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Veronica Danger & The Viking's Map OOC


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Once again Veronica will set things as follows:


Veronica will have Gem 1 set for the following:

            Drive + 7 ranks (up to 15 ranks) (2 of the active points (AP) using 7 of the 10 skill     points);

            Attack Focus: Ranged (up to 2 ranks) (1 AP);

            Challenge Feat: (Simultaneous Task (Vehicle Combat)) 2 (to eliminate penalty for       making an attack and performing evasive maneuvers in the same standard action) (2 AP);            Acrobatics +8 ranks (up to 15 ranks) (2 AP (using 3 extra skill points from Drive and            then another 5 (leaving 3 left over);

            Notice +7 ranks (up to 15) (1 AP (using 3 extra from above plus 4 more)


Gem 2 will be set to DEX (+10 DEX up to 30)

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