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OOC: Sanctis in the Electronics Aisle.

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Okay, You'll be going up against Druid and Gravity Master from teh Hero High yearbook.

A number of points you'll need to keep in mind though.

1) You need to command those under your mind control with a verballly.

2) As a Concentration effect, it will take a standard action to keep the mind control working. Of course, with a Concentration skill check DC 20, you can mantain the mind control as a Move action. Failure means the effect lapses.

You have a few rounds of action before the boys enter the store.

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Okay, there's the heroes in the shop. I'm looking at the store as having a very simple layout which looks like this.




1:Cash Registers

2: Entrance

3: Media [TVs, steroes, MP3 players]

4: Cameras

5: Cell Phones

6: DVDs

7: Computers

8: Electronic games

9: Software [Computer and console games]

Sanctis is presently in the Computer section. Gravity Master is in the Media section whild Druid is in the Phone section.

People under Sanctis control are in the Media, Phones, and Games section right now.

Keep in mind that Sanctis' mind control is a concentration power as he has it written up which means if he stops concentrating, it breaks the control he has on them. The thralls don't get a save though until one minute has passed. Once the first minute has passed, they get saves based on the Time and value table.

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Driud noticed Sanctis moving closer but failed to beat his bluff which by the way was a Dc of 24 when taking ten not 22. Gravity Master wasn't in a postion to see Sanctis' movement.

Both fail their Reflex saves, falling under Sanctis' power. Druid blasts the cell phones and displays around him. Gravity Master attempts to pummel his belt with his hands, but is unable to damage the device. [Device has Toughness +14, Gravity Master's str is -1]

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OOC: But they are still destroying things, right? They should be causing a large distraction and good cover for Sanctis in the store.

The people affected by Sanctis power is presently in the following sections. Media, Cell phones. These two sections have people under his direct control.

People in the game section are no longer within his direct control as they were hit during his entrance to the store. After a mintue they will get their saves to break free.

AS to giving cover, I'm unsure as to what you're looking for. The store is a mess with security not under mental control trying to stop customers. The heroes are presently under Sanctis control and are trying to destroy tech as the command states. No one has time to even look at Sanctis.

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