: +17

Saves: [5+5+8 = 18pp]

Toughness: +10 (+6 Con, +4 Protection)

Fortitude: +10 (+5 con, +5)

Reflex: +10 (+5 dex, +5)

Will: +10 (+2 wis, +8)

Skills: [ 64r = 16pp]

Acrobatics 10 (+15)

Intimidate 18 (+23)

Notice 18 (+20)

Sense Motive 18 (+20)

Feats: [33pp]

Attack Focus Melee 6 [6pp]

Attack Specialization (Adrenaline Cannon)

Challenge (Fast Intimidate)

Defensive Attack

Dodge Focus 2 [2pp]

Elusive Target

Equipment 2 (10ep) [2pp]


Improved Initiative 3 [3pp]

Inspire 5 [5pp]


Luck 3 [3pp]

Power Attack


Skill Mastery 1 (Acrobatics, Intimidate, Notice, Sense Motive)


Takedown Attack

Uncanny Dodge (Hearing)

General Equipment

Teleport Beacon (wrist watch) [1ep]

Hideout: Underground Bunker [9ep]

Size: Small; Toughness 10, Concealed (+10 DC), Gym, Living Space, Power System, Security System, Computer, Power 1 (24pp power)

- Teleporter: Teleport 12 (Flaws: Limited [To/From Base]; PF: Change Velocity, Easy, Progression 4; Drawbacks: Teleport Beacon [-2]) {18pp}

Powers: 28+4+3+2+4+2+2 = 45PP (Descriptors: Divine, Training, Technology)

Device 7 (Hard To Lose, "Adrenaline Cannon Mark IV", 35pp) [28pp]

Device 1 ("Protection Belt"; Hard To Lose; 5 device points) [4pp]

Immunity 3 (aging, disease, poison) [3pp]

Immunity 3 ("Nectar of the Gods"; Aging, Disease, Poison) [3pp]

Regeneration 2 ("Nectar of the Gods"; Resurrection 2 [one day]; Extras: True Resurrection [+0]) [2pp]

Speed 3 (50 mph / 500 fpr; PF: 1 Alternate Power) [4pp]

AP: Leaping 3 (x10)

Super Movement 1 (slow fall) [2pp]

Super Strength 1 (“Power Lifting Trainingâ€; Effective Lifting Strength 32; L: 692lbs.; M: 1384lbs.; H: 2080lbs.; Max: 4160lbs.; Push/Drag: 10400lbs.) [2pp]

Device: Adrenaline Cannon Mark IV:

Strike 13 (“Adrenaline Cannonâ€; Extras: 325-ft. Line Area; Feats: Penetrating 2, Progression, Variable Descriptor 2, 4 APs) {35pp}

AP1: Elongation 5 (“Laser Whipâ€; 100 feet; Extras: Projection, Linked(+0); PF: Improved Pin, Grappling Finesse){12pp}

Linked: Super Strength 5 (“Hydraulic Assisted Liftingâ€; PF: Countering Punch, Groundstrike, Shockwave){13pp}

Linked:Enhanced Strength 6 {6pp}

(Effective Lifting Strength 61)

AP2: Strike 10 (“Elemental Strikeâ€; Feats: Extended Reach 4, Variable Descriptor 2 [any technological], Improved Critical 2, Penetrating 5, Precise, Split Attack 3){27/31pp}

AP3: Strike 10 (“Radiation Strikeâ€; Extras: Alternate Save - Fort; Feats: Extended Reach 4, Improved Critical 2, Penetrating 2, Precise, Split Attack 2){31pp}

AP4:Strike 13 (“Shockwaveâ€; Extras: General Area 130-ft Radius Burst, Selective; Flaws: Action/Full; Feats: Knockback 4, Progression) {31pp}

The Adrenaline Cannon Mark II includes hydraulic tubing that runs from the gauntlet on Captain Knievel's right arm to the armor on his back. From his armor, the tubes stretch down the sides of his legs and open up at his boots. These tubes allow Captain Knievel to project the special attacks generated by his Adrenaline Cannon from his feet as well as his right arm. This allows him to deliver flaming kicks, etc...

