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Return to Neverworld: Make a Wish

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Heading West across the endless oceans...

Heading towards destiny...


The Forever Boy and the Thunderbird flew fast, across the endless oceans of Neverworld. On and on, as far as they could, and then, perhaps, a bit further. They had passed islands, lands and sea, ruin and wonder. And yet they did not stop.


They could not stop. They must not stop. They had to fly, forevermore, not to rest, until their goal was in sight.

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They'd been flying for hours before Micah spoke up. He raised his voice to a half-shout as they pushed through. 


"Pan...what's going to happen? On Wish Island, I mean? The way that Sherlock Holmes said, and by the way if we hadn't been stuck in the wilderness for two weeks I'd probably have geeked out about that...but the way Holmes talked, this sounds...dire."


He pondered his next words before he spoke.


"Pan. You are my best friend. You have been probably the truest friend in my entire life. You are basically a brother to me; if my father had lived, and I had had more siblings, I would have been blessed to get some as faithful and true as you. I want to help you, Pan. I want to hep these people, this world. Worlds. But..."


The sky darkened around them for a few moments, but it faded quickly. Micah's subconscious control was improving by leaps and bounds.


"I don't want to save a world and lose my best friend. I love you, Pan, and I don't want to lose you. So we better not be on some death ride bullshit right now."

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Forever Boy


Pan smiled at Micah. It was a genuinely happy smile, but it was faint and fleeting.


"I love you as well, my friend. And I care too much about you to lie." 


He pushed on. Were they far enough yet? No, not quite. But maybe soon.


"I do not know what will happen. All of this is new, all of this is different. If the detectives were right, and my disappearance somehow broke the story, then I must make it right, and bring Neverworld back to what it was." He paused, ever so briefly. "I want to show you and Eira the wonderful world that this was. Not the nightmare it has become."


Was there something in the distance? He was not quite sure. Not there yet, at any rate.


"I would hope that the Wish Isle will be a homecoming, with the Pixies agreeing to aid us, but, who knows? This world is not as it was."

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Micah held his tongue while Pan spoke, as much as he disliked the implications. Pan was being honest with him. Micah's father had taught him that deserved respect.


"Well. If it's new and different, I guess it's a good thing you have a friend by your side."


He lapsed into silence for a couple of minutes.


"You know. If you did 'break' the story, maybe the good news is, when we put things right again, we can rewrite the story? Give everyone, who deserves it, a better ending?"


The air around them thrummed for a moment.


"I really don't want to lose you to a fight with a one-handed rum mascot."

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Forever Boy


Pan was silent for a moment. He seemed to think through it.




He paused briefly.


"Stories are important here. Maybe they can be changed, for the better."


There was something. As they pushed on, there was something there, on the horizon. A speck, a shining speck in the distance, rapidly coming closer.


Pan gasped.


"The Wish Isle!"

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The Wish Isle! 


The shining jewel of the sea!


An oasis of green and gold in the middle of the never-ending blue! 


But even here, far away, the youths could see the smoke that rose from the island. Dark, almost black, stretching towards the sky. Something was wrong. The safe haven, the port in the storm, the home of the Fae, the home of the Forever Boy... was burning.

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For just a moment, as Pan seemed excited, Micah allowed himself to feel a few shreds of relief. Not happiness, not yet, but the thought of reaching a destination inhabited by beings with some measure of power brought the hope of just a bit of rest. That hope, that relief, was then thoroughly dashed when he saw the smoke. Micah frowned, then turned to Pan.


"I'll back you up. Let's try to keep our eyes open, though. We don't want to get ambushed."

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As the young men approached from the sky, the source of the smoke soon became clear: A massive tree in the middle of a grove, one that towered above the rest. It was burning, set ablaze, with Sky-Pirates briefly becoming visible as they moved between the trees below, flashes of fire and smoke from their torches broken by quick glimpses of gold among them.


The tree was mighty, and yet, given time, it would be nothing but cinders.

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Forever Boy


Pan frowned as he saw the burning tree.


"The Dreamwoods, the source of the Pixie Dust!" 


The voice was not fear, but it was as close as Micah had heard from Pan. He bit his lips, then smiled.


"Oh, no, there is a fire. Whatever will we do to stop such a thing?" 


He grinned at Micah, made a gesture with an open hand towards the tree, then dove towards the forest below.

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"That explains the smoke."

Micah was tired enough to snark, just a bit, at the sight before them. He frowned at Pan's clarification.


"Hm. Yeah, that's no good."


