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Spring Cleaning (OOC)

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Initial expectation shows signs of seafloor erosion.  The trench being even deeper than normally reported.  However, Tsunami's keen eye is able to distinguish that despite being decades removed whatever caused the erosion was not natural.  There are scattered signs of uneven erosion  focused around the most hazardous locations such as the volcanoes near the ring of fire and the subduction zones.  Almost as if someone attempted to start a massive natural disaster at some point.  Luckily, the bottom of the trench does not currently appear to be a risk for such a disaster.



It may be hard to see in the darkest depths even with his of low-light vision, Artificer's senses are able to feel a strong magical presence in the soil.  His years of study on teh subject make him acutely aware of the fact that what he's feeling is a strong convergence of ley lines in the area.  However, the Ley lines have become damaged over the course of time, Whether by extreme magical forces or other monumental events he can't quite narrow down. The damage has left a supernatural bruise that bleeds out into the location surrounding the convergence.  This was not an easy feat and either required advanced preparation or divine assistance.


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