The Adrenaline Cannon Mark III includes more powerful striking capabilities, and faster response time, as well as a reduced kick from the main cannon. The hydraulic tubing has also been adapted to assist in lifting.

The Adrenaline Cannon Mark IV enhances all previous abilities of the Cannon. Additionally, the Cannon can now project a massive burst of electricity in a pulse shockwave all around the user when the user slams the Adrenaline Cannon into the ground. The burst of electricity is so powerful, that it cannot be grounded even though it is touching the earth.

Protection 5 {5pp}

Captain Knievel’s latest gadget – the Protection Belt is similar in design to that of a championship wrestling belt. It has a large plated buckle on the front of it and is made of solid metal. The circuits in the belt run through his Kevlar suit and enhance its ability to protect Captain Knievel from injury.

Drawbacks: [-1pp]

Full Power (Never pulls any punches) -1

DC Block:

Unarmed -- DC 22/TOU -- Damage

Strike 13 "Adrenaline Cannon" -- 23/REF + 28/TOU -- Damage (Plasma Energy)

Elongation 5 “Laser Whip†– DC 25/TOU – Damage

Strike 10 “Elemental Strike†– DC 25/TOU – Damage (Variable)

Strike 10 “Radiation Strike†– DC 25/FORT – Damage (Radiation)

Strike 13 “Shockwave†– 23/REF + 28/TOU – Damage (Electricity)

Attributes [50] + Combat [44] + Saves [18] + Skills [16] + Feats [33] + Powers [45] - Drawbacks [01] = 205pp

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How old is he now? If he fell at 15, was in a coma for 5 years, spent 2 years getting to the point where he could walk, and another 2 training himself to the peak of human condition, he should be at least 24 now. More depending on how long he's been acting a thrill-junkie before now.

What sort of villainous things has/would he do? Robbing banks doesn't seem his style (since his civilian ID is quite wealthy). Grand theft auto (and destruction of property after wrecking it)?

I'd like to see the numbers on his Saves written out. It looks like it'd be

Fortitude: +8 (+5 Con, +3)

Reflex: +7 (+5 Dex, +2)

Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5)

Why does he have such an incredibly high Knowledge (tactics)?

For Ultimate Effort (attacks), you'll need to specific whether it's for melee or ranged attacks.

Why is his Regeneration at 0?

I'd like to see the distances/speed listed out for his Leaping and Speed.

His Adrenaline Cannon... what is it? And is that Extra (Touch) a typo?

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okay most of those errors should be fixed...ill address other issues here:

Knowlege Tactics: once in a fight, captain knievel doesn't really care how it goes. however, he likes to have a good idea of what he is going to be doing in that fight before hand. basically he never goes into a fight without assessing the situation before hand (if he can help it). This doesn't mean that he won't join a battle he knows to be a losing fight ("No fight is a lost cause for Captain Knievel!") or some such, the tactics are just so high because he likes knowing what he is getting himself into.

Ultimate Effort: so specified (melee)

Regeneration 0: while Captain Knievel may recover from injury at the same rate as regular humans, the persistent power feat simply ensures that he will get up from many things that most humans will not. this power is also listed because i plan to put more points here when i can. it would be better for him to not have to explain to his sponsors why he is out of commission if he can recover fast enough to not have to explain it ;)

speeds have been updated

Adrenaline cannon - yes the touch was a typo, that was supposed to be 'line' its fixed now. the touch under flaws remains as it was supposed to be there.

Picture a huge laser beam emanating from his fists. like a super 'Hadouken' if you will. the 'line' descriptor should help you picture it better now that it actually appears there :)

thanks for the look at my character. hope my edits are up to snuff!

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one other thing I forgot to add earlier:

Captain Knievel in terms of villany:

Knievel's villany stems more from random acts of violence and from reckless endangerment than from anything else. What's the best way to pick a fight? go pop a super hero... they are always itching for action. Can't find a super hero? they'll come to you easy enough, all you have to do is dangle an orphan or two out of a window and they will come zooming in from all directions. they always seem to know about these things.