Then Pan prompted his Oklahoman friend to bring assistance in a way that only the Thunderbird could. Micah smiled back.


"Yeah, I reckon I can help."


Micah flew lower and stopped not far from the burning tree. His arms stretched toward it, and his eyes half-closed. In moments, thick dark rainclouds appeared over the tree, and soon began unleashing their contents with gusto. Micah just hoped the fire would give out before his endurance would. 

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The rain started falling heavily from the sky, the fire slowly being put out, giving way.


Around the Forever Boy and the Thunderbird, the forests came alive. Sky-Pirates flocked towards them from the woods, a wild mass of people brandishing cutlasses and muskets.


They moved strangely. Like puppets on a string.


Like something had them hooked.

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Forever Boy


Landing by his friends, Pan gathered the Pixie Dust to him, forming a shining gold blade in his hand, a Forever Weapon. His hair matted and clinging to his face from the rain, he still smiled. Now this was more like it. Adventure awaited them, a stand against overwhelming odds here, by the Dreamwoods! 


"Handle the fire, my friend. will keep you safe!"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Micah seemed almost distracted as he lowered a bit and hovered directly over the tree. He was a bit damp now, but the rain did not abate. If anything, it picked up. There was little wind; only enough to guide the rain directly downwards. It took him several long moments as he hovered in the air bringing the rain, before the movements of the pirates really registered with him. He frowned. 


"Be careful, Pan. Something's wrong here. Beyond the obvious."

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The fire fought back against the rain. It roared, it raged, and yet, it could not burn. Slowly but surely, the last embers became nothing but smoke.


The pirates moved without fear. Without care for their own safety. They barely seemed to aim, shooting wildly at the Forever Boy and the Thunderbird, swinging their cutlasses with nothing resembling skill or finesse. As they closed in on the young friends, the reason for their silence was made clear: Their mouths had been sewn shut. Their eyes were wide and crazed. For some, tears flowed freely. For others, the grip of madness were clear.


Even unconscious, they kept moving. 

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Forever Boy


Pan was grace. He was beauty. He danced among the pirates, swinging a sword of light. He had little time to care, little time to think. He stood alone to protect his friend, his sword cutting the strings of the Sky-Pirates one by one. 


What did Micah try to tell him? Something was wrong beyond the obvious?


He paused, and he looked. The pirates... What were they doing? Their eyes, their mouths, their arms and legs.


The Forever Boy was by Micah's side within moments. "Micah. They keep coming back. We need something more."

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  • 2 weeks later...

Micah shook himself out of his near-trance from putting out the fire on the tree. He turned and looked again at the pirates, and his eyes widened while his face paled a bit.


"Okay that is just completely messed-up. This is objectively worse than a zombie movie."


He looked at the array of pirates before him, then stepped in front of Pan, his arms raised and pointed at the small army in front of them.


"Hang on, they just need to chill out."


A wind picked up. At first it was just a breeze, but then it began to roar. The temperature dropped, and flakes of snow appeared. The snow became sleet, and before Pan's eyes, ice began to form under and on the pirates. Some would likely lose their footing, and within moments, many more would find it difficult to move, as ice crawled along their legs to the point of trapping them. It slowed their arms. Thunderbird wouldn't stop his barrage of arctic weather until every pirate was frozen in place and almost entirely encased in ice (to prevent their controller from trying to claw or chop them out). 


Micah bent over and took a few deep breaths as the extreme weather faded.


"Right, sorry, couldn't help the pun. Give me a sec, lot of big stuff in a short amount of time."

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  • 2 weeks later...



Sleet, snow and ice carried through the area. The pirates tried to move, pulled along by unseen strings. Some struggled for a moment, before eventually giving up, left as discarded toys among the ice.


However they had arrived, no ship came to rescue them. They were left alone, trapped in the ice of the Wish Isle. If Pan or Micah moved closer, the pirates would seem long dead.


Through Micah's efforts, the burning had stopped. The tree was no longer smoldering.


Tiny golden lights began to appear in the forest around them.

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Forever Boy


Pan waited a moment and then peeked from behind Micah. He whistled at the sight of the frozen pirates that surrounded them. "That was... Impressive." He knew wha Micah could do, and yet, he would still be surprised.


He moved closer to the frozen pirates, his sword gone as he silently flew to look at them. "Zombie is close, my friend. These men... look, their eyes and mouths. The way they moved... They were hooked. If the Hooked Man would do this to his own men, I fear what he would do to Neverworld itself."


