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Return to Neverworld: Make a Wish

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Heading West across the endless oceans...

Heading towards destiny...


The Forever Boy and the Thunderbird flew fast, across the endless oceans of Neverworld. On and on, as far as they could, and then, perhaps, a bit further. They had passed islands, lands and sea, ruin and wonder. And yet they did not stop.


They could not stop. They must not stop. They had to fly, forevermore, not to rest, until their goal was in sight.

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They'd been flying for hours before Micah spoke up. He raised his voice to a half-shout as they pushed through. 


"Pan...what's going to happen? On Wish Island, I mean? The way that Sherlock Holmes said, and by the way if we hadn't been stuck in the wilderness for two weeks I'd probably have geeked out about that...but the way Holmes talked, this sounds...dire."


He pondered his next words before he spoke.


"Pan. You are my best friend. You have been probably the truest friend in my entire life. You are basically a brother to me; if my father had lived, and I had had more siblings, I would have been blessed to get some as faithful and true as you. I want to help you, Pan. I want to hep these people, this world. Worlds. But..."


The sky darkened around them for a few moments, but it faded quickly. Micah's subconscious control was improving by leaps and bounds.


"I don't want to save a world and lose my best friend. I love you, Pan, and I don't want to lose you. So we better not be on some death ride bullshit right now."

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Forever Boy


Pan smiled at Micah. It was a genuinely happy smile, but it was faint and fleeting.


"I love you as well, my friend. And I care too much about you to lie." 


He pushed on. Were they far enough yet? No, not quite. But maybe soon.


"I do not know what will happen. All of this is new, all of this is different. If the detectives were right, and my disappearance somehow broke the story, then I must make it right, and bring Neverworld back to what it was." He paused, ever so briefly. "I want to show you and Eira the wonderful world that this was. Not the nightmare it has become."


Was there something in the distance? He was not quite sure. Not there yet, at any rate.


"I would hope that the Wish Isle will be a homecoming, with the Pixies agreeing to aid us, but, who knows? This world is not as it was."

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Micah held his tongue while Pan spoke, as much as he disliked the implications. Pan was being honest with him. Micah's father had taught him that deserved respect.


"Well. If it's new and different, I guess it's a good thing you have a friend by your side."


He lapsed into silence for a couple of minutes.


"You know. If you did 'break' the story, maybe the good news is, when we put things right again, we can rewrite the story? Give everyone, who deserves it, a better ending?"


The air around them thrummed for a moment.


"I really don't want to lose you to a fight with a one-handed rum mascot."

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Forever Boy


Pan was silent for a moment. He seemed to think through it.




He paused briefly.


"Stories are important here. Maybe they can be changed, for the better."


There was something. As they pushed on, there was something there, on the horizon. A speck, a shining speck in the distance, rapidly coming closer.


Pan gasped.


"The Wish Isle!"

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The Wish Isle! 


The shining jewel of the sea!


An oasis of green and gold in the middle of the never-ending blue! 


But even here, far away, the youths could see the smoke that rose from the island. Dark, almost black, stretching towards the sky. Something was wrong. The safe haven, the port in the storm, the home of the Fae, the home of the Forever Boy... was burning.

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