Otherwise, yes, Knievel is the type of guy that would steal a sports car or two and take it for a joy ride through the middle of a traffic clogged highway (or even better, a kawasaki motorcycle perhaps?) find the back of a trailer somewhere launch off of it... who cares where the motor cycle flies to, it will be cool seeing it blow up!

So, in essence, Captain Knievel is not necessarily evil, he is just a huge jerk. However this is often leads to the same thing.

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If you could edit the "Captain Knievel in terms of villany" bit into the actual char sheet, that'd be helpful.

Attributes, Saves, Combat, and Skills add up.

One small thing in the Combat, his Knockback doesn't change when he's flat-footed, it changes whether he's got his protective costume on or not. So it should read as something like "-4, -2 out of costume".

His Knowledge (Tactics) still seems extremely high to have built up in ~ 2 years.

I count 33pp in Feats, not 34.

Why does he have Inspire 5 and Leadership? Who would he Inspire/Lead, fans of Jackass?

Under Powers, his Device should be written as Device 1 (Hard To Lose, Adrenaline Cannon, 5pp) [4pp]. (The names of all the powers should be bolded, please.)

Drawbacks: I'd say electricity is a Very Common descriptor, making it a -3 point drawback.

Point totals at the end of the stats would be nice. Looks like it'd be Attributes 50 + Combat 38 + Saves 10 + Skills 11 + Feats 33 + Powers 10 - Drawbacks 4= 148 (2 unspent)

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okay i put in the stuff you said to...

as for the feats, i recalculated it and it really looks like its 34pp there. i listed the cost of all feats that are worth more than one pp on their own next to the name. i am using a spreadsheet to calculate all of the stats and things out so i don't think its possible that it screwed up the cost total of the feats...i demand a recount! count the chads! :P

about his inspire and leadership abilities...(i will put this section into the character as well)

Captain Knievel is simply so INCREDIBLY manly that the sheer grace of his rippling muscles and sparkling 'pearly whites' inspire greatness in and of themselves. anyone and everyone who lays their eyes upon him simply feels the sheer force of attraction generated by his solid muscle fiber and is inspired to be like 'The Captain'. in every one of us is the urge to do something crazy, and The Captain is the embodiment of the recklessness. this is why the average person (as well as other villains) is incredibly inspired by Captain Knievel.

as for the knowledge tactics, if i increase his training time to ~4-5 years, would it be a better fit?

im not sure where i am gonna stick that extra point i just got from the electricity descriptor, but ill think of something and post it when i do. till then, do me a favor and give this bad boy another look

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Ah, yes, I was miscounting one of the feats (I missed the 2 next to Takedown Attack :( )

4-5 years would be a better fit for the Know/Tactics thing, yes.

You could add an actual rank in Regeneration, for disabled (once per 5 hours instead of once per day) with that freed point. It'd help him in simply getting back on his feet faster, though not in getting back up to top form (since it wouldn't remove any bruises/injuries).

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Things seem to add up, but I do a question about his power origin. I beleive, from the background, that his ability to Leap, speed, strike, and Regeneration are all trained aspects, correct? I think you should be a little clear on teh sheet just incase you come up against a hero with a nullify or mimic ability.

Last bit, on your drawback. Are you going for the minor severity on vulnerable [gives a +1Dc] or the moderate severity [gives x1.5DC]?

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i believe that the good doctor ruled that the drawback should be moderate. that is why it is worth -3 pps

Unfortunately, no. It is -3 because the descriptor is Very common, which gives you 3pps. I am assuming you wan the minor limitation which would be a +1Dc at +0pps. Raising it to Moderate, x1.5DC gives you +1pp. The choice is still yours to make. If you wish to keep it as a minor limitation, then simply change the +2DC to +1DC.

Vulnerable (Electricity) [conductive metal within suit] -3 (Very Common; +1 DC)

If it is the moderate intensity, then it should be as you put it on the sheet, but raises the cost to -4.

Vulnerable (Electricity) [conductive metal within suit] -4 (Very Common; x1.5 DC)

Once you decide which way to go with this point, you'll be done. :)

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