At least Pan seemed to perk up at the lights that appeared near them, a wide grin splitting his lips he pointed them out to Micah. "Pixies!"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Micah walked closer to one of the ice "statues" he had created. When he saw the mutilation of their bodies, the signs they'd been dead before ever stepping foot here, he blanched and stepped back. For a few moments he muttered a prayer of protection under his breath, before he spoke where Pan could hear him.


"That's just completely messed up. And, like, I get that they were 'hooked', which is in theme with the Hooked Man. Aka Captain Hook. But....doesn't this seem a bit beyond a crazy sky-pirate captain? This is, like, freaking voodoo or necromancy or something. I never read about him having any wizards on his team."


He looked around as the pixies came closer, and relaxed as Pan smiled.


"Um, hi there, uh, Pixies. I'm Micah. I'm friends with Pan. I'm here to help."

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Forever Boy


Pan smiled grimly at Micah and shook his head, as the Pixies moved closer to them.


"No, this is... different. The Hooked Man was always different, something had hooked him, but despite it all, he was a man of some kind of honor. He had a small measure of respect for his men, but... but not like this." Pan paused, grimacing. "He has changed. He was a danger, he was a monster, but not... not this. Maybe I did break the story..."


Even the lights flocking around them didn't seem to be enough to lift Pan's spirits at that moment.

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The Pixies soon swarmed around them. Small glowing lights, nothing else visible as they swarmed around Pan, Micah and the pirates. Some moved towards the tree, dancing around it in swirling patterns.


They swirled close to Pan, dancing around him, but he slowly pushed them away.


Finally, they turned to Micah. They spoke, but not with words. It wasn't telepathy either, Micah was sure that he wasn't hearing their words in his head, but in his heart.


It is too late. Our days are waning. 


He could swear they were making small twinkling noises while he heard their voices.


Things have changed. Events are happening sooner than they should. The Hooked Man will be here soon.


They moved closer to Micah. Closer to Pan. All of them absolutely swarming the duo.


Make someting better. Use our last power for good.


There was a strange sensation. Like everything was moving faster. Like the clock had been stopped, but was now finally moving.


Make a wish.



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"Pan, do not blame yourself for this. I don't care if this place runs on "story" more than "physics", Hook has agency. If you can make choices that "break" the story, so can he. The only person to blame for him committing crimes against existence, is Hook himself. Don't let him mess with your head before he's even trash-talking to your face."


Micah's face fell into sadness as the Pixies declared they were waning.


"It may be given to the Elves to pass from Middle Earth, but that does not mean we who remain cannot mourn."


His eyes widened at their statement. It was almost a demand. For several long moments, Micah was silent. Finally, he spoke, conviction in his voice.

"I wish I was able to help Pan, and you Pixies, and everyone else in this place, stand against the Hooked Man and all his armies. Not to put things back the way they were before, but to help you all survive, thrive, grow, and come out the other side better than you were before."

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Forever Boy


Pan was silent. His face was still grim as he looked at Micah, but his features softened, ever so slightly. There was a certain resignation in his eyes as he looked upon the Pixies and listened to them.


He shook his head at the statement, opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again when Micah spoke up about his wish. 


And Pan listened to the wish. His frown slowly turned into a grin. 


He moved up to Micah, placing a hand on his shoulder. 


"Thank you, my friend." Pan looked up to the Pixies. "This is it, then? This is the end?"


"The wish is simple, there could be no other: I wish for my friends to safely find their way home."

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The Pixies were silent. Pan and Micah could feel a humming sensation at the back of their necks. Pan had felt it before. For Micah, it was a new sensation.


We will try.


Not the must reassuring response, perhaps.


But a wish is just intent. It cannot be fulfilled without putting in the work.


Thunderbird. Forever Boy. The summer is ending, but if there must be a fall, if the story is to begin anew, then you must be the ones to make it right.


The Hooked Man has the Crocodile. Even now, he turns it towards Victori, where your friend makes her stand. None can stand against them.


There was a pause. Pan and Micah could almost hear the *tock* of the passing seconds.


But we will be with you. Your wish must come true, Thunderbird.


It almost felt like the Pixies were smiling, even if they could not see it.


Make a better story.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Micah stood a bit straighter as the Pixies spoke. He knew this was important. When they mentioned putting in work, he just nodded.


"My father used to tell me that anything worth doing, is worth doing with your all. I don't intend to ignore him now."


At the mention of the Crocodile heading for Victori and Eira, his face morphed into a fierce scowl.


"We're not just going to stand. We're going to fight."


Wings of emerald light grew from his back, and the air crackled with barely-leashed static.


"I'm ready. Let's go stop a pirate